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    Hi fellow mongers iam heading off to air/con for a few days in aug and are yet to arrange hotel. I'd like a clean place that has in room safe, or some sort of safety deposit box for my passport, girlfriendly , cash ect and has a pool that I can swim and lounge in.

    I stayed at Golden House hotel at 136 street last year. Perfect location, very friendly staff. But i guess rooms with window facing the street can be noisy at night.
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    prefer NagaWorld. Decent rates at

    Raffles Le Royal and Intercontinental are high quality chain hotels, and I have heard that they both allow guests, but that type of activity could be frowned upon at those places though. I don't know. Intercontinental is in an inconvenient location also.

    There's also the new Sofitel, but it is poorly located and not really geared for guys interested in nightlife.

    You don't need a driver. You're not Mortimer Duke. Just get a taxi from the airport to your hotel, then a moto or tuk tuk to the riverside, where you can walk to St. 136 or St. 104. Or say "Walkabout" or "Heart" and the moto or tuk tuk will take to the St. 51 late night strip (not that I recommend those two particular bars on St. 51, but that's the best nightlife area after 11pm).

    Really, if you do a bit of research online about the different bars and types of bars and their locations, you will have a more enjoyable time going to bars you choose, rather than being at the whim of a driver who will either just drive you to the Sharky/Heart of Darkness/Martini loop or he'll take you to some weird bar/brothel his "brother" owns where he gets a commission.
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    The Inter-Continental Hotel in Phnom Penh is girl friendly. I've stayed there three times in the past. I highly recommend them. Their breakfast banquets are huge (great for replenishing your energy level). They have lots of amenities; pool, fitness center, etc... The only thing I wasn't imressed with was their restaurant. A bit bland...

    I would suggest the Holiday Hotel- guest friendly-
    4star- restaurant, small casino, massage,karaoke etc
    I usually get a nice suite for appx $60usd with bfst included- in room safe, refrige, coffee maker etc
    check out
    they also have regular rooms for less
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    Phnom Penh is a surprisingly good little party town. The nightlife is vibrant offering a wide range of evening venues, from dance clubs and girly bars to neighborhood pubs and crazy clubs. Your best bet is to start out with any of the major freelancer spots which are: Heart of darkness, Walkabout bar, Sharky’s and Martini, Darkness club, Shanghai club and Butterfly.

    List of certified Guest Friendly hotels located in Phnom Penh near the action:
    Aqua Boutique Guesthouse Hotel 25-30$
    Bougainvillier Hotel 50-70$
    Circuit Hotel 15-25$
    Eureka Villas 40$
    Hilary’s Boutique Hotel 40$
    Riverside Suites Phnom Penh
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    hi guys.... forget staying on the riverside. it is far too noisy. it is better to stay near sihnourk bvd. half way down off in the side streets... like 111 st quite and cheap,nice clean hotels. they also allow you to bring girls... if you know what I mean. I good one is...the green palace or across the road khun lung hotel.. thanks ... rooms are only $25-$30
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    I would recommend staying near the river. You'll be within walking distance of a lot of bars, shops, the Royal Palace, etc. Riverside Suites is very good but above the budget of most backpackers.

    It's tough to pinpoint the exact city center of Phnom Penh, and some places that claim to be in the center are not within walking distance of anything worthwhile.

    The riverside can be a little noisy if you are staying on a low floor, in a room overlooking Sisowath Quay, in a cheaper hotel with cheap windows that don't close properly or keep out sound.
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    Hi all... im brand new here. Is nana hotel still a good option or can i get better for same or same for less @ another hotel ?
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    Hi, yes Nana hotel still great choice, near Golden sorya and Pantoon club, but small rooms (for me), also look to the Eureka Villas- girl friendly hotel with pool, near the action
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    Stay in Mondulkiri now, great hotel near Pantoon (1$ tuk-tuk) booking on agoda for 24$, on the desk price is 36$
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