Smoking In Angeles Bars

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  1. ChiangMai2011

    ChiangMai2011 New Member

    After being there a night or two I always get a sore throat - I wish they would catch onto the 'smoking area' thing - even Thailand has that now
  3. Back_Again

    Back_Again New Member

    Well as a smoker I have to say I really enjoyed that you could smoke in the bars there are so few places left where you can. However I would have no problem if they split the bar into smoking and non smoking areas (although most of them are so small it would probably not make much difference)
  4. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Smoking and non smoking areas in a bar or restaurant is like having a PEEING section in a swimming pool.

  5. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Right, in those small places in wouldn't make sense to install non smoking areas.

    I am an ex cigarette smoker, so I would prefer all non smoking bars as well.

    Some of the bars are half open air ( Santos rd bars ), there no problem. Worst was HONEYKO's BAR, smelled like a fucking ashtray. I believe I was the only male in there who didn't smoke and the place was packed.
  6. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    They still let you smoke in the go go s in Pattaya, I gave up a few years back ,but I still like the smell ,dont bother giving up die happy.
  7. melvin

    melvin New Member

    would be more comfortable with smoking sections in the pool
  8. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    And peeing sections in the bar? 55555

  9. Ulrich

    Ulrich New Member

    Perhaps all you non-smokers should man-up and buy a pack of Marlboro.
  10. coltt69

    coltt69 New Member

    Oh really

    cheers coltt69
  11. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    After reading these posts I suddenly have the craving for a big cigar. Although I already have one stuffed down my pants. Anyone care for a puff or two ??
  12. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    Our American members must think we are a load of Knob Jockeys
  13. Xecros

    Xecros New Member

    i don't like smokers either. when i'm in the bar, i can tolerate it, but i don't like it!

    i hate when my clothes smell like smoke the morning after

    i hate when my girls hair smells like smoke the morning after

    i won't have a girl that is a smoker. kissing a smoker, is like licking an ashtray and yes, i know what licking an ashtray tastes like, i did it once

    smoking is a nasty nasty habit, and to be honest, i think it should be abolished from the public. If you want to smoke in public, take up vaping!!
  14. 4q

    4q New Member

    I don't think you can keep it lit.
  15. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    Yes Forqu. After a while it gets soggy. To spark it up again just tug on the old lunch bag a few times.
  16. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    I usually pack a penis butter and belly sandwich in case anyone is wondering.
  17. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Ooooh I love those, but no thanks, I got my own, no puffing AB's cigar for me...
  18. Marc-ster

    Marc-ster New Member

    I personally don't like smoking in bars, (an ex-smoker)
    however the bar I used to work for lost at least a third
    of our business after no-smoking regulations came in. So,
    smokers are important.
  19. alpaca

    alpaca New Member

    Second hand smoke has made me throw up a couple of times and quite often I will start retching from smoke. I have been off them for 17 years and I think I would be dead now if I hadn't stopped. I wish the fucking things were banned everywhere.
  20. Ulrich

    Ulrich New Member

    I think I'd prefer cancer to a world full of reformed smokers.
  21. alpaca

    alpaca New Member

    See what you are like in 30 years time. I have seen a few die of lung cancer. I think if you tried it you wold soon be eating those words because you wouldn't be eating much else.

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