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Discussion in 'NightLife Asia' started by happy_rocky, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. happy_rocky

    happy_rocky New Member

    hi guys

    im new to shanghai. id like to know where there are good pick-up places here in this great city. is there something like singapore's orchard tower here in shanghai?

    it would help a lot if you guys could give me some addresses so that i just have to tell the taxi driver where to bring me ;-)

    by the way, if there is any other guy here in shanghai who wants to join a bar-tour and have a couple of beers, just let me know.
  3. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    PM ThisGuy. He is very familiar with turf.
  4. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Hi Rocco,

    I don't have the exact addresses that you would want, I just know how to get there. What I can tell you is where you can find the lovely ladies. Anytime you see a pink barber pole that is your key. They give more than haircuts there. Massage is normal with happy ending and full service usually upon request.

    But there are many other places to pick up some nice Chinese pussy. On Friday nights, the top of the Marriott has Martini Night and there usually is a load of prime Chinese office girls and working girls there. Right down from there in People's Park is a great nite spot called Barbarosa. I met more top Chinese pussy there than anywhere else. FREE! Great looking office girls, most are stunners and have a lot of class.

    Another excellent spot is the bar on the lobby floor of the Holiday Inn. They usually have a good band and singer playing and the girls sitting at the bar are mostly pros and are easily accessable. Another good location is the Long Bar right next to the Ritz Carlton.

    Good luck and happy hunting.

  5. happy_rocky

    happy_rocky New Member

    hi guy

    thanks a lot for your tipps! i will check these places out (beginning this weekend ).

    i have some more questions. maybe you also know.

    sometimes on the street i get asked by "pimps" if i'd like a girl sent to my room. the one who asked me last night said the price would be 700rmb. i didnt try this kind of "service" yet. but i'm wondering if this is "recommended". since i actually do not know what to expect then. i mean, are the girls a "unknown-street-pimp" like that will send to your room "nice" and "good"? usually i meet the girl first, decide, and then take her to my room...

    well, oh yeah, and how about the price? is 700rmb ok?

    thanks a lot again and have a good nite!
  6. skeggles

    skeggles New Member

    Generally the girls work solo - often 2 or 3 girls together in the vicinty of large hotels, i would never ever get one from a pimp. 700 is cheap - what are you getting??? 45 minutes? - forget it. you can get solo girls cheaper for a whole night but generally you will pay 800 - 1200. In lobby bars, 1200 is a starting price - sometimes they start higher.bargain them down and get an allnighter -

    Shanghai is a longtime stomping ground of mine - virtually any lobby bar (except the ic in pudong) has girls prowling. Plus virtually every bar as well. from the smallest to the largest - though i never had any luck at babyface or dkd clubs.

    The girls have a saying - 1000 man uses you, 2000 man cares for you. Generally a reasonable girl is around 10,000 per month (plus dinners and clothes etc)...some want more say 15k to 20K but thats up to you -

    The places mentioned before are good hunting grounds but you will soon see anywhere is good - even the middle of the day.

    and hairdressers are not hairdresser per se. Why would shanghai gov't order all hairdressers to have condoms for their customers - i am serious - they really did. haircut and a headjob - I'd never though of combining the two before....

    List og girl friendly hotels at Shanghai here http://6traveler.com/board/entries/shanghai-girl-friendly-hotels.6/

    happy hunting.
  7. skeggles

    skeggles New Member

    I should add that shanghai is the most expensive place in china. i would advise some side trips if you have time to other 2nd or 3rd tier cities. save yourself a bundle...
  8. skeggles

    skeggles New Member

    further comment - there are a quite a number of holiday inns so it should be clarified which one(s), though in my exp, two i've been to, both were ok. Mayfair hotel bar, Hilton lobby bar is good hunting, as is julu lu, just nearby the hilton.
  9. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Skeggies is spot on. Good post and excellent advice.

  10. happy_rocky

    happy_rocky New Member

    hi skeggles

    yes, absolutly! thanks for advise! i tried a few of the recommendations i got here, and yes, i enjoyed my self ;-)

    i also found another place called manhattan. it has very recently moved location. i had a great time there too. can only recommend.

    take care and merry christmas ;-)
  11. Denchao

    Denchao New Member

    You can also try the Manhattan on "Tong-ren lu." Absolutely China's foremost freelancer bar. The girls there will do LT for 800RMB. Many there from Phillipines, also it is the only place where I have ever seen LBs in China (if you're into that sort of thing).

    Have you done the bathhouses yet? An experience almost totally unique to China and one of the best in the world. You can go for the "carwash" in most of them or, for a little more money, "the helicopter." The girls in those places are skilled!
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  12. altgourami

    altgourami New Member

    I've been to Shanghai many times... with wife... so I've not really played there at all. What, in God's name, is "the helicopter"? I have to try *that*.
  13. Pierre

    Pierre Guest

    what is the proper way to pay the outcall girl? half up front/half at end?
  14. boynick

    boynick New Member

    Hi, happy_rocky
    As I know, Shanghai has a lot of Pickup Bars and I'd like to recommend you a website which introduces a group of great pickup bars, check it out and find your favorite bars. http://shanghai.beguide.com/bars-clubs/pickup-bars/ Happy hunting, Bro!
  15. NASA

    NASA Guest

  16. Kevin LL

    Kevin LL Guest

    My favorite places in Shanghai are around the Old Town in Pudong because girls will mostly aproach you there and you do not need to do anything.
  17. wazlav

    wazlav Guest

    Hi, what's "Old Town in Pudong"?

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