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Discussion in 'Cambodia Nightlife' started by kingdom1975, May 17, 2013.

  1. kingdom1975

    kingdom1975 New Member

    Traveling from PP to Sihanoukville

    Looking for some updated info (2010 if possible )

    Transport, Hotels, Entertainment
  3. casper_uk

    casper_uk New Member

    Well here's the latest news as I see it ....

    Sadly, Police have spent the whole of last year cracking down on Vietnamese Brothels, this has led to them pretty much all being moved on from the Chicken Farm. Some still exist up on Blue Mountain and down the road that leads to Don Bosco School.

    Additionally, there's still plenty of Viets around the freelancer bars such as The Freedom and now, weirdly enough, Utopia.

    Utopia seems to be the only late night place in town now, since the closure of Chiva's Shack.

    Accommodation is plentiful with a number of new mid range hotels opening up in the last year or so. For less than $10 you can stay in Max's Guesthouse on 333 (Karaoke) Street, for around $20 Aqua Resort (nice pool, good food) or for high $30/40 you can stay at Beach Club or Reef Resort. Then there's the new Cambodiana Resort for $60+
    Big list girl friendly hotels here

    Transport from PP to Snooky is a real pain, buses now seem to be taking forever since they started driving around PP to pick up extra customers first. The trip now can often take around 6 hours! Good news is that taxi prices seem to have dropped, with a Taxi costing as low as $40 for the journey now.

    Other good places to try your luck are, obivously the Casino's (The Fortuna is recommended) and a few of the KTV (Karaoke) Bars, many are becoming very western friendly now.
  4. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Nice update, Casper. Very helpful. What are the ST and LT rates going for now?

  5. brucemb

    brucemb New Member

    Beach Club is good-nice breakfast-girl friendly-taxi from PP/Airport 2plus hours worth $40-45.
    Only did l/t had one great performer for 2 nights $25-worth every penny-she was great GFE
    Be careful the bars on Victory Hill have some young looking girls!!!!
  6. Strax

    Strax New Member

    How about the airport in Sihanoukville, is still closed?
  7. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    Hey Casper , How is that low life Circle bar going, I hear there is a dodgy owner
  8. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member


    And buses still take an eternity for short distances.
  9. casper_uk

    casper_uk New Member

    Pretty much what they have always been ... 20 LT & 10 ST, some ask for much more (when the navy's in upto 100!), much just laugh and move onto the next.

    Still but a rumour.

    I wouldn't trust any of the 3 owners involved! Actually though, i'm not there anymore, and the bar hasn't been open since.

    It was a GREAT lowlife bar, with a good mix of characters all worthy of a Cambodian Novel. Still, life goes on, i'm now at Charlie Harper's Bar & Rooms in Sihanoukville ........ working hard on getting the 'lowlife' feel
  10. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    Hey Casper,good to hear from you again , I think you are the only "live" link We have with Snooky,

    Looks like I will get down there soon , probably stay with Luna , I take it She will Know where you are ( If not send me a PM about C H Bar, thanks)

    Casper , I think the OP and the rest of us would benefit from reading Sansuis "dead fish" bus to Sihanoukville post, a classic, I have read it a number of times and it still has me in stitches

    I am not sure of the cross forum etiquette though, what do you think , Link or copy and paste with a credit?

    such a classsic should be available to the masses

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