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    - Victory Hill bars : nice ladies, and 4-5 stunners too, but the minimum price asked is 30$ ST + 10$ bar fine .. not worth it.

    – Freedom/Freelance : the shadow of what it was few yrs ago, went there 3 times at different times, same story, 4-5 skunks and maybe a dozen old fat mongers, very very sad !

    – Blue Mountain : THE place to shag ! many more girls than usual, maybe 15 or even 20 ! wow … it’s improving !
    all the girls are young nice Vietnamese they ask 20$ but then they all agree for 10$, the ugliest will even accept 7-8$

    – LV disco : 3-4 taxi ladies at the entrance and nothing much inside.

    – Skyline Club : rich Khmer drinking and dancing.

    – Star World KTV : no problem if you want to sing but the girls ask 50-100$ for a shag and only in hotel, not inside.

    – 333 KTV : same as above.

    – Karaoke Street : the usual Khmer affair.

    – Utopia : mostly backpackers, there’s maybe 4-5 taxi girls inside.

    – Kong Bar : a dozen hostess ladies but most of them are there only to score lady drinks, hit or miss.

    – Dolphin Shack : maybe 7-8 taxi girls before midnight and 10-15 after midnight, price is still the same, 20$ ST and 30$ LT.

    – Jam Bar : it’s THE place to be to pick up freelancers after 6pm ! 15-20 girls all the time, packed all the time, no stunners but many nice ladies young and old, prices as usual.
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