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  1. McdaddyG

    McdaddyG New Member

    Probably many have asked this question, but It is always good to get new advice... I will fly into to Manila late Friday night and leave Sunday evening... I want a comfortable hotel that is lady friendly...would be best to have a bar downstairs.... close to the Red-light district.... well somewhere I can find freelancers....but I do love a few drinks at a gogo bar.... then I want a banging nightclub to take a couple of the freelancers to down a few bottles and then go back to the hotel for a day of fun. I have never been to Philippians before... so any advice on what to look out for and where not to go would be great. Pretty much if anyone has advice for a pretty central hotel where I can find a have a crazy weekend... I spend all most of my time working in a small Aboriginal community in the middle of Australia and have a weekend free where I can zip over to the Philippians for a dirty weekend.
    Oh and any ideas about getting from the airport to the hotel??.... just get a cab, or book a car before hand?
  3. The_Rookie

    The_Rookie New Member

    From the general opinion, if you don't have to be in Manilla for business, you're best off hopping in a taxi and heading straight to Angeles City. Check into a hotel late and party the rest of your night away, and wash-rinse-repeat until Sunday afternoon, when you head back up to Manilla to catch your plane.
  4. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Welcome aboard, McdaddyG. I highly suggest that you check out both Manila and Angeles City on our Philippine Forums. The vast majority of mongers who are looking for a nasty weekend like you are, venture to Angeles City. The prices are less, the woman are hotter and there are more of them concentrated in a smaller area. You have good hotels at all price ranges and a vast selection of women who will be more than eager to give you the weekend you justly deserve. If after reading those forums you still have questions, please don't hesitate to post.

  5. bresdo

    bresdo New Member

    Go straight to AC it is the best.
  6. Zambo

    Zambo New Member

    He arrives late Friday and flies out on Sunday evening, so I guess if he goes to AC he will only achieve a Saturday night out. I think he should get a hotel down Ermita, Manila and then he can be in LA Cafe about 1 hour after the plane has landed - friday sorted. Then on Saturday he can go down Roxas Boulevard and EDSA. But what about Burgos Street?? Don't forget that Manila is one of the mongering capitals of this great SE Asian region.
  7. McdaddyG

    McdaddyG New Member

    Looking through all the forums, they all agree....Angeles is the way forward... but I have been tempted by the LAcafe for the tastey freelancers upstairs... my flight does not get into late so will spend a night in Manila down that way and jump in a cab for Angeles the next day.... I am thinking getting into Angeles at 1am would be too much time to wait to get my nOOb wet.... hopefully I can check into manila hotel and get something early and then hit the town for the rest of the night.
    I am doing some recon for a longer trip with another of my whoring mates.... and he says the same as you... head straight for Angeles!...

    You think I can book a hotel on the spot?...or best to do it before hand?

    Thanks for the reply!
  8. McdaddyG

    McdaddyG New Member

    You think it is ok to rock into Angeles at 1 am?....
  9. bresdo

    bresdo New Member


    You think it is ok to rock into Angeles at 1 am?....

    Of course everything is happening then and all is open until at least 4 AM and a few places are 24 hours.
  10. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Does a bar girl have a pussy for sale?1 am is perfect. Things really don't get going until past 11:30 - 12:00. Most places are open until 4am. Freelancers are still out and about at 6am.

  11. Gherkin.Boy

    Gherkin.Boy New Member

    I have got into Manila late regularly and I have got a Taxi over to Makarti - there is plenty of fantastic poon-tang there
  12. hksupastar

    hksupastar New Member

    Off to Manila for weekend and staying in Makati. Any idea on current prices and how easy/difficult it is to bring girls back to the Shangri La? Heard some say it's easy others say no. How best to approach? Cheers.
  13. newbiker

    newbiker New Member

    im replying late but for the record shangri-la is girl friendly never had any problem there would be surprised if you had any problem when staying within normal limits
  14. boynick

    boynick New Member

    Check out if your hotel is GF. If yes, there is no problem to bring gals to your room. BTW, you can got more choices of gals on Manila Happy Massage. (outcall girls)

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