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Discussion in 'Sex Tourism in Kenya' started by Steve, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Steve

    Steve New Member

    Guys unfortunately i am sent to work in Kenya for a couple of month by my company. The thing that bothers me now is availability and freedom of sex. I can't live without SEX. Any ideas or information about local customs?
  3. Steve

    Steve New Member

    And if any of u have additional information about the places and prices, that would be much appreciated
  4. CowBoy

    CowBoy New Member

    One in four Kenyans lives in modern urban areas, notably the capital Nairobi. Kenya is the leading Black African tourist destination, with splendid sex services, highly developed intimate wildlife, and an sex-service hotels and saloons that has been very safe, comfortable, and competently run. So dont worry, u should feel lucky, i always dreamt of trying some african chicks
  5. Robert

    Robert New Member

    Kenya is number one african country in sex services and prostitution with all the variety of saloons and offers
  6. Leo

    Leo Member

    I had a Kenyan girlfriend, that's a piece of the Heaven on the earth guys, in addition to her natural skills in performing various kind of sexual activities, her personal traits and character made feel the happiest man ever...unfortunately we couldn't be together, some storries happened :(
  7. Anastacia

    Anastacia New Member

    I wish i had the same Kenyan boyfriend at my early ages :oops:
  8. CowBoy

    CowBoy New Member

    True bro... It even overlaps many of europen countries in terms of quality and variety of offered chicks and services
  9. Pervert

    Pervert New Member

    Casaurina Club was initially constructed as a pub with a garden restaurant. The pub being under a huge “Makuti” thatched umbrella while the restaurant had small makuti thatched gazebos dotted about a tropical garden. Now it is a one of the best places to have fun and joy
  10. Pervert

    Pervert New Member

    Oh yes, almost forgot...Club Afrique, in the area of Westlands, is one of my favourite clubs. Here one can hear and feel the real sound of African music. The program starts with the live music, performed by the bands from all of Africa. At the time I was there, it was the band from Zaire, excellent musicians and very hot dancers. Nice girsl always gather there to meet new men and have a chat with, so no need to worry about finding a chick for one night stand
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  11. Johnny

    Johnny New Member

    Maaan, u made me feel nostalgie)) i met one nice lady in Club Afrique, i even cant remember her name but we had on of the best nights ever, she dissapeared in the morning and i never saw her again
  12. sorush

    sorush Guest

    ohhhhhhhhh sexy beauty angle i wish have a really hot sex with you. kisssssss and eat your tits. my email:[email protected] i am very better than kenya boyfriend
  13. Kenyan man

    Kenyan man Guest

    Wonna try me
  14. mkenya

    mkenya New Member

    am in kenya i can arrange everything for you
  15. Raja Roy

    Raja Roy New Member

    Hi I am new to this website...can you confirm me that ...all the hotels are in Nairobi or Mombasa will allow escort girls???

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