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    At age 14 16 we are expected to master English quite well and we read more advanced texts, we discuss rs gold more advanced topics in class and we have 6 hour "exams" 4 times a year where we have to write an essay about some topic without any aids. Then in high school age 16 19 there is more of the same just more advanced.
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    A Beacon BeckonsMost of the missions in the first chapter of the Sisters of EVE arc are rather simple, straightforward and quick to do, especially if you can fly anything better than a frigate. When you reach the mission location, you'll warp in about 20km away from a demolished Revelation sitting amongst various other debris and dust clouds. All you need to do is approach the wrecks within a few kilometers and the mission will complete.

    Mission Starting Agent: Sister Alitura (Epic Arc Agent Security)You can open your journal and complete the mission right there in space, on top of requesting and accepting the next mission in the chain remotely.Salvage values are even more prone to fluctuation, again meant as a general reference for the potential worth of drops in a mission. These are calculated from averaged values of multiple runs of the mission.

    Agent Location: Arnon IX Moon 3 Sisters of EVE BureauManarq (0.8) 2 Jumps awayRemember, Isk and standing rewards will vary depending on your effective standings, social and negotiation skills. Standings increase was calculate to be the base (if you had social at 0) for reference purposes.

    Agent InquiryAgent Inquiry has you completing another quick straightforward task, jumping a system away and warping to an agent in space, who will be your contact for the next few missions. When you reach the Tar system, you should fin a Celestial Beacon on your overview for Tevis Jak (if not you may need to enable them in your overview settings) which you can warp to. When you reach the location you'll find an NPC Iteron a few km away which is Tevis himself.

    You'll need to face 3 separate waves of ships, which are all relatively weak and shouldn't provide much of a challenge for anyone with decent skills, or even crap skills and enough to fly a destroyer. The final ship killed from the 3rd and final wave, drops a container along with a wreck. You'll also get a neocom message letting you know the container has dropped, which you should find, fly towards and loot to retrieve the special Datacore you need to complete this mission.When you've got it, you can fly back to Tevis' Iteron and complete the mission there in space, the Datacore will be automatically removed from your inventory even though you are not docked with a station.

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