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    Hit a few bars Friday night with some friends. Here is my 2 cents on the evening.

    First stop was Angel Witch, was busy with many customers, the line-up was the typical line-up these days. No stunners and average looks.

    Second stop was Genesis, Bar was many 1/3 full. They have a huge line-up and many very cute girls. I would say maybe 1-2 stunners by my opinion.

    Third stop was Infinity, Was opening night and the crowd was good size, maybe 2/3 full. Line-up is also average and no stunners.

    Fourth stop was by far my favorite. Dragons Den was very dead, maybe 6 customers until we arrived then were 10. They had a Friday night drink special for local drinks P60 and I thought that was great. They had a Brazilian Bikini show going on also and the girls looked great. Line-up is huge also and I would rate that they have 8-10 stunners. Only draw back i see is the 3k green card barfine.
    Does a 3k girl Fuck better than a 1.8k girl.

    I took a few pics of my lady for the night, I am just getting back in the swing of thing after a long break, hope you enjoy and there will be many many more reports in the future.Attached Thumbnails

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