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    Some odds and ends in report format from a recently completed trip.........

    Trip Planning:

    The trip over for me involves of course setting a firm date you are free. At this point, you search and find a good air fare, normally At this time, they are also the ones with the best flight time, apx 250PM afternoon. Total for a one way which includes the 700bath international departure tax was 3100baht. A great deal. Next, I buy a VISA online. The site has been up and down but I got it done. $25.usd vs. $20.usd and saves time and page in your passport. The $5.usd extra is well worth it IMHO. I timed it, a traveling buddy took 20min longer, a full flight(but the only one at the that time). I waited as we were sharing a taxi into town. After you have your ticket/date set, a day or two before I go to the bus station at Pattaya Nua and get the 150baht transfer arranged. They pick you up at your condo door, to the Nua station, then on a large bus to the airport terminal. Works like a charm. Don't worry, be happy and not in a hurry....

    Taxi to town in PNH now $9.usd. No bargaining needed. I stay near the Central Market and like the area best. Others prefer other places, up to them and you but YOU WANT to know and have a reservation of sorts. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of the drivers/touts who naturally will take you where they get kickbacks.

    Lady action still around, the usual haunts plus a few more. It is a scene for the mature, not the type who are thinking it is about something other than the money. You are paying for sex and if you don't like that don't take/date the ladies working in the brothels and bars. I didn't visit any "bar" which had barfines. This practice is being attempted in Cambodia and real "mongers" will have none of it. I can pay plenty of "barfines" in Pattaya if so inclined. Nope, again, Cambodia is not set up for this stuff, stick with the basics, sex for money and enjoy or give that part a miss. Plenty of VienNam, Khmer, and even Chinese ladies available around town in all types of settings from nice clubs to bamboo huts which creak when you walk in and wallow on the floor screaming for more baby more as you sweat and pray the fan without blades doesn't tip over and fall on you.

    The country remains beautiful for a diversion for those who live in Thailand year round or again those who like different things/styles. The people are different, most important, willing and wanting to learn and interested in you as a person. I'm refering of course to those not involved in the prostitution or tout/sales to tourist aspects. Regular folks, those you meet on the street or local cafes etc..

    Aside from soiling my root, which reminds driver(Moto) had a beautiful lady on the back. I called him asking where he was going! He indicated in short, he could bring her back and send her up. I said okay. She showed at my suite door, stunning..came inside. As is my practice(and don't call me names like cheap charlie, cheap cunt, etc.) I discussed the terms and what expected BEFORE she gets undressed. Usually before in my room but not always, this was one of those exceptions, a flash deal on the phone. I litterly saw the driver with her out my frigging hotel window! Anyhow, she it turns out was Chinese! and since she was Chinese demanded a higher fare, she said and I quote "Seventy Dollars US". I told her no thanks, and came right down to "Sixty Dollars". I told her she best go and ONLY GAVE HER $2.usd for a ride back to the parlor she works in. Period. No name calling please. NO I didn't give her $5. or $10.usd for her precious "time". She spent 2min in my suite and was in the frigging neighborhood! Okay..whew...No problem finding Viet or Khmer girls in the usual venues, Sharky, Martini, Brothels, Shacks, Massage, etc.. Pussy, no big deal, is it ever?

    Drugs: I always stock up and this time got some special stuff for a mate. I'll just give a run down for informational purposes only:

    Kamagra - 4 X 100mg tablets, the generic Viagra - $1.60usd.

    Synalis - 4 X 20mg tablets, the GENERIC Cialis(not to be confused with counterfit copies) - $5.50usd

    Azithromoxlin - 10 X 500mg, $6.50 (this the generic Zithromax, an expensive antibotic for sick dicks, NSU, Goonnera etc.)

    Xanox Generic - 10 X 0.5mg(only had small dose) $1.20

    Valium Generic - 100 X 5mg - $1.usd(not a typo, $1.usd for one hundred and they WORK)

    (Tom, spare us the warnings and questions as to authenticity of the brands and content. They get your dick hard, put you to sleep, and cure NSU's and other STD's so who gives a fuck who made them?)

    I make my return decisions the day before and choose land or air, depending on mood and time etc.. This trip I came back overland thru Poi Pet. You get a ticket to PoiPet on a bus for $9.usd. (I buy two for comfort and respect of Cambodian people who dont' want to sit next to a farang/barang for some 8hours) The trip is bumpy and seat selection is important. Pick a row in the CENTER of the bus and on the LEFT side for the trip PNH to Poi Pet. This to avoid the sunrise and of course make it less bumpy(center) I think I had 13and14, comfortable. The ride is what it is, 8 hours. Hard to read as alot of honks and bumps.

    The last section is paved for the most part. We arrived near Poi Pet and it turned to mud. Rain and mud, very sloppy. It was about 430pm and I decided as planned to proceed into Thailand an on to a city nearby to meet a Thai lady who "love you too much" me.

    Clearing hassle free, no lines either country. Quick and easy. Tuk Tuk to the bus station 60baht, maybe 80baht? No more than 80baht for sure. Not 100baht.

    There was a bus about the leave, 5pm departure, to Bangkok. Go on it. easy as pie.

    Arrived in my overnight city only to find no hotels near the bus station. People were very helpful. My lady said she would be there at SEVEN and I was there at SIX. Not in the mood for that shit so proceeded to get a TukTuk and found a nice hotel. She arrived at seven, great seeing her. But, as oftent he case with me, I ran out of things to talk about (other than her problems which I didn't want to discuss) and rolled over asking her to leave. She pouted but got dressed. I gave her 1000baht and she asked for 2000baht. I said NO and laughed. She said "okay, I come back 10am"...I'm an early riser and at this point, not in the mood for alot of chit chat. I told her to call first....and mentioned/asked about renting a motorcycle. She said "no have for chow(rent) same Pattaya". I said no motorcycle we can ride around and check everything out on?...she replied, No, "darling we stay room". I said something and off she went. She called the next morning at 745am. I was at the bus station waiting for an 8am bus to get the F out of there. I sent am SMS "in bus, go home". She showed up at the frigging station some 10min later and started yelling at me. Boy, I lost some face but I'm over it now that I'm back home. NOTHING was arranged or promised time or money wise. Just a retired Pattaya bar worker I liked, but no mas like she because she yell me.

    Take care, Cambodia in summary a great place to visit and get away but doubt I'd want to live there. If you are looking for farang friends to have a cheer with, stick with Pattaya. If you are afraid of paying for real sex without the emotional nonsense played out here in Pattaya, might like it. If you are happy alone and with yourself, you might like it. If you have a friend to travel and have a few meals together with, all the better. But, overall IMHO it is for guys who just want to do their own thing for a few days and be left alone and not hear any comments about it. Steve
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    good to see you have other things to say rather than just trying to wind everyone up.
    Myself, I love Phnom Penh, places like Sophie Club (now closed) where I had my knob sucked at the bar by 3 different birds before I even got my beer swings it for me.
    Le Cyrcee is another great short-time place.
    A few decent lookers work out of Walkabout too, had one from there on my last trip named Darling, little stunner she was, great ride too, will see her again next time I am there.
    Also if you are still looking late at night for a bunk-up, the Heart of Darkness has a few nice lookers, and the couple of bars that are next to it.
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    p.s. That photo is the Russian market, the central market is one close to it but a different place, a very modern place.
    Many people make that mistake.
    The Russian market is a great place to buy guidebooks should you need one, Lonely Planet copies sell for around $5
  5. Loca

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    Your 3,100 Baht airfare isn't really such a great deal. Book a couple of weeks before and even without any current promotions the fare is 2,600 Baht.
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    Thanks for the report Steve, being i dont mind travelling on my own, i would like to get over there and try it out. I have an American friend who lives there on and off through the year and he rates it highly for cheap pussy without the bullshit,....just like you said.
  7. Steve

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    Cheers. How about that Winston and Mack? Max
  8. Steve

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    Never indicated it was the best deal. I spent $30.usd using the bus(and two seats on the big leg in Cambodia) and let me see, 8.5 plus 1.0 plus 3.5 plus 1.0 on the bus back, door at my suite in PNH to Pattaya Klang. Total of 14hours. (overnighted on the way as mentioned) The flight would take .5(taxi to the airport) plus 1.0 plus (ahead) 1.0(flight) plus 2.0 (transfer to Pattaya) = apx. 4.5hours.(PNH to Pattaya) When the decision made, the total for the flight (dismissing the fact I wanted to see the ex-bargirl) was apx. $170(taking the bus from the airport to PTY, if available, a big if as last one at 6pm) But back to your point mate, in NokWorld, yes, an excellent one for this bunch I'm sure to learn that you can save on airfares if you buy early and look for sales. Steve
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    Originally Posted by aprilman
    p.s. That photo is the Russian market, the central market is one close to it but a different place, a very modern place.
    Many people make that mistake.
    The Russian market is a great place to buy guidebooks should you need one, Lonely Planet copies sell for around $5[/quote]The photo is of the Central Market, NOT the Russian Market. It is not modern nor is the Russian Market. They are not close to each other. I did not make any mistakes other than thinking he was a she. Oops. The guidebooks you mention are sometimes of poor quality print wise and are available at the Central Market, never seen them at the Russian Market. I forgot to mention, for DVD's you can now buy them on the 4th floor of the Soryo mall near the Central Market in the comfort of air conditioning and at the same prices as the Russian Market. The Russian Market is dying because all they really have is the silver shit. Fabrics availabe at Orussay near Capital, DVD's as mentioned at the new mall. I might again point out for this bunch, to get Animal DVD's(animals having sex with women, maybe men?) you still have to go to the Russian Market. I say this without asking the clerks at the new mall, maybe they have them but I was too shy. Steve
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    Neither did I. However, you did say it was "a great deal" which, in the real world rather than nokworld, it wasn't.
  11. Steve

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    I'll say this kindly and gently since you are confused vs. being terse and mean. I decided to go about four days prior to departure. 3100baht is less than $100.usd and includes the 700baht international departure tax. They allow one way purchase. All in all I think with short notice and less than $100.usd, a great "deal". At $170. to fly back not such a "great deal". Max
  12. aprilman

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    fuck me, he's only right!
    All these years since 2002 when I was told it was the russian market by a motodop rider (b'stard) I have told everyone else the same.
    Ok maybe you know this one, close-ish to the Central Market there is a shiny new shopping area, this I was informed by the same motodop (b'stard) was the central market, what actually is it?
    Never been to the Russian market............
  13. Calvin

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    The photo IS of the Central market.
    La Cyrcee no longer has short time facilities.
  14. aprilman

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    Too late Darwinian, I already corrected myself

    What happened to Le Cyrcees short time rooms?
    I liked it in there
  15. Alexander

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    Face it Baggins, you're wrong wrong wrong.....any more of these glaring errors and you're getting another warning ya twat
  16. aprilman

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    in that case Gonzo get fucked
    I'll pop over to secrets where my REAL friends are
  17. Steve

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    Only with facts presented. Opinions can vary.

    Quote:Ok maybe you know this one, close-ish to the Central Market there is a shiny new shopping area, this I was informed by the same motodop (b'stard) was the central market, what actually is it?That is the aforementnioned? Soyoa(sp) Mall. Inside you will find DVD's on the 3rd level at $1.50 each including compressed versions of TV series and various movie actors and directors. There is a new Swensons and The Pizza Company(neither of which I entered) and several luggage/shops with designer copies of bags are good prices.

    Quote:Never been to the Russian market............Animal sex DVD's and silver/crafts only reason to go. It is hot and nasty inside. Steve
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    So were you looking for silver crafts or animal sex DVD's? _ _

    Don't leave us .
  19. Steve

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    Mate, two months later and you remain curious about animal sex videos?

    You told me not welcome here. Demoted me. What's a guy to do? Alot happening "bar" and "barfine" wise here in Pattaya. I'll share it with you for grins. Stay tuned. Steve
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    The Greyhound is taking some holding, does'nt seem to want to be involved in any promotional nonsense.
  21. Jam4t

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    Couldn't they catch a real coyote?

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