Supply & Demand in Bangkok gogo bars

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    Hi there,

    Wanted to share a thought. I have spent a few month living in Bangkok, and there is something I have noticed when visiting Nana plaza and Soi Cowboy:
    It seems that in the larger and more popular bars there are between 3-5 beautiful girls, while the rest are average-minus. With these numbers, it seems that even for a young good looking guy it can sometimes be a challenge to get attention and a "good deal" (2000-3000 baht for 2-3 hours) with one of the highly attractive girls, as their ego is up and they know that eventually they will find someone who will pay a higher price for shorter time. Add to that the fact that most of these girls also prefer Japanese men for their reputation as high payers who give them what they want with no hassle. In short, there seems to be a lack of supply of good looking gogo girls Vs high demand, and the outcome is not in our favor. I like to take a girl that shows real interest in going with me, and showing it by being flexible in terms of price/hours. Although I am relatively considered good looking +, these 1-2% girls are not giving any attention, even when I smile at them and try to make eye contact. And when I talk to them and buy them a drink, they have an attitude as if they are doing me a favor. I ended up many times leaving these bars frustrated for not finding what I came for, with the bahts in the pocket ready to be spent. Something in the attitude of these top looking bar girls is just not fun. At the same time, in the smaller bars there is much less selection, sometimes not even 1 girl I would want to barfine.

    A a result, I recently ended up having more fun in the coyote bars in Soi Cowboy, spending on drinks and flirts without sex, but hey, at least I am getting the right attention from the better looking girls.

    I was wondering if anyone else experienced that? I read a few posts about the issue with gogo girls in the biggest bars preferring Japanese men and not giving enough attention to farangs (borderline hostile), and wanted to see if this is well known and hear some thoughts. I am sure there are many who are not very picky and pick the average girls. From these girls the attention is overflowing with no problems and they are also happy to negotiate and give extra. I am referring mainly to the top 1-2% in the biggest bars (Bacara, Rainbow 1, 4), who seems to have a style and attitude of their own - unapproachable, arrogant, and are only after the high paying Japaneses.

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