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  1. ThaiMax

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    So I'm in Ranong now, a good place as far as I can tell until now.

    It's a border town, but it's not a dirty as Cambodia's Poi Pet for example. There are several beaches and the surrounding mountains are wonderful. I found a descent room at a budget price, it misses the fridge though, and I got myself a little rented bike.

    There are several piers in town or nearby, the one of concerne for a monger is called Sapanpla pier. When you drive down there coming from Ranong the road turns into a oneway road at the end. Right there turn left, the first right and again second left, then always straight ahead. After about 1 km you come to a cluster of shops and bars, about 5 of them host girls. If you go on for another 1 km you come to another cluster of bars with girls. The girls are all Burmese and are around 18-24. Seedy area. I didn't fuck one of them, there are better places, so I can tell you the prices there, should be cheap.

    Where did I get my Ranong fucks so far?

    There is a brothel in Ranong which is supposed to host about 70 girls. All Burmese too. A friendly Danish epat gave me precise directions abnd informations. Again drive towards the Sapanpla Pier, the road is called Sapanpla road. On the right hand side you will see a building supplies store called "home mart". Just right of that home mart there is a soi going off the Sapanpla road. Follow that soi and turn right at the third intersection. After about 20 meters on the left side you see a building with 2 stone tables in front, that's the brothel. No lights, no other open to see signals. About 10 meters left of those stone tables there is a little walkway into that building, go in there and at the end turn right. There you will see the mamasan, if she's not there just shout hello. She will guide you to girls who are available. The Danish bloke had told me that the ST price is 350 Baht and although then mamasan first asked for 500, she than quickly agreed with 350 Baht. The girl was pretty, maybe 20 years old. The room was shabby, nothing but a mattrace on the floor. You get what you pay for! In the other sois around there there are some whore houses as well, didn't check any of those out though. If you wouldn't know that there are brothels around in that area, you would never guess it. The big one looks like a normal living house. Amazing Thailand. I had my shags there in the afternoon by the way.

    I just returned from a massage shop on Highway number 4, in Ranong city also called Petkasem road. It's not far from the Jansom Hot Spa hotel. From that hotel drive towards the bus terminal on hgway4, it's on the same side of the road. I stopped and a girl came out, not a stunner but attractive, maybe end twenties. She said that she would do a Thai massage, 2 hour course at 300 Baht. We went upstairs and she started the massage, whenever she massaged up my thighs she went a bit further up until she finally massaged my cock, but then she continued the normal massage. She did that several times, finally she made me turn on my tommy and massaged my back. Then she dissapeared for 3 minutes, came back and suddenly hugged me. Then, without any negotiations or so she took off my massage pants and I laid there naked. She laughed, stood up and took off all her clothes, then kissed my chest and stiffened my mate, dressed him with a condom, sat on top and fucked me. Good one, although she could have been a bit more energetic. After I had shot my load and dressed myself I asked her how much it was and she said 1000 Baht incl. massage, so for the budget monger Ranong has quite a lot to offer. I didn't get BJ so far in this town, but I'll make it to Pattaya... Just behind that massage shop there is another place that might be interresting, at least the light signalized that.

    Ranong has a big disco, it's called "Tatoo". Checked it out around 11:30 and it was only one third filled. They played the most terrible techno pop you can imagine. No dancers. So I left again.

    So far for today.
  3. melvin

    melvin New Member

    good max, ta

    hmmmm, room without fridge?????????

    I'd guess there are regular low priced hotels?

    any FL scene?
  4. Simonbkk

    Simonbkk New Member

    Fish bridge? For their bicycles, I suppose...
  5. sukhuman

    sukhuman Member

    Max...when will yourMonger's Guide to the Galaxy be published?
  6. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    I stayed in a place called "Sunny Lodge", it's in the middle of the town, very big room. They're doing construction works in the hotel and there's a street passing by, so if you want to sleep longer than let's say 8:30 a.m. then this no good for you, else it's a great budget place at 550 Baht per night.


    A better option cause a lot more quiet and in walking distance to the hot springs and also to the mentioned massage place is the " Apres Ski Guesthouse ". Yes, Apres Ski, I know...The owner is Scandinavian, a nice guy and if I would have stayed any longer I would have moved my ass to that place. I checked out the rooms, there are only 5, and they are nice. He would have given one to me at the low season price of 400 B/night, no fridge though either, all other amenities are there though and there is a well stocked fridge downstairs.


    The next time I go to Ranong, possibly in February, I will stay there.

    Thumps up for Ranong, a nice place overall and the surrounding nature is great.

    Myself I moved to Phang-nga today. I arrived this evening and I'm looking to check it out tomorrow.
  7. melvin

    melvin New Member

    both places looked OK,

    I liked after ski most though, might aim for that one.

    hope to hit Ranong sometime in November

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  8. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    That's the right decision melvin, the owner can help with motorbike rental as well and he's been living in Ranong for more than 4 years, so he's well informed about the local places of interest and he's a friendly talkative bloke.

    He's got 5 rooms only, so consider making a reservation upfront, November is the beginning of the high season...
  9. melvin

    melvin New Member

    been emailing with the chap via his www site, appears that he is probably Danish,
    he doesn't stock my favourite Danish booze though, need to bring that from BKK

    high season???????? maybe maybe, you reckon this year will be better than last year?
  10. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    He's been living in Ranong for more than 4 years, however that guest house he runs for only one year and he said that business is only starting. In this one year he had about 75% of his capacities booked throughout that time, don't forget that he's got 5 rooms only.
  11. melvin

    melvin New Member

    was wondering max,
    when you went from Chumphon to Ranong did you just jump on the coach? 3 hours or so?

    I've looked at the maps,
    a little south of Chumphon there is a sizeable Klong going east west,
    it seems to end somewhat south of Ranong when you go westwards,

    did you ever consider boat/rua transport on the klong rather than the bus?
  12. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    No, I never considered going by boat. Don't expect comfy ferries on that route and it would take a lot more time than the bus ride.

    I stayed at the Chumphon Garden Palace hotel ( which I can recommend ) and just opposit from that hotel there are Mini vans leaving for Ranong ( every hour, starting from 5 a.m. ). The ride is 2 hours if I recall correctely and it was 100 or 200 Baht, don't remember.
  13. melvin

    melvin New Member

    I'm not expecting ferry at all,
    been going by boat many places in LoS, many,
    what I am after is renting a small high speed longtail boat for the trip

    actually, think I can beat the bus with that, easily
  14. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Your longtail boat will be more an advanture, but the bus or mini van is a lot cheaper and a lot more comfy.
  15. melvin

    melvin New Member

    yes, bus/van will be A LOT cheaper
    comfy?, I'd say about same same, they normally have some cushions in the ruas, and you don't sit packed
    as a sardin between other people

    funwise, rua beats the hell out of bus/van, any time

    how was your soujourn in Bang Na? any good?
  16. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    I didn't go...stayed in Suk 22, don't really know why. You get some accommodation in Bang Na for around 1000 B/n, so the same as Suk ( at least my choices ) and it's time to find some new hideaway in BKK for me, maybe next time. Bang Na is quite big, I might wanna do some more research on which part in Bang Na to stay, or if maybe some other BKK district will be my choice.
  17. Beefy

    Beefy New Member

    Max: Romance Serviced Apartments at 1000 baht (Udom Suk area) - Highly recommended!
  18. melvin

    melvin New Member

    Udom Suk area? You mean somewhere along Udom Suk or in the vicinity?

    Sukhumvit end of soi 103 or the other end? or in the middle?
  19. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    That one?

  20. melvin

    melvin New Member

    agree, ranong is a nice place, although most places close quite early,

    I am staying at the apres ski joint now,
    only farang food, no thai food, the place is cheap but a bit grotty,
    none of the rooms offer any view, room 5 is quite big,
    I'm the only guest.

    a bit further down the soi jansom is brand new hotel opening next week,
    BIG rooms, a small bar outside and a small thai restaurant outside, quite nice

    further down the soi 100 meters before you hit the main road there is a hotel on the
    right side,
    offer rooms for 450 650 and 800 thb, breakfast included

    the 800 thb rooms are nice, overlooking the river.

    i didn't find that massage place where you did the 1000 baht thing thai massage included,
    but what the heck

    many nice bars and resturants in the city, along thannon ruengrat for example,
    no BGs in the bars though, doesn't seem to be too many thai working girls here,
    but STACKS of burmese, also some from viet nam and laos

    before comin to ranong I spent 3 days on Koh Payam, that i really liked,
    very nice and quiet place
    very good beaches,
    many nice and cheap resorts

    few working girls though, most of them would be from burma

    off to chumphon tomorrw
  21. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    So you're in Ranong now, I'm happy for you and a little bit jealous I am as well.

    Ranong is far off the usual tourist tracks,
    so places close early in these towns.
    I like that if I have the opportunity to have my fun in the early hours,
    gives me a chance to sleep at night...

    I don't remember the Apres Ski being grotty, although I didn't stay there,
    but from what I saw I thought it was a nice little GH.
    The new hotel in that same road, is that away towards the main highway?

    Right on that highway (number 4) is that massage place.
    It's not too far from the intersection with Soi Jansom.
    When driving down Soi Jansom turn right on the highway.
    Somewhat nearby was that old big hotel which has some spa
    where they have bassins filled with hot water from the springs
    and the 7/11 on the highway wasn't too far away either.
    I know, not the best directions, however on that part on the highway that was the only 7/11 shop
    and there is only one massage shop either.
    After dark they put on a few glowing garlands, that should help to find it.

    Did you find the big brothel?
    Which other p4p related places did you go to?

    I'm curious how much you'll like Chumphon. I loved it on my first visit,
    the 2nd one this year didn't leave me too impressed.

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