Travel buddy to Thailand

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Are you willing to try?

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  1. Orgy or tag team with girls?

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  2. Lady boys?

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  3. Party Drugs if offered?

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  1. First thai

    First thai Guest

    Thinking about between Christmas & Nye. Haven't decided location, open for choice.
    I'm hetro male 28 - 34 yrs old. I don't care about your age.
    Looking to be safe. Party & maybe tag team a few sluts together. No judgement, what ever your into is cool be me.
    My self I want hot girls, orgies, and maybe my first lady boy exp. top & bottom.
    watching out for each other is my primary concern. I'm not into guys at all.
    What ever country your from will do. Just meet there.

    Hygiene and protection is a must.
  3. Hey man, when we're you thinking of going? Where are you from? I'm from Canada just outside of Toronto.
  4. Blackbookexpert

    Blackbookexpert New Member

    Hey brother... I will be all over SE asia from Dec 27- Jan 12.. I will be doing the full moon party on koh phangan until Jan 3...and then the rest is still a bit up for debate on the exact itinerary, but I'd like a partner in crim to tear sluts apart, fuck lady boys and have fun..

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