Woraburi hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 4, Bangkok

Discussion in 'Bangkok' started by krimsonwow, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. krimsonwow

    krimsonwow New Member

    I was introduced to this hotel a good few years ago and it has become one of a couple of regulars of mine in the lower Sukhumvit area.

    The rooms are good enough, showers rather than baths but service staff happy to provide extra amenities and towels upon request.

    Reasonable buffet breakfast and an ok bar if you come back not too late. Never had a problem there over many stays.

    No safe in room but you get a key for your lock box at reception. Not sure if it is open 24 hours but I expect so.

    Rooftop pool is not large but has a bar and is nice to cool off in the afternoon; loungers are available though not many.

    Rates are good and they used to have a discount scheme whereby you pay Bt300 or something and you get 10% off your room bill. This was valid for about 2 years last time but I don't know if that promotion is still ongoing.

    I've booked over the net but more often by telephone. Never any problems with the reservation.

    It is some distance down Soi 4 way past NEP but there is a free tuk tuk service to Sukhumvit and a motorbike taxi is about Bt20.

    All in I think it offers a nice alternative to the NEP area hotels whilst being within easy distance from the same.

    Rates are on the link below but can be bettered through http://www.agoda.com/woraburi-sukhumvit-hotel/hotel/bangkok-th.html
  3. Casanova

    Casanova New Member

    Andy, I have stayed here a few times too.
    I think it's a nice alternative, and relatively inexpensive.
    I would recommend the hotel tho it is a fair way up Soi 4 for late homecomers, not sure if you can call the hotel to get the tuk-tuk sent down.
    I never used the pool so can't comment on it.
    The rooms are a decent size, a good shower as Toreenova posted, all in all a very comfortable place
  4. aprilman

    aprilman New Member

    Each to their own I guess. I had a look at the rooms there a while back and the place was filthy, no way I was gonna stay there, couple that with the fact there's a 300thb joiner fee and I've heard a few reports of thefts from the rooms with one guy claiming stuff had been lifted from his bag while it was store in their left luggage area. Bed bugs are also a frequently quoted complaint.

    You're about the only person I've ever heard say a good word about the place mate.
  5. krimsonwow

    krimsonwow New Member

    I've had to change rooms once Gonzo I will admit but the joiner fee is something I never experienced. Perhaps it is the single / double room thing which means you book a double though I don't think they have singles. Is that for the 2nd lady ?

    Must have had 20+ nights there on about 10 visits and no problems except the taxi touts wanting an arm and a leg to go anywhere but there are passing cabs all the time so I just flag one down.

    Good to hear negatives as well though. Hopefully some other people will have stayed there.
  6. Antonio

    Antonio New Member

    its a complete shithole , nothing works , the rooms are filthy and oh wots the point its better than the Nana or Rajah ....just.
  7. Casanova

    Casanova New Member

    well obviously Monster I disagree.
    Of course things work or nobody would go there
    Rooms are a little tired but comfortable.
    Never had any problem with bed bugs,nothing ever gone missing.
    I've only ever stayed here when I can't find anything close to Sukhumvit Rd.
    But, I have no complaints, and Andy is right, any negatives from anyone should be spelt out too. I mean definite negatives, not blanket comments

    Never been charged for guests either
  8. Onomehto

    Onomehto New Member

    The basic rooms seem kinda small. You have to go for a deluxe to get something semi-decent but for the same price you can get a studio in the Omni on the same Soi.
  9. JasonX

    JasonX New Member

    Back in 2002 or so I stayed at a studio in the Omni (on Soi 4) and thought it was excellent. It's probably a lot more expensive now but at the time it didn't seem too high (can't remember the exact price then but it couldn't have been too much or I'd have stayed somewhere else...)
  10. Onomehto

    Onomehto New Member


    It can be had on www.ratestogo.com at 1,800 Baht for a studio.
  11. 4river

    4river New Member

    if there is a joiner fee i will not stay, never, no way. thats theft.
  12. krimsonwow

    krimsonwow New Member

    if there is a joiner fee i will not stay, never, no way. thats theft.[/quote]I completely disagree.

    Two hotels, same class, nothing to choose between them.

    Hotel A: Bt1500 a night, no joiner fee.

    Hotel B: Bt500 per night, Bt250 per girl joiner fee.

    Now unless you were to bring back 5 girls, hotel B would be the logical choice no ? Extreme example but valid nevertheless.

    As to this hotel, no-one commenting thus far who has actually stayed there has experienced any joiner fee.
  13. krimsonwow

    krimsonwow New Member

    Agree Tom but you do have the large window sill come lounger thing which is quite comfortable in some rooms.

    Could you perhaps put up something about the Omni as it has always been way mre than the Woraburi when I've looked. Then again, I used to get a discount and often got it for Bt990 on Latesyays including breakfast which is hard to beat for a "get your head down" place.
  14. Onomehto

    Onomehto New Member


    I book on www.ratestogo.com A studio at the Omni shows at 57 USD and a deluxe room at the Woraburi comes up in the same search at 54 USD.

    If you're only looking to get your head down then, of course, the Woraburi standard rooms are around 20 USD cheaper but I was trying to compare like for like.
  15. krimsonwow

    krimsonwow New Member

    Agreed Tom. I guess I go back to the times when I reckoned Bangkok only had value at the top and bottom end with the middle being poor value. Now the top end has gone $ potty in many respects and the bottom can be very low in terms of quality.

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