Siem reap - advice?

Discussion in 'Cambodia Nightlife' started by Nevermind, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. Nevermind

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    I'm heading there in December. Looking for some beginners advice. What are the rules? Will they do bjs? Is that with or without a condom? What about facials? What is a fair price? Are there any specific places you recommend?
  3. Pak2f

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    I was in SR in June and there was always a few on offer at the intersection at the top end of pub st. You will soon be approached if you hang there for a while post 8PM. Some are a bit average in the looks department but there are a few diamonds in the rough. Spent a few nights with one named Aee who was not a bad looker and a real fun girl.

    There is a plumpish lady who will approach you at at this intersection, she speaks good English and acts as a go between for the Ladies whose English in not so good. Ask her for Aee and she will find her.

    I paid $35 for all night and a $5 finders fee on the first night to the go between.
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  4. Pak2f

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    mikeys bar, sivatha road on the edge of pub street. might be another bar similar a touch further south on the same road, but not 100% sure, check it out, let us know how you get on
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    If you go to Mikey's you can definitely leave with a lady. Ask where she's from before you make a deal and leave the bar. If it's from anywhere in Thailand you would be well-advised to pick a different companion. They can turn on a dime from being nice, sexy and pretty to being really neurotic, jealous and nutty. Stick w/ Cambodian and Viet at this bar.

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