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Discussion in 'Main Thailand forum.' started by tylor, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. tylor

    tylor New Member

    some of the best encounters I've had in Thailand have been with the semi-pros. Girls that cut hair, work at the desk in hotels. this slightly older lady at this guest house down in Samui on my first trip spent the first few days I was there asking, "why you not with lady" every morning (I was young and naive), and then she'd laugh and start doing the hip pump, and she turned out to be incredible. Another time in BKK, this younger girl who was with her two friends said something to me that just ended with 'after we make love'. Her friends were giggling like crazy but we went cruising around the city and I ended up staying at her place for a few days. all good fun. they just don't have the same issues with casual sex, or don't seem to. How they do that w/o coming across crass and slutty like they do in North America, I cannot put into words, I don't feel like I really understand the place, but this certainly happens. I wonder if Thai women just routinely go after their friends' husbands and stuff and this accounts for all the divorces?

    Land of Smiles indeed.
  3. JohnBits

    JohnBits New Member

    but if they didn't charge, I wouldn't think of them as semi-pros, just girls wanna have fun.
  4. tylor

    tylor New Member

    they're semi-pros when I sometimes pay for their holiday. thai girls seem to like hua hin more than phuket or anywhere like that. I'm not sure if it's the King thing or what. I've taken a few down there and if I do, I'm certainly covering all her costs and usually a gift of some kind. that's kind of semi-pro. even the bkk or chiang mai girls get something out of it. that is the art of it all, getting that across without being a pro.
  5. 4q

    4q New Member

    Then they're all semi-pro, at the least. It's a rare one that opens her purse for anything other than her lipstick.
  6. tylor

    tylor New Member

    it's true. but even back home they like you to buy them dinner or something before they fuck you so they don't feel like sluts. go figure.
  7. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    They are ALL PROS. Some just play in a different league and earn more money.

    Like the old joke meet a girl at a bar, have a great conversation, enjoy each other's company and, near the end of the evening you ask her if she would give you a blow job if you gave her $1,000.00. She looks down and all shy and everything and says softly, "yes!" You then ask her to blow you for $5.00 and she says "What kind of girl do you think I am?" You say "We have already established what kind of girl you are, we are now only haggling about the price."

  8. JohnBits

    JohnBits New Member

    I know the old joke, but I also know women that wouldn't take money for sex even if it was 1000. Some people just don't care that much about money.
  9. JohnBits

    JohnBits New Member

    I think you are paying for your holiday with her, she can probably go to the beach with her other GFs.

    The women I dated from Hong Kong, it was about 60/40 on paying. She paid for her flight to the USA to see me, she paid for the hotels in downtown Chicago, I paid for the hotel in Mccau and hong kong, she picked me up in her car and paid for the restaurant.

    So if you want to look, you can find women willing to pay. It depends on who you date and how much money they have. I also think you have to use a paid dating service rather than something that is free for the women who sign up.

    But in thailand, I think most of us like myself like to have a good time, and that means I would have to pay for a trip to a resort since most women in thailand just couldn't afford it. If I wanted to do what the girl could afford, I would get stuck in a non-air con appartment then go listen to really load Thai music at a local bar. Which I have done, and once the novelity wore off, it isn't really much fun.

    Hau hin is close and more thai than phuket, and far cheaper, maybe they just want to save you money. I would expect they just like a more low key beach. I liked Phuket, but is was much more like a farang beach, hard to even find thai food there, easy to find a subway shop.

    I think of semi-pro as someone that takes money for sex once in while, not someone that accepts a gift that I buy her. If I use that as my criteria, then my mother is also semi-pro.

    I think it's weird to spend 1200 USD to travel to thailand, maybe a total of 5,000 for a month, then want some girl that barely knows me to empty her saving account and spend $300 so she can pay for a hotel in hau hin. Specially when the odds are you are going to leave and never see her again.

    You can define every relationship as paying for sex if you want, because someone does have to pay for a hotel room, and it only makes sense for the person with more money to pay, but I think you are rationalizing it.

    And IMO a lot of guys don't like it if the women paid, because they aren't in control. Find someone with money and see if you like it, she picks the hotels, she sets the agenda, I really find it a little odd myself and I am pretty flexible about such things.

    What do they get out of it after the trip, some pictures? The gift? Still seems to me they just wanted to have some fun.
  10. tylor

    tylor New Member

    Oh I'm not questioning it. I'm just not going to kid myself that it's not still a deal when we we do this unspoken understanding that I'm paying for her holiday. they seem to have a great time and I've seen lots of guys they won't go with or offer this deal because they're not making money at work. the second girl that I did this with was one of the best looking girls I ever did time with in Thailand and if I was to work out the net costs to me for her time, it was the best deal I ever got there.

    But, there's no way they'd do it if they didn't figure I was going to spend some cash on them and there's now way I'm not going to buy a significant gift because that's guilt insurance.
  11. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Very true, especially when they have plenty of money themselves. Relationships, whether they are short or long term find its own water level based upon economic conditions and sense of independence and control.
  12. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Spot on, JB. A plus for that post. Rarely in Thailand will you find a women in an economic position to compete even with the lower income tourist. It is economically unfeasible for them to not only have to pay for hotel, but they also will lose their income when they don't work.

    Many falangs don't understand that when they meet a OG and want them to vacation with them that the girl has to take off work and she doesn't get paid. Yet her bills and expenses continue. Paying them their lost wages for being with you is more than fair and should definitely be taken care of.

    When dating some Japanese women in Japan, many of them were financially well to do and they would like to control the situation by picking out and paying for the hotels and restaurants. Many recently divorced Japanese women are for the first time feeling powerful and tend to try and control relationships. I didn't like that. I would, depending on the woman and the circumstances, split costs by me paying for the hotel, golf, entertainment and she paying for restaurants and other odd costs.

  13. tylor

    tylor New Member

    I'm perfectly aware of and sympathetic with the cash issue. I just don't want to pretend that they're purely in to me, that I'm not ultimately mongering with a veneer of non-mongeritude. Kind of like what I do at home, actually.
  14. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    It all boils down to one thing. Embracing your inner scumbag while enjoying every moment you can with whatever LBFM is with you.

  15. tylor

    tylor New Member

    I just don't want to be one of those poor saps who starts thinking he's in love and it's reciprocated. I've seen a few of those go south.
  16. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Being aware of it is 50% of the battle. Slow and easy always wins the race. Don't think you are in a sprint. Think of it more like a marathon. There is nothing wrong with thinking you are in love and it is being reciprocated. That is part and parcel of the illusion of the GFE. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Take it for all its worth. You love her and she loves you. No problem. But always understand that even though you are building sand castles in the sky, you aren't going to live in them. It is those that live in those castles in the sky that get burned. They can't separate reality from illusion.

  17. tylor

    tylor New Member

    oh it's a slippery slope though. I've seen many a guy fall into the illusion that she really loves him, and who knows maybe she does a bit, but end up supporting the whole family and whatever else. I prefer to think that that I am a farang, a walking ATM and that's the major basis of their interest in me.
  18. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    It may very well be that the only interest in you from her is that you are a walking ATM. It may even start out that way and change. She may even love you. But that still is not a reason to go head long into a relationship where you wind up supporting her and her family. That same falang finding a lady in his home country would never jump into a relationship that quickly nor wind up supporting her and her family.

    But that is exactly what some farangs do when they come as visitors to LOS. They believe that time is of the essence and begin running a 100 meter dash without any rational thinking. They are stuck in the illusion of the GFE. They never had that or felt that before. A beautiful, young, vibrant girl who fucks and sucks and fulfills every dream and desire they had in their often dull or miserable life up to then. They cast off all of the precautions that were told to them and claim "Yes, but she is different."

    And perhaps she is. But rushing an expensive and committed relationship with someone you don't really know reflects a far deeper psychological need for acceptance and control. The reality of the relationship is negated by the total willingness to accept the illusion and the need to control the girl so she "doesn't get away", even if it means supporting her and her family. His need to possess her far exceeds the actual circumstances of the relationship...if indeed there even is a relationship.

  19. coltt69

    coltt69 New Member

    They are stuck in the illusion of the GFE. They never had that or felt that before. A beautiful, young, vibrant girl who fucks and sucks and fulfills every dream and desire they had in their often dull or miserable life up to then. They cast off all of the precautions that were told to them and claim "Yes, but she is different."

    Oh yeah baby...
    I got caught up in just this, A beautiful, young, vibrant girl who fucks and sucks!!!! And she was good, just too good to be true.... I was lucky it never cost me much money, the heart suffered some... The one problem I'm left with is I dont know if I've met the right lady yet or if I ever will, in the mean time I'm having FUN...

    cheers coltt69
  20. tylor

    tylor New Member

    We seem to have touched on a subject that I think about a fair bit. I've known a few guys that seem happily married to thai women. Some of them have even continued the occasional mongering. And yet, I've know quite a few who got sucked into this illusion of a kind of love that may not even exist and ended up spending a lot of cash and going through a lot of grief. I just prefer to maintain a fairly cynical belief system because I don't want to end up being one of the latter.
  21. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    The truth is that there usually are many ladies who are the "right one." It takes time to know that. It takes a level of maturity, experience and gut feelings. It also takes TIME! In relationships, remember that time is your ally, not your enemy. If she is the right one today, she will be the right one tomorrow and the next day.

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