Question For Fellas,hanging Around Rawai/nai Harn

Discussion in 'Phuket' started by careless_farang, May 9, 2013.

  1. careless_farang

    careless_farang New Member

    Hi there.
    One of my friends,who returned from Phuket recently told me about two massage shops in that area,he was very pleased to visit.The massage girls there according to what he said were very
    skillful and quite eager to go with customer to his place to give him massage and FS.The shops he recommended were Welcome massage and Pupee massage.About Pupee,he said,he`s been very satisfied with the service of one particular girl with the strange name Pizza .He told me,that most of the Thai girls have been quite reluctant about anal sex,but that girl had no problem with this either.
    What is your opinion about those places?Or any other recommendations?A am asking because some time later this year i plan to come to Phuket and i will probably be staying in Rawai,so if possible i want to know which places are worth visiting prior to my arrival.
  3. boudda

    boudda New Member

    hI mate,

    I can't answer your questions, but i let my girl friend in Rawai one year ago. I' m in France now and want to go in Rawai in February to meet her.
    She said to me that she got since 5 months a new good job, at welcome massage.......I want to thank you for your friend information input.........

  4. travelling_bob

    travelling_bob New Member

    Your girlfriend is just training and learning new skills to make you a happy man.
    Think about all the hard work that us mongers have to invest in your future happiness !

    PS: that means that drinks are on you ! :) (it's the least you can do to return the favor)
  5. boudda

    boudda New Member

    Many hands make light work
    Ok for the beers, ... But first need to check her knew knowledge
  6. m66hrod

    m66hrod New Member

    GREAT ANSWER! Post some pics of the gals she works with if her training was really good!
  7. careless_farang

    careless_farang New Member

    So,unfortunately nobody with first hand experience reads this thread
  8. boudda

    boudda New Member

    Good luck, Rawai is a very nice place...
    Anyway, you could try with "Pizza". If not successfull, ask for a girl named "spaghetti", shure one of them will smile to you
  9. NOM1S

    NOM1S New Member

    I'll be close to Rawaii in about 40 days, where is this Pupee massage place, wouldn't mind checking it out.
  10. Nasal_Nose

    Nasal_Nose New Member

    I go to Rawai beach every time i go to phuket,

    the place to me is under rated, i love the place.

    I mainly go there for a massage and food, its the last massage/bar

    before the end of the strip and my massage lady in there gives me

    the best thai massage i get anywhere in thailand, not sure

    of the name but will post after i return in march.

    The last time i was there the manager tried to recruit my TG

    as she speaks very good english.

    I will check your pizza out and report back.
  11. SanukMahk

    SanukMahk New Member

    Pupee Massage

    Go west on SaiYuan to the intersection where you can go left to Da Vinci or Right to the coast road to Patong etc. Before oyu get to Icon is Pupee on the left going out of the area. Only one small room for FS... Good Place Better stay on Vises (Rawai Road ) just before it hit thbe flat area and you'll find Asia Bar.. From 1230 to closing good girls and no problem as to getting room. Only down is a fat bitch cashier named Ning.... real tosser! Other than that its great. Thbe owner is a kraut so lots of Germans in the place. NO minds as they are all cheap charlies and don't go short time!
  12. NOM1S

    NOM1S New Member

    Any other bars you'd recommend along the main road between Rawai and Chalong? or aren't there many.

    I've done all of the bars along the Rawai beachfront.
  13. careless_farang

    careless_farang New Member


    Here is the facebook profile of Pizza, in case somebody wants to know how she looks like.I won`t be able to go to Phuket until june/july so if in the meanwhile some body can check the place and the girl it would be nice to post some feedback in order for all of us to know what to expect.
  14. NOM1S

    NOM1S New Member

    Shes around Rawai yeah? I'm all over this! 32 days till i land.
  15. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Here today but possibly gone tomorrow. Never set your plans based around one lady. There are thousands of pizzas available there. Either eat the hole pie (or pie hole) or have them by the slice.

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  16. confidential

    confidential New Member

    Hey careless-

    You've just opened up the Monger floodgates...

    But does Pizza do delivery? I can't be bothered going to Phuket.

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  17. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    By the time she will get there she will be cold.

  18. NOM1S

    NOM1S New Member

    I won't, plan on having alot of 'fun' on my trip.. but just scouting the talent
  19. NOM1S

    NOM1S New Member

    Any other hidden gems or places i should know around?

    Around Rawai/Nai Harn/Chalong.. as i will be in that area for a few days while i relax and that before i head to Patong.
  20. Nasal_Nose

    Nasal_Nose New Member

    Nai harn beach is what i think to be the nicest beach in phuket(unpolluted),

    and Nikita's bar down the end of Rawai beach cannot be missed,

    good food, cold beer and right on the water.
  21. NOM1S

    NOM1S New Member

    Stayed in Rawai for 5 nights end of March, never found Pizza or any other girls. Was tied up with a girl i met at Christmas for 5 days, then had to run away to Patong.

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