Quick Boom Boom Places Or Viet Brothels In Phnom Penh

Discussion in 'Cambodia Nightlife' started by vietsampler, May 17, 2013.

  1. Vicky

    Vicky Guest

    Tonight, while reading everything you said, my heart is completely, totally, entirely broken.
    I just watched the famous documentary "Half the sky" today.
    Really, really heartbreaking. I think there is no word to describe how horrorful these
    "brothels" can be. Selling children for sex? Are you kidding me? So you will tell me that you NEVER feel ASHAMED to pay for having sex with a destroyed little girl who did'nt chose her destiny? NEVER? Don't you ever think about all the blood they are forced to give? How hard the people there BEAT them? How many black and painful tears they cry, every single day? Seriously, I cried during all the documentary and I feel ashamed of being a human after watching it. I mean, what kind of animal, cannibal are you?
    Do you really think this is a real happy life for a simple KID?
    And you are ready to ruin a life just to get a few minutes of pleasure?
    In the documentary, a 9 years old girl said that because of one "customer", she had now a disease that's gonna drive her to DEATH in a few days. All that, because someone wanted to have 20 minutes of pleasure in his life. You know what it makes me think of? A serial killer. A person with no heart, a selfish animal who doesn't give a fuck about destroying lives. You, "customers" of these brothels, are ALL SERIAL KILLERS.
    I am a Canadian, and I know raping happens everywhere all the time, but NEVER I would have believe, before today, that a terrific shit like that was still existing.

    And what's ironic in that, is that: We keep telling that human are the more evolved race.
    Women's condition is discusting right now in the world and the fight for our rights is NOT FINISHED. In fact, we are FAR, VERY FAR from the ending line.

    But we will continue to fight, and after all I saw and learned today, I decided to fight for all these women, in Cambodia, in India, in Africa, all them who don't have the same condition as us, north - americans.

    The real life for a child is to play, to laugh, to go to school and to get a good career in which they are happy in. Not being fucked and abused during all their childhood, and being psychologically ruined for the rest of their lives.


    Vicky Auger-Tremblay, 18 years old, Quebec, Canada.
  2. FMan

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    Hi Guys,
    It's all a lot more simple than that. Go to Pontoon club just off street 51 and 90% of the girls in the place are freelances and will go home with you, and in there are stunning girls there. It's awesome to have a few beers, listen to good music and window shop until something takes your fancy. I usually get them to stay the night and it only costs $30 to $50. Guarantee you will be back the following night!
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    Response to Vicky

    You are a 18 year old Canadian female,how the hell have u got onto this forum
    Yes it is sad what happens in this world but people will do and continue to do what thyy want in this world regardless,while man is born with testosterone shagging will go on and if someone preference is a younger girl then so be it

    There's worst hunts happening ,anyway is the k11 still happening fellows

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    In PP now anyone know any other areas? Dont want to get scammed by asking random tuk tuk drivers , my first time here , it would be nice to be semi knowledgable?
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  6. Ceelik

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    Hello, nobody have some update ? i will travel to Phnom Penh in August and would like to find some place with Vietnamese girl. May have someone can help me to give me some adress or information ?


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