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    Hello Everyone.
    As a newcommer to being a whorist, I still haven't paid for sex. Which might change soon. Last year, in April, I was in Kao San Road, Bangkok, enjoying some drinks with a couple of mates.
    I was chatting to a couple of lovely ladies around 2 am, when I saw a guy skate boarding down the street. Next thing I know, he falls down, the girls laugh, but I recognise him. I mate I went to Juniour High school with!!!
    With his drunken ass on the ground, I helped him up, both of us in dissbeleif, we drink together from the 7-11 until 4 am.
    When he goes home, I walk home, when a ladyboy offers itself to me. I scream and run away, when I hear some laughter. I see the 2 girls I was chatting to before sitting on the stairs with 3 other girls and a guy. So I decide to join them.
    Talking and laughing, also an annoying Scottish man there. Fortunatley, he stumbbles home soon, and 2 girls also go home, leaving me with 3 girls to chat to.
    One is sitiing on my lap, and she asks me," So, you wanna go with us?" and I say," What for sex??"
    "All three of you??"
    "Yes, yes, and another yes"
    "But I don't pay for sex!!"
    "That is okay!"
    "What?!? You mean, I can have sex with all three of you for free??"
    "Yes, yes and another yes!"
    "Okay, sounds great, let me go buy some condoms, you girls need anything??"
    "Could you get me a coke?"
    So, there you have it, we get a hotel room, I try to manage with three very horny girls, and all I paid for was 100 baht for a taxi and 400 baht for the short term hotel room for 4 hours.
    And the crazy thing was, they all wanted to do it again the next night, but my poor ass backpacker lifestyle couldn't even afford the 400 baht hotel room, sucks eh?
    And the next day, I tell my mate from my home town the story, and he asks me,
    "Are you sure they weren't ladyboys?"
    And I reply,"Of course not, they weren't THAT goodlooking!!"
    Bangkok rules!!!

    Thommo says : Good story , and I believe it. Young backpackers are keenly sought after by Thai hookers. They usually only get fucked by old farts , fresh young meat like the above writer CAN get free sex , yes.
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    nice story, thanks )

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