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Discussion in 'NightLife Africa' started by Pervert, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Pervert

    Pervert New Member

    Guys currently i am in South Africa, wanna have some fun here at night, what places u suggest?
  3. Pervert

    Pervert New Member

    of course girls must be present at a place to tackle and flirt with))
  4. Johnny

    Johnny New Member

    The nightlife also rivals the best in the world and South Africa has a party vibe all of its own, with options to fit every budget and all tastes. Dance, trance, drum ‘n bass, R&B or classical – whichever melodies move you, they’re here. Party until the early hours in a country alive with distinct sights and sounds together with hot african chicks and hot foreigner tourists
  5. Johnny

    Johnny New Member

    About the exact place let me suggest Voodoo Lounge in Johannesburg. This nightclub is a hit with local partygoers. The club, which accommodates about 500 people, features famous local musicians and DJs. The club accommodates all music lovers, from House music to RNB. This club has strict security personnel and the entrance doesn't come cheap, but u really can enjoy the nastiest chicks in that place and definitely ur day wont finish being alone
  6. Alejandro

    Alejandro New Member

    Voodoo is a nice place indeed full funny people, nice contingent and deffinitely high-class security...ur only worry is finding a chick to bang)) who are in great variety there...
  7. Macho

    Macho New Member

    Johannesburg is a nice city to have fun, probably the most open-minded city in all africa continent with modern contingent, always full of tourists and night life is very fun and unforgettable with a huge variety of places to visit and go;)
  8. Loca

    Loca New Member

    Dockside Cape Town is the largest multi-purpose entertainment complex of its kind in Africa. Occupying 6000 squared meters of land, Dockside Cape Town is situated on the banks of the Century City water canal development. Aside from its phenomenal sound system, the main dance floor inside Dockside boasts an incredible 350 000 watt laser and lighting system, if you dont go there, i'm gonna kill u bro)) finding some chick there is the easiest task)))
  9. Loca

    Loca New Member

    If u want a calmer place, we visited Moya Restaurant which I found most interesting. It has a real African theme in the motif as well as the waiters, waitresses, and bar people.It is a bustling place and reservations are necessary most times.There is a small bar overlooking a pit where a band was playing.A very entertaining place to go where pretty and nice ladies dance and have some casual fun spending their weekends
  10. Casanova

    Casanova New Member

    Dude that's a night spot to find some chicks, hungry babes are waiting for tourists)) they are not actually prostitutes but u will have to treat them nicely by expensive lunch and probably personal souvenir:)
  11. Calvin

    Calvin New Member

    Moya Restaurant is a nice place to go with ur lovely one, very calm and with the best service in that area... After that i can have a lovely, hot night in nearby five-star hotel :)

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