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  3. JasonX

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    Mr T is still good.

    No issues with them over many years excepting when my plane got in early from Singapore this trip. A quick phone call and it was sorted.

    If you are using them for Pattaya to Bangkok or Airport, they call you up the night before to confirm.
  4. Kv8000

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    Hi Del

    I used Mr T just last month, booked by phone for taxi PTY to BKK ( DM ) and then sent email for return BKK to PTY.

    Good as gold, different drivers and cars, both fine & on time, in fact on return the driver had a bit of a wait as my flight was delayed, only by 50 minutes and had informed Mr T by email, seems the message hadn`t been passed on to the driver.

    I`d certainly use again.
  5. Traveller

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    Mr T it is then thanks guys.
  6. vuziel

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    Used Mr T again last year and again when I arrive on the 18th April
  7. Calvin

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    I've used pttaxiservice on several occasions to get to Pattaya and back to the airport and to Bangkok and never had a problem. Using them again in two weeks time.
  8. Anastacia

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    I use them too G cars are average but service good

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