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    Just returned from a business trip to Singapore and thought to write down my experiences on this lazy Sunday morning.

    I booked a boutique hotel Berjaya Hotel on Duxton Road/Chinatown. Around the corner, Craig Road, is the Italian Restaurant Pasta Brava with probably the best pasta I ever had in SE-Asia. It was that good I was tempted licking the plate clean.

    Spent most of the first day at the construction site with my client. In the evening I went to the Boat Quay and had another great dinner at Fresca. Moved on to Clarke Quay and happened to run into a nice group of pleasant office girls. Had a couple of drinks with them and exchanged telephone numbers with one and we planned on meeting the next day (Friday night) to go out for some clubbing. Headed back to my hotel and realized the cute 2-storey houses around my hotel are whore-bars packed with Philippino girls. I finally understood why everybody had that stupid grin in their faces when I told them I was staying at Duxton Road. Arriving at my hotel I thought it wont harm checking it out and having a nightcap. Its KTV style bars with scantily clad Philippino girls. And they are pushing for lady drinks which are 20-30 S$!!!! Basically gulped down my beer and leftas I am not particularly fond of Philippino girls anyway. For some reason I simply dont like their looks, their scent and I their Philippino-English does not please my ears at all. Not my cup of tea these girls.

    Friday I finished site meetings around 4. Went back to the hotel, got cleaned and dressed up and finally got on my way to Geyland and the infamous Red-Rope-Treatment. Went to Lorong 20 house 41 as referenced in one of DipDips posts. Mamasan was extremely pleasant and friendly. Had a tea and chat with her and she finally got me a girl who she referred to being her top-girlto make sure I get served well and come back for moreyeawhatever.

    Either wayall her girls were absolutely hotall Chinesebeautiful white skinrather tall than shortslim...youngsimply awesome!!!! The one she recommended was medium tall..long slightly curly hair, beautiful facenice firm and young boobspink nippleswonderful. Her name was Yang yangYing yingYang Ying or somethingwho cares.

    Got upstairs and somehow got the feeling being in a kind of clinic. Everythings tidy, clean and appears almost sterile. Caught sight of a poster on the wall: Oral Sex 100% Condom The bed assembly with the rack and ropes above is kind of interesting. Got showered and directed to the bed. After a bit of teasing she got all tangled up above mewith mirrors on wall and ceiling you have a pretty good view watching her acrobatics. Howeverwith her hanging in there and a covered BJ and not allowing to munch her pussy I couldnt really keep up my excitement Tried it in all positions with her hanging in the ropes, down on the bed, kneeing, standing, hoveringI just wont cumshe finally got a bit exhausted and she had to finish me by handwithout condom. I fancy good old, dirty and juicy sex. That hole procedure was just to sterile. Doesnt really do it for medespite the acrobatics. BesidesI am non-smoker and she must have smoked a whole pack of cigarettes that dayeven though she was truly stunning (and thats a rather rare critical acclaim from my side) her breath stank like an old diesel truck.

    It was a nice experience but I wont go back. Damage: 150 $S + tip for the girl.

    Headed back to my hotel and met up with my client and a few other guys at Harrys Bar at the Orchard Towers. After a couple of drinks we headed over to the Orchard Towers and checked out a bunch of bars. It was my first visit to Orchard Towers and the concept and atmosphere of that place does not appeal to me at all. Loads of Philippinos and Katoeys + the shopping center atmosphere. In one of the bars the freelancers where that old they could be my mother. The best place obviously we went to around midnight. Ipanema Discotheque. That actually wasnt that bad at all. Loads of good looking freelancers from all over the placeVietnam, Cambodia, Indonesiaeven Africa. Unfortunately by that time I was rather drunk and thought it was a stupid thing to do spending a 100 S$ for taking a girl back to your hotel and crashing out upon arrival. Thus I went back home alone, crashed out and almost missed my plane the next morning back to BKK.

    The next morning I also figured I got a couple of messages from the girl I met at Clarke Quay the night beforeTotally forgot her apologized for setting her up and hope she doesnt mind meeting me next time Ill be in townwhat will be next week.

    After these rather disappointing experiences at Geylang and Orchard Towers I will stick to Boat and Clarke Quay and try my luck with normal girls next time. Even thoughone of the very friendly and talkative taxi drivers recommended me some Chinese KTV bars where at least the girls will be to my taste. May check that out next time as well.

    On another noteI have to saySingaporeans really are friendly peopleas opposed to the fucking Thais who somehow manage to keep the myth alive they were. When you go through customs in Singapore you are greeted with a: Good morning Sir, how are you doing today? by the customs officer. A nice female customs officer even smiled at me and wanted to know how long I need every day to shave my beard (that comment only makes sense if you know me in person)and that it looks very interesting and bla bla. Be it the taxi driver, the receptionist in the hotel or the staff in the restauranteveryone is friendly and doesnt mind a pleasant chat.

    Having that saidI wanted to try Thai customs and get a friendly gesture out of the Thai customs officerupon arrival I put on the friendliest smile I am capable of and greeted him with the most cordial Good morning. Of course no reactionnot even a grunt from the Thai shithead. As he did his stamping and handed me the passport back I kept smiling and came up with another cordial Thank you sir. Againnot even an oink from the daft Thai prick in uniform. Welcome to the Land of Smiles!

    Beefy: I lost your Singapore number. Please send it to me again in a PM and I'll give you a shout next time I am in town!
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    Thanks for the update Michael, shame about the PRC girl (they are stunning though, are they not?) OT is not on my fave list either as you say too many LB's and sailors about.

    I still want to give Singapore another try ,maybe when the Geylang PRC's return, they must be somewhere around, they cant have just vanished into thin air, there used to be hundreds of them.
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    Very nice trip report.

    I like your comment about the illusion of Thai people being always friendly.

    I do like them but they are definitely not too friendly with us foreigner unless they want something from us.

    However this is mostly true for the Thai officials and a bit less for the normal Thai people.

    It also gets better if you get away from the Tourist centres and if you do speak some Thai.
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    good point about the warm and fuzzy reception from Thai Immigration-best case scenario is they pretty much ignore you-the other option is getting a look like you might have a condom full of heroin stuffed up your ass
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    where in town might they be?
  7. sukhuman

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    They are indeed!
  8. sukhuman

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    I will let you know next week!
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    Good story.

    Covered BJs are a waste of time.

    Kind of stupid if need a HJ at the end to make you come after you tried hard... , but has happended to me too, I guess to everyone.

    @Michael: Will give you a call next week, maybe `we find the time for some beers?
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  11. sukhuman

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    ...unless of course someone knows about a place with beautiful Chinese ladies who do not mind a good old fashioned BBBBJCIM and enjoy some DATY...
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    Yep, I'm completely with you on that. Covered BJs - biggest turn off in the world.

    Michael, I suppose you were limited by language and culture barriers but did you try to get the girl to forget the condom? I suppose it might have worked if she were Thai. Or Vietnamese - if you added some money.

    I noticed the friendliness of Singapore people too. Even the taxi drivers. Actually, *especially* the taxi drivers! What a refreshing change to Thailand! They practically wouldn't let you get out of the taxi before they'd given you the last cents of change. Nowhere did I get the feeling I had to watch for being scammed or cheated on a bill. Oh, until I went to eat in the Golden Mile...
  13. sukhuman

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    Her English was very limited and my Chinese is practically non-existent. I was that focused on keeping my erection that I did not think of offering some monetary incentive.
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    Micheal: pmed you my Singapore number!

    Micheal: Golden Mile is the mini-Thailand in Singapore. That's where I go when I miss food and the ladies - but you'll pay Singapore prices!

    And if you around the next time, I'll bring you to some Viet chick joint. 50+ gurls for you to choose LT or ST. But I guess you're not into that! You still have the OGs mobile number!
  15. sukhuman

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    Received. Thanks!

    If she still wants to see me again...
  16. Beefy

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    dipster: The Geylang PRC's have been clamped down. 10-12 raids a day just before the Asian Youth Games. Those that are presently walking around that area are really not up to par!
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    The entire trip has been explained efficiently. I think I my attention got trapped for the entire thread.

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