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Discussion in 'NightLife Europe' started by hyperstone6, Sep 5, 2014.

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    Hey everybody!
    I've been planning to travel to Turkey and I'll be there for about 8 nights or so.

    1. Just booked a hotel opposite Taksim area called Germir Palas Hotel using Now the problem is, I heard some hotels don't let escorts in so I did a Google search on which hotels are 'escort friendly' in the city and came up with some hotels but unfortunately those are all 5 stars. They say book in Talimhane St. and you'll hike up your chances of a call girl friendly hotel. This is closest to the area I could book that is affordable and with decent reviews. I am a budget traveler and can't afford much higher then the one I booked (around 140$ a night. max).
    2. Any other advice to increase my chances of getting laid while there? :p I don't know how you pick up "normal" girls from bars or clubs etc in Turkey. Help guys!
  3. JohnyD

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    Istanbul is one of the most popular and beautiful city for sex tourism.
    Many ukraine and russian girls are available in night club.
    Or you can use some escort service,so in past summer i use lux escort girls for cheap price.Girls are rly good,speak english and looks pretty!

  4. luxor

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    Cheap? I think this is a joke

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