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What is the easiest way for you to book a girl in foreign country?

  1. Phone call

  2. SMS

  3. Online (web chat)

  1. xxxmassage

    xxxmassage New Member


    My name is Inna. I'm running erotic massage parlor with many extra services in Russia, St Petersburg. Place is very popular and good for foreign visitors. I decided to create this thread and want to update it when new girls will be hired. Kind of advertisement, but useful for this forum visitors. So, please be nice and keep the thread.

    Thank you.

    PS: SMS me or book on my web site when you will be in our city:
    PS: I think I should start with own pictures... so, here I'm.

    IMG_4802_LOGO.jpg IMG_4777_LOGO.jpg IMG_4879_LOGO.jpg
  3. xxxmassage

    xxxmassage New Member

    As I promisse, I will continue to post girls who work for me. Here are new pictures of Varya, which we done 4 days ago. To book her massage dureing your St Petersburg trip visit her page: Varya. Erotic massage in Russia, St Petersburg

    IMG_4919.jpg IMG_4986.jpg IMG_4959.jpg
  4. Turnboss

    Turnboss New Member

    How much ?
  5. xxxmassage

    xxxmassage New Member


    Everything is written on my website, but in general about 40$ per course.

    Nastya, very nice blonde girl with beautiful face and body shapes. She works more than year for me and has very good experience in erotic massage: Nastya. Lingam massage in Russia, St Petersburg

    IMG_4585.jpg IMG_4505.jpg IMG_4552.jpg
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  6. xxxmassage

    xxxmassage New Member

  7. xxxmassage

    xxxmassage New Member

    My new girl )! Oksana. 25 y.o. big tits, perfect face, long legs! Very nice one. She was previously in escort, but now works in my erotic massage spa: Book erotic massage with her online.

    oksana-russian-escort.jpg oksana-russian-call-girl.jpg oksana-russian-erotic-massage.jpg
  8. sameerlko

    sameerlko New Member

    Im planning to come
    For 7 to ten girls you have with large boobs and uner 27-29

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  9. Olive

    Olive New Member

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