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    Hello all, i am a rookie who just finished my first visit to thailand.
    I am also a rookie to this forum or any other kind of forum for that matter.
    So i don't know much of the lingo or terminology used, just
    what i learned in thailand. My writing skills are not very good, so apologize if this is long and boring.To get to the Point, my story in Thailand
    may be something i think is unique but after reading comments from
    some veterans it might be a pretty common story. I would just like to tell it and get
    some feedback.
    I arrived in Thailand on July 4 2009, at about 9pm. I had already been
    having conversation with a few girls online, and one girl, her name was "Meow" thats what she called her self, i know her full name but dont feel right about giving it out if thats cool.
    Meow offered to meet me at the airport but after chatting with another girl Nutta i was told
    not to "TRUST" anyone in Thailand including her (Nutta), so i declined Meow's offer and told her
    we could meet after i settled in to my hotel. After checking in to a hotel in Nana soi 4,
    i couldn't reach Meow so i walked over to Nana Plaza and sat at one of the bars.
    Shortly after i was approached by an older lady asking where i was from etc....
    After being approached by a few girls i started to chit chat with a slim young girl who's name i forget cuz i had some beers and a few shots of jagger. She knew i was a rookie so
    gave me the straight up info on the whole deal. Barfine, how much, and for what.
    We went of on a tuk tuk ride back to my hotel and got started. My first experience with a thai lady was good but i had better back in the states.
    The next morning i think was the only real sunny day in my 3 weeks in thailand, but it was ok cuz it was incredibly hot. I went back to a bar about 1 pm and chatted with a girl there when i get a call from Meow. she said she could come and see me around 2pm if i was free. In all the previous contact i had with Meow she never mentioned anything about sex, money or anything that would lead me to believe that she was a bad girl. No one in Thailand should be trusted, right? Meow called to tell me she was in front of my hotel and
    she looked way better in person. She was wearing tight jeans and heels and had her hair all done. I didnt really make any plans on what to do with her other than take her back to my room, but i wasn't really sure who she really was and didnt want her to runaway so i invited her to lunch. We ate and talked for a while, and told me where she had learned english and grew up and she had good humor. i realized she was actually a very sweet girl, but still had doubts. After eating we had no clue on what else to do so we went to a bar to have some drinks. After a round or two,( at least i had a second)
    she asked what we should do. I thought fuck it why waste time and money, so i told her i wanted to kiss her, but she said she was "shy" and there were to many people around but suggested we go to my room. Once the room door closed she was on me like bees on honey, and stripped to the way she was born. She was beautiful, with a 22 year old hour glass figure, curvy legs and pretty little toes. I wont forget to mention a very nice pair of handfulls. She unbuttoned my shorts while looking at me with her big eyes, wow she was HOT. She fucked me silly, there's no subtle way to describe that. After taking a nap she woke up and kissed me on the cheek and worked her way down. Damn that felt nice, and we went at it a second and third time. When we woke up from another nap she asked if i was busy that night and asked if she could stay with me. I had given out my number to a
    few other girls so when we were getting dressed my phone rang. when i decided to ignore the the call she asked why i didnt answer, and my phone rang again. She teased me about
    it being another pretty girl looking for me, but it was ok and go ahead and answer.
    For whatever reason i decided to ignore the call and just change the subject to what our plans for the evening were. We decided to go to the Nana hotel club but changed our minds after seeing how crowded it was and went to Nana plaza go go bars instead.
    I know I know why take sand to the beach, right? Anyways we made our rounds through the bars till just about closing time and i thought damn how much money am i into with this girl. I was paying for drinks and i still didnt know what i had to give her, but i figured i'd just deal with it later. We went back to my room where after showering we banged a fourth and fifth time. She was wet just like the first and whispered in my ear to fuck her. I felt her thin body trembling under me. The next morning we had breakfast and i was
    expecting some sort of transaction to go on, but instead Meow asked me where
    my next hotel was. I had no clue on where anything or anyplace was so she offered to catch a taxi with me to my new hotel. I was a bit hesitant at first but accepted and we were off. Once in my new room near On Nut station, i was thinking now is when she'll
    name her price, but again to my surprise she told me she was going to her room to rest
    and change cloths. Meow asked about my plans for the day, i was planning to go so sight seeing during the day and go to soi cowboy at night but i really didnt make any plans when coming to thailand, just play. When i told her i didnt know she said to call her,
    because she was free all day, and then asked me to walk her out. She gave me a hug and a kiss , hopped on the bus and i thought, wow!
    Later that day i was touring around the grand Palace and met a girl named Preaw for coffee. I've read alot about The Land of Smiles and the warnings about having thai
    ladies in your head. Preaw was a very cute girl but i couldn't stop thinking of Meow.
    Trying to focus on Preaw, i got a text from Meow saying she wants to see me again and if i was free if we could meet. Shit i dont know anything about thai women so i thought what kind of scam was i getting into or could she really just want to see me again. Preaw on the other hand just kept asking me to take her clubbing. Maybe Preaw wasnt a bad girl either and wasn't as sophisticated as Meow. I didnt care to find out, so politely declined Preaw's suggestion and excused myself. after replying Meows text i hopped in a cab and headed to my hotel. When i arrived in front of the hotel , Meow was there waiting for me.
    I figured this was to good to be true. I didnt go out that Sunday night just spend some quality time with my new friend. In the morning i tried to warm her up again but she told me she was sore, so we got up and ate some breakfast.
    She asked if i was going to be busy that day, and thats where i think i fucked up.
    Im thinking i cant be with one girl, im in Thailand for pete's sake. I told her i was busy
    that day and didn't give her any details. I felt like such a prick but Meow isn't to be trusted, right?
    I could sense that her feelings were hurt, but i had read of the thai drama queens before
    so i brushed it off, but still felt like a prick, because i was wondering maybe she wasn't faking. For the next few days i would get little cute emails and messages from Meow.
    One message said i hope you enjoy Thailand and enjoy the pretty girl you are with now.
    The next time i saw Meow i tried to persuade her to come back to my room, but she was
    sad. She told me she missed me and i treated her like if she was a whore, insisting that she was alone and i was the only one she had been with in a while.
    Meow told me things that made me feel like i was such an asshole.
    If she was being real with me, then i am an asshole because as soon as i found out
    she couldn't fuck me i dumped her.
    Maybe reading all this shit about Thailand got me thinking every girl in Thailand is in one way or another a bargirl. am i wrong for thinking that? I saw Meow one last time and said my goodbyes and left
    Thailand not feeling the way i thought i would.
    I am not in love with Meow, yes i know she'll get over it but i still dont feel right about the
    way i left her. Anyways i went and saw many girls during my stay in the Land of Smiles, had a great time in Pattaya, i just think maybe Meow was who she said she was, and i didnt let myself believe her. Sorry for this Long and Gay ass story, maybe one of you more experienced guys can share your thoughts.

    Rookie in The Land of Smiles
  3. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Welcome to 6traveler, Rookie. Excellent first post and good way to break your cherry here.

    Most of the times forums can be a blessing to a newbie as well as added information to an old time monger. But sometimes it can be a hindrance and an obstacle for having a good time, that is when we think too much and judge every situation in a negative light. Being overly cautious and thinking too much can often ruin a good time.

    That said, I don't know what that girl's story is. She could just as much been legitimate as she could be hustling you. I don't believe anyone knows except her. You would have to go back and read all your correspondence with her to get a better feel of the situation and even then you may still not be able to draw any conclusions.

    She also seemed to have all the time in the world for you. Did she have a job? Where did she work that gave her time off? Tell us more about her and perhaps things will add up a bit better.

    You seem like a decent guy or else you wouldn't be feeling like a prick. Don't worry about her and stop feeling like a prick. You came to LOS to have a good time, to enjoy the Thai ladies and to get an experience that you would never forget. You seemed to have accomplished that.

    One of the big problems that happens to many first timers in LOS is that they first meet a girl or two on a website and correspond with them for awhile. They make promises to meet. Most Thai ladies work. If you indicate that you want to spend time with them, they will take holiday time (if they can) to be with you. They EXPECT to spend your entire vacation with you. When the newbie gets to LOS and meets the lady, even if she is a stunner, he sees hundreds of other stunners that are available and wonders why the hell he tied himself up with just one lady. Your situation is quite common.

    The girl wants to spend your vacation with you. She is losing money by being with you and hopes that you would compensate her for her lost wages. That usually means not only buying her drinks and food and taking her out, but giving her something at the end of the trip. When you don't give her anything after she spent a few days with you, she thinks you are a Cheap Charlie. If you start seeing other ladies, they realize they have wasted time with you and feel bad, not because they are in love with you and jealous that you are with another lady, but that the money they counted on and perhaps a farang who would help support them or even marry them, has rejected them. They invested their time and money (remember how good she looked when you saw her) by buying new clothes, shoes and a trip to the beauty salon.

    The key is to not make plans. To play everything by ear as things change, girls come and go and you are exposed to new experiences every minute of the day and night. It is all about having a good time, not doing any harm and never investing more than you can afford to lose both financially and emotionally.

    I think next time you will know better.

    BTW, do you have MEOW's telephone number? You can PM me with that.

  4. kanvas05

    kanvas05 New Member

    Thanks Guy for your reply...... I did enjoy my time in LOS, almost to much if there such a thing. The Thing about Meow is that she did have a job, i never asked because i thought it would be better if i didnt know. I guess i found it a bit suspicious that she didnt really have a set schedule. i did pay for drinks and food and taking her out, when she didnt ask for any money i offered to take her shopping afraid i would offend her by just flat out giving her 2000 baht. I feel like a prick but im not losing sleep over it. She just seemed like a sweet girl. If you want figures in terms of money i would say i used about 10 condoms on her and spent about 4000 baht, thats every thing drinks, food, she refused me to take her shopping, she refused me giving her money when i said goodbye, she never asked me once for taxi money. So i dont get it. Anyways at the end of the day i had a good time. i have another story simular to this one with another girl (if care to hear i will tell it). i wasn't trying to be a cheap charlie i came prepared to have a good time.
  5. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    You really seem like a good guy and I am glad that you had a good time. If she refused to have you take her shopping and refused money at the end and said that she didn't want you to think of her as a whore, then maybe.....

    We would love to hear more stories from you. Please go ahead and post them on this thread.

  6. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Good post, I think it would have been very helpful to join and read this forum before you went to LOS for the first time. You shouldn't bather too much with Meow, most probably she's fucked about a dozend of other guys in those few days you're gone. Don't start a real relationship with one of them unless you move there. We tourists should just butterfly around down there. I do have some "steady" dates, some girl at Lolitas or things like that, but that's different 'cause it's clearly business.
  7. anon6969

    anon6969 New Member

    I couldnt believe how many good girls I met when I had first arrived in Thailand. They were so sweet and innocent, yet put out so awesomely quick! I really thought I has found heaven. Those days seem to have gone now, and all that seem to be left are ones filled with women who have some alterior motives, those on the long con, those out to make a quick buck, but all had their own agenda. Have those girls really deserted me, or have I just become wiser to the ways? Who has lost their innocence? Them or me?
  8. raggamuffin2006

    raggamuffin2006 New Member

    Good post anon6969

    Quite philosophical.

    Reckon it's probably you that 'lost their innocence'.

    I still think there are many good kind, hearted and very honest ladies still in Bangers, despite trying to be a better man, I probably aren't as good as I should be, perhaps the day, when I am 100% good man, that may be the day I get burnt. Karma?
  9. kanvas05

    kanvas05 New Member

    Good post, I think it would have been very helpful to join and read this forum before you went to LOS for the first time. You shouldn't bather too much with Meow, most probably she's fucked about a dozend of other guys in those few days you're gone. Don't start a real relationship with one of them unless you move there. We tourists should just butterfly around down there. I do have some "steady" dates, some girl at Lolitas or things like that, but that's different 'cause it's clearly business.

    Thanks Max, You are most likely right about my situation, Like Guy said we will never
    really know. I had lots of great memories in LOS, i dont if they are really interesting enough to post. Its been a full day since i left LOS and i think i might be going threw some withdrawals, haha. I am now in Vietnam for a month and have a several numbers to
    inquire about. Any info on HCMC would be much appreciated. I've got only a couple of days
    of mongering but then i must completely stop. I am staying in district one if anyone has some tips. I will update on my progress.
  10. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Neither of you lost your innocence because you had to be innocent in the first place in order to lose it.

    Seriously, things are about the same as they always were, just to more of an extent. The P4P business has grown considerably over the last decade. More and more girls are leaving the country and coming to the city to strike it rich, perhaps meet a farang husband and make as much money as she could.

    Economic conditions tends to add to this mixture as family farms are sold, parents die or are too old to work and the children no longer want to work the farms. There also has been an increase in university enrollments and girls are beginning to graduate in large numbers and often seek the big city for their jobs. They are far more liberated than their older sisters. As the costs of living keep rising in Bangkok and other cities faster than their meager salaries, earning a few extra baht when rent comes due tagged with their new found sexuality and realization that they have a commodity that has value, their part time P4P comes into effect. Their older sisters did the same but didn't realize that they can get paid for it.

    You see this a lot in Tokyo. Young Uni girls, even high school girls, will look for an older guy and fuck his brains out in exchange for going shopping at one of the malls. Usually the 109 store in Shibuya.

    This said, there are many Thai ladies, mostly over 30, who still have character and morals and won't bed you down the first time unless they are horny and are attracted to you. Money usually isn't an issue. Being treated like a queen is.

  11. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Good for you to have a month in Viet Nam now. I haven't been there, so I can't really help you out with informations, but other memebers did some posting about it, so do a search at the board.

    If you find the time do post some more of you adventures.

    regards, Max
  12. linje11

    linje11 New Member

    Nice post man kanvas!!!

    We want more stories from u !!!

    And welcome to!!

  13. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Another great story. Now I know why you can write of Meow. Suree sounds awesome. Seems to really have it together. Did she ask for any money or do you give her money? Or did you just take her shopping?

  14. kanvas05

    kanvas05 New Member

    Suree asked for taxi money, just to get a better read on what she
    was really about, i asked how much would be her cab fare, and she replied
    around 300. that sounded like BS since she told me she lived somewhere
    not far from Sukhumvit. i gave her 1500 and she was happy, which is
    what i usually gave her, sometimes more depending on her performance.
    She was always happy and wanted to stay with me when she wasn't at school.
    She didnt have a job, so i assume this was her way of getting some income.
    Never asked why. Yeah i took her shopping one day, i gave some cash and told her
    to meet me at starbucks when she was done. The girl has good taste in clothes.
    But one day i got a text from her saying she wanted to see me, i kinda just wanted to be
    alone for the day, and just to see what kind of reaction i got. I told her "i want see you but, i think you not really like me, if you like me why ask for money?" She called back saying
    she really liked me and if i thought that she didnt than she was sorry. She asked me to let her come and see me. I got what i wanted so i didnt push her to far, she came the afternoon and had probably the best time together in the next 3 days. Kind of like make up sex. (those 3 days i only payed for going partying and food, no taxi money ) She was great my best girl in LOS so far. I saw 3 other girls in BKK when Suree wasnt around. Guy you are right, Pattaya is Amazing. Suree wasn't to happy when i told her i was going there alone. One night in Pattaya i get a call from Suree sobbing that she missed me, and asked if it was OK for her to take taxi to come and see me. it was 1 am and i was in walking street barley able to pay attention to what she saying. Anyways it was'nt a good idea i said. when i got back to Bkk she threw a fit when she saw the Hickey's on my neck. "The Hickey" thats another adventure.........
    Suree is a good girl, i truly believe that. She was just doing what was needed to be done, like a lot of girls i imagine. We are still in touch and i don't give her money.
    I was straight up with her on the fact that i wasnt looking for a GF and
    not interested in a serious relationship.
    It was great time, with an Occasional headache here and there.
  15. koliblank

    koliblank New Member

    really great story, can see you really had fun in there

    You need to write more about your trip to Thailand
  16. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    There are many girls like Suree in Bkk and other cities. Girls going to school need money for clothes, going out, partying, etc. They have hard times finding part time jobs while going to school so they enjoy meeting a nice guy and doing a ST with him. When they really like him, they will want to be with him more often and yes, they still like to go shopping, make money, get good food at nice restaurants and party. They don't want to believe they are freelancers and will deny that is what they do. That is very similar to the uni girls in Tokyo who like to find an older man to buy them clothes and take them to nice places.

    But really, how much different is it in the West when you have to wine and dine a falang lady, spending far more on her in one night than a Thai lady in a month before the falang lady will go to bed with you. And then they are no great shakes anyway.

  17. kevlee

    kevlee New Member

    Kanvas 05:

    Great experience and great story shared. I hope i can have a same experiences as you. Meanwhile, did anyone have info about the university students in PH. I think PH should have similar kind of business as LOS, since PH is even poorer than LOS. It would be great if can extract some info from here. Thanks!
  18. The_Rookie

    The_Rookie New Member

    Holy shit, I feel so slow for never associating the Thai GFE with Enjo kousai. I guess the main difference is that the only people who can afford it in Japan are either young execs who can get it without having to pay, or older, more successful men (kinda like you, but typically Japanese)that have LHD cars and money to blow. I guess the only difference is that a Salaryman can live like an Exec in LOS. Also, from a Rookie to another Rookie, how did you go about establishing dates? Did you prefer using a dating site to just going out, buying a drink, and throwing out your neck.
  19. kanvas05

    kanvas05 New Member

    Whats up all, been away for a bit in Vietnam, just arrived in central asia, and am missing the Southeast.
    From one rookie to another, i mainly set up dates on For me the experience from dates with these girls was more satisfying than meeting girls at a bar. Although going to bars has its advantages, like doing your thing and going on your merry way. Its seems to me that the girls i met online were more eager to take care of me, than just handling business. i would say just treat the girls
    the way you would want to be treated, " with some respect and some consideration" and you're good to go.
    Guy had some very good advise for me. He said that thinking to much can ruin a good time and he is absolutely correct.

    choc tee khap
  20. Lbm123

    Lbm123 New Member

    Its called giving them the BFE. Once you master that, you have beat them at their own game, and the spoils become free.
  21. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Sorry to say that nothing is free. There is always a cost. Unless, of course, you still believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.


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