Sex tourism in Ukraine

Discussion in 'Sex Tourism in Ukraine' started by Anastacia, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Anastacia

    Anastacia New Member

    As for my information the Ukrainian babes are the hottest one in terms of body and shapes, and the most experienced ones on terms of sexual entertainment. Anyone has any information about that?
  3. Robert

    Robert New Member

    Oh yes...That's indeed true. One of my friends visited Ukraine last year and he was shocked by those ukrainian chicks. All of them are tall and thin, looking like a models. He could not get his eye from them, and the sex saloon he used to entertain his small "friends" offered him the super-hot looking girls with a model look that were a simple chicks you can see on every street and yard. the thing that wonders me now, why you are interested in that being a woman?
  4. Anastacia

    Anastacia New Member

    I just have some guys-friends who are eager to visit Ukraine only for that purpose and they are now collecting money for that. As i care about my friends and what they are going to face i am wondered why they are so motivated to visit that country, thanx for info anyway
  5. Leo

    Leo Member

    Ukrainian females are involved in sex from their early ages of 14-15 despite how bad it sounds. at the age of 18-20 they are already fully experienced from all that joy and pleasant that we call SEX and already well educated in terms of how to give a man real, unforgettable satisfaction. In addition to all of them, the natural beauty, body shape and height is given for them by nature. The mixture of that two makes them a real Love and Sex machine of our times
  6. Traveller

    Traveller Member

    I had a Ukrainian girlfriend here in US. Her name was Katya, her body and experience was a piece of an apple from Heaven, i totally agree with Leo
  7. Anastacia

    Anastacia New Member

    Kinda persuing information here :) I wish i was born in Ukraine and being a sexy tall girl with an astonishing body could make me get any man over there and not only there as i guess from your hungry dreams of Ukrainian chicks:D
  8. Traveller

    Traveller Member

    I wish you were Katya right now and i could bang you after this thread posting :D (no offence --<--<@)
  9. Patrick

    Patrick New Member

    Here i could add that not only Ukrainian chicks are send from the heaven to serve a horny man like us in the sexual affairs, but also russian super-sexy chicks who are not in ANY small way worse than ukrainian chicks. Russian chicks mind is full of dirty desires and naughty ways of satisfying there sexual agonies. Don't be wondered if you cant flirt with them initially, if you get them in your bed, OMG you will deffinitely marry her in the next morning for just having a next chance to repeat the sweet and wild night
  10. CowBoy

    CowBoy New Member

    Actually i dont see much difference in Russian and Ukrainian sex culture and customs. The chicks look very alike, and i am pretty sure even the locals wouldn't be able to differentiate them. Only thing i know that they adore eastern man, their dirty desires based on the eastern idealogy of a man with their tradition to treat a woman as s Goddess...
  11. Leo

    Leo Member

    Daaamn, i am buying tickets to Kiev and tell all those chicks i am from Turkey :D
  12. Robert

    Robert New Member

    Order two tickets, for me as well :cool::D
  13. Pervert

    Pervert New Member

    I am in love with Ukrainian chicks and you dont even need a mony to fuck them, just pretty face and flexible tongue to talk and do some naughty things to her genitaly)) u can meet them in every inch of their land and all of them are attractive with the sexiest bodies ever
  14. Alina

    Alina New Member Our girls won't leave you indifferent, visit our site of Ukrainian escorts (Kharkov-city), just see their real photos - they will make you want to visit Kharkov right now!
  15. Reefer

    Reefer Guest

    I have been to Kiev, Ukraine several times. I work in the Middle East and I generally go there to play poker (poker is illegal throughout the Middle East) and enjoy the beautiful women. Don't be fooled by their very low GDP. The cost of night clubs and short term living arrangements are comparable to any and all Western countries. Furthermore, the girls are far from easy. In fact the culture is so vastly different, the girls can be difficult to game.

    I was lucky enough to find a girl on "" who was 19 and gorgeous. I see her every time I go there. It is VERY important, if you do go there, to not spend money or flash money to the girls in this country. Also, take them only on cheap dates. It's counterproductive and you will be used by them if you do. Take them on cheap dates and be aggressive. Go for a kiss on the first date etc.. Don't expect any 1 night stands.

    I suggest reading up extensively before you consider traveling there. Lastly, to the Turkish guy: they despise Arab men. Especially Turkish men. I strongly suggest you don't go there unless you're only planning on paying for sex. But in that case, why go at all? Just pay for it elsewhere and save the money of flight and hotel.
  16. YourNick

    YourNick New Member

    Hi everyone. So I was in Kiev and tried this one

    I enjoyed her a lot. She's professional and cute. Also she's rather firm I liked that too. And now I would like to share my joy with everybody. You know it's always good to have a really good rest after a hard week (if you understand what I'm talking about=)
  17. yeti75

    yeti75 New Member

    they like when a man licks ..))it is not very common in Ukraine..Ukrainian guys rarely lick..prices for girls now low..many refugees-girls came from the Donbas..war ..I recently slept with one of them .
  18. yeti75

    yeti75 New Member

    sometimes they like to drink)))))))
  19. Antony

    Antony New Member

    I think is best place for sex tourism

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