Santo Domingo Dominican Republic girls

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    Kati is a non-pro from in Santo Domingo.
    kati (6).jpg kati (21).jpg kati.jpg

    One day I was at the Managuayabo Texaco bomba (gas station) at km 8.5 on Carrtera Duarte in Santo Domingo, and a good-looking girl passed. I chatted her up and she told me she was not in play, but I would love her sister. I arranged to meet, and the next day, three sisters showed up and we went for chicken, beers and dancing. It was fun as the Dominican businessmen asked my permission to dance with the other two sisters.

    The sister is the attached Kati. A very good dancer (bachata, meringue, salsa and reggaeton). She is 19, and with one 1 year old daughter. No English. Kati has a great attitude. I always give Kati money for pampers for the baby, but never too much and she never asks. She never watches the clock, and she is a great lay.

    Now I sometimes meet her at the same bomba, and we go straight to the cabana. She is a favorite, and her pussy gets very wet, very quickly. She tosses salad and takes a spanking and moans with delight (last trip I used my belt a bit, as I have delicate hands).

    I took these photos after I fucked her ass for a half hour.

    What a pleasure.
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    Please, upload full size photo, its just thumbs
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    What swandan said! Thanks for sharing though.
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    I want to see more
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    Good collection.
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    i agree with u
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