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    Planning Trip


    to find SEXY mature GIRLS , young WOMEN , ESCORTS , and HOOKERS in PHILIPPINES

    Intro :
    As with Thailand , I am only presenting here, a framework for you folks to contribute to and make bigger and better for all to view and enjoy. I first landed in the Philippines (R.P.) in 1974 and have been landing there ever since. Been there a heck of a lot of times by now. In the past , staying up to six months on some occasions. If you go there, you will find the people ever so friendly and the 'little brown bombers' of the Philippines, a great help in kick starting your mongering 'career'.
    I hope you have read the notes on Thailand. It will help you evaluate and understand this information on the Philippines. You will soon discover that I am writing this information from a viewpoint of prejudice towards the Philippines , in respect of sex. You might react and see the Philipines differently to me , but from my personal viewpoint, the Philippines is the better place to be , not for sheer numbers, because Thailand has more venues and ladies of the night to offer than the Philippines , but because the Philippines is better value , as there is not the same cultural barrier and language barrier that Thailand has , and the Filipino's come across as more naturally friendly. Naturalness is a big thing for me.
    Thai's seem to be more controlled, cooler than Filipino's. I like outward going natural people and I think the Philippines wins in that department over Thais. The ladies of the night in RP , sometimes referred to in these parts of the world as "chicks" , are easier to communicate with , and more naturally open to overtures. This naturalness has more pluses than minuses, such as , blowing their fuse and throwing their pots and pans at you , on the odd occasions when they do blow their fuse : ) . Ladies of the Night , the world over , are actors and the Filipina's of the Philippines are no exception, but I believe that, in the whoring department, the experienced Ladies of Thailand are bigger actors than the Filipina's , who have a genuine physicalness about them.
    Body contact is more important for a Filipina and so it follows sex is more natural and important to a Filipina. These are just my feelings, and it is why I would put my money on a Filipina as being the best bet for a good time in bed (acting aside) . Thai religion makes it easier for a Thai girl to sell herself, whereas the Catholic religion of the Philippines doesn't. That is why I think there is more prostitution in Thailand , cause less need to justify it. World authorities on these subjects say the Philippines is a bigger prostitution scene than Thailand. All I can say is, they haven't been whoring touring in the Philippines and Thailand for the last umpteen years , like me. Thailand seems to be clearly the winner , in that regard (numbers on offer).
    So, there is a lack of 'Ladies' in the Philippines ? Certainly not, heaps upon heaps, thousands upon thousands , and more importantly, in addition to the ladies of the night, the average young lady in the Philippines is keen to meet foreigners in the hope of marriage and escape from the endemic poverty of the country. You've got to give the Thai's their due though , regardless of their poverty, they do not want to leave Thailand. They love their country and would not willingly trade it for any other. So, they are not so motivated to meet foreigners as are the Filipina's. Exceptions ... those working in the sex industry (Thailand).
    Thai's take from the west what they can use ( for example our money : ) and dump the rest. Filipino's are more western orientated and take as much as they can from the west including us, if they can (marriage). I'm not talking about the middle class or wealthy sectors of the Filipino society, I'm just talking about the sector who feels they need us. And there is a heap of pretty girls who belong to that category.
    You will not find many Phil/Thai middle class/wealthy fraternising with us. We don't need them , they don't need us. That's natural enough : )
    But before I close, I must admit that a beautiful Thai will outclass a beautiful Filipina, every time , in the beauty stakes. They have got what I call 'inner beauty', class, calm. Neverthless, there is an ample supply of beautiful Filipina's who are more than happy to meet and socialise with foreigners. A naturally friendly people with big broad smiles , where its impossible to be lonely and impossible to be sex starved. That's the Philippines.
    Thailand, by comparison , never fails to charm me, especially away from big places like Bangkok. When I'm old and grey, with not much fuel left in the tank, Thailand would be my place of retirement, over and above the Philippines. It's cleaner, more orderly, safer and the people are extremely courteous and respectful, especially towards the elderly. So , my launch pad for 'whorist heaven', looks like being Thailand. In the meantime , I have got some living to do and the Philippines is not a bad place to do it.
    My prejudice is towards the sexy girls , women , escorts and hookers of the Philippines. But you will not find the great sex massage parlours of thailand in the philippines. Thailand for that.

    Planning your Trip :
    The same notes on Thailand largely applies to the Philippines. No need to repeat it all here. Exceptions, however do apply, as follows - When to Go: December to May and therefore a bit different to Thailand. February to April is the best climate (Philippines).
    All of this info belongs to ;
    Passport : Same the world over, must have six months or more validity at time of arrival in the country. Visa: Different to Thailand (30 days). On entry most nationals to Phil get a 2l day visa. Check if that applies to your country before you depart for RP. I think USA gets more than 21 days. Fifty nine day visas can be procured at your local RP Consulate/Embassy back home , and extensions of your 21 day visa, which are subject to fees, are easy to obtain , once in the country. Extension to a total stay of 59 days is no problem. You don't have to leave the country ,ie, do a visa run, like you do in Thailand. Note - In respect of either country , if you arrive without a visa and without a return ticket there is a remote possibility that you are bundled out of the Country , on the very next plane. Note - remote chance. Do you normally have bad luck ? Yes , then dont risk it , arrive with a visa and return air ticket : )
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    Health Precautions :

    Vaccinations :
    Make sure you are fully immunised before departing for the tropics (Philippines). It’s unusual for Immigration Officials to ask to see your W.H.O. Vaccination Card, but I suppose it could happen. For your own protection its best to have at least a minimum cover against basic nasties as listed below. Update : Being fully immunised for this that , is largely left to travellers discrection nowadays. Forget about w.h.o vaccination card for Philippines (other countries can be different).
    Possibly your first step would be to visit your local Doctor , if he is not confident about what is and is not required for the Philippines then ask him for the address of the nearest specialist Vaccination Centre . Call them up on the phone and find out what vaccinations you need and work out a timetable, as some vaccinations need to be started months before your departure.
    Take the following as a rough and non expert guide only:
    Cholera - no longer required under International Health regulations. I’ve discontinued having boosters for this one.
    Tetanus - ADT, ie, a Diptheria and Tetanus combined injection. Initial injections are given in childhood and boosters every ten years thereafter. Recommended.
    Hepatitis A - Three injections over a six months period. Then booster every ten years. Recommended.
    Hepatitis B - After the initial three injections you need a booster every five years. Definitely required for South East Asia , which includes Thailand and Philippines , especially if your going to have sex (doesn't everyone ? : )
    Note : I went to my Doctor to have a booster for Hep. B , but he said "not necessary , your antibodies level is 1000. If the antibody count is 10 or above , no need for a booster". So I did not have a booster for this big killer Hep.B (W.H.O to Oct 2000 Stats : 2 billion infected , 350 million chronic sufferers , 1 million a year die from it).
    Japanese B Encephalitis - Three injections over a thirty day period. Worth considering. Personally , I have never been immunised against this one.
    Polio - Initial injections during childhood, boosters every ten years thereafter. Nowadays Polio is on the resurgence , so check with your Doctor re this one.
    Rabies - Follow advice of your Doctor. I had the course years ago but haven’t had any boosters in recent times.
    Tuberculosis - Follow your Doctors advice. I have had plenty of boosters in previous years but do not have any boosters for it nowadays.
    Meningococcal Meningitis - Discuss this one with your Doctor. There are so many different strains that it is hard to vaccinate against all eventualities. Usually it's the younger folk who are struck down with this nasty.
    Typhoid - Advisable. In days of yore a fellow travel companion spent an expensive two weeks in a Manila Hospital , after having contracted typhoid. Spoiled his entire trip. On discharge he headed straight home.
    The above seems a rather daunting list but it’s important you take vaccinations seriously and discuss them well ahead of your departure date with either your local doctor or a specialist Vaccination Centre.
    UPDATE : The latest trend is not to vaccinate for this and that , willy nilly. Some vaccinations are no longer considered necessary and even in some cases detrimental to ones health.
    Myself , I will still attempt to have protection from these nasties , unless my doctor advises otherwise : )
    Overall when with sexy girls , women , escorts , hookers of Philippines , wear a condom. This applies to the GoGo Bar , Hooker Disco's , Freelance Bars , Street Hookers ... all girls/women of philippines. They will not insist on condoms , hence std's are rife in philippines ... use em.

    Other Health Precautions :
    Dental - make sure your teeth are in good order before you depart overseas. Your chances of first class up to date treatment is better in the West than it is in South-East Asia , where its cheaper. Some would disagree with me : )
    Optical - Take your prescription with you and preferably spare glasses/contact lenses , just in case. This is one item you can confidently purchase in the Philippines cheaply.
    Prescriptions - in the Philippines are not mandatory , exception Viagra at some/most but not all Pharmacies/Drug Stores. So long as you know the generic name you will normally be able to purchase your medication/s without prescription.
    Malaria - as yet no immunisation for it. If your one of those people that mosquito's like, then check with your Doctor regarding anti-malarials (chloroquine usually ?) , which you have to start taking weeks before your departure and continue on taking for speicific number of weeks after your return. Once in the Philippines , you can keep mosquito’s away by turning on the fan or lighting up a mosquito coil which are readily available in mini stores and supermarkets. In extreme cases, malaria can be fatal, so take care. I do not take anti-malarials anymore , luck has been good to me so far : )
    Water/Ice - To be on the safe side do not drink tap water, only bottled Spring/Mineral water with a serrated seal cap (not cork or screw top). Chipped ice coming from large ice blocks, is to be avoided , although ice cubes made from purified water are most probably safe. But how do you know its made from purified water ? You don’t, so best to avoid ice in all forms. Fruit juices with crushed ice or tap water are also a risk. The water used in commercially prepared drinks such as soft drinks, and our favourite - beer , is safe.
    Typhoid Fever - To avoid , don't drink tap water , drink only bottled water (as explained above). Beer is a mans best friend anyway : ) Eat at well patronised restaurants and not from street vendors (ever see where they get their water from ?)

    HIV & AIDS - is alive and well in the Philippines. Use condoms. Bring your own. If you perform cunnilingus on a ‘lady of the night’ you are taking a risk with HIV. Alternatively take a box of 'tongue condoms' with you : )
    STD’s - Sexually transmitted diseases are also in abundance, thanks to the bare back riders , mostly local and some foreign. Use condoms , and if you still get something ‘strange’ ask your Consulate/Embassy in Manila to recommend a good Doctor.
    Cunnilingus with the wrong woman can result in Herpes on the face. Not a pleasant sight.
    More Info re
    Planning Trip to find SEXY mature GIRLS , WOMEN , ESCORTS , and HOOKERS in PHILIPPINES :
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    Money Advice :

    The currency quoted on this website is the Filipino Pesos. For conversion to your local currency refer :
    As every seasoned traveller knows, no money , no honey. After reading this website you will have a better idea of how much money to bring with you. I have a lot of fun on U$100 per day. Maybe you need more or less ?
    Do not have all your eggs in the one basket, bring a variety of money - bank debit/ATM card (also known as cash/check card) ; credit card; Amex travellers cheques (TC’s) and a small quantity of U$ dollars cash. Not too much cash , cause if you lose it its gone forever , but its handy on the odd occasions when you can not access money any other way. Update : Nowadays I only bring two different cards plus some cash (major curency , eg , U$ or UK Pounds)
    Ideally you will have two major brands of TC’s so that if you lose them you have a better chance of a quick refund. One company might be quicker than the other with refunds. Although on one trip , some time ago , I was fortunate to have Amex TC's and an Amex Office was in the city I was visiting , as Money Changers were not interested in TC's. This is a new development in the Philippines. Denominations of 100 with a few 50’s and one or two 20’s should do. Update : I think forget TC's (Travellers Cheques) nowadays.
    American currency is the one to have. Bank notes dated after 1993 , noting that the U$100 1996 issue is sus' and many money exchangers will not accept them. The English Pound/Deutsche Mark comes a close second as favoured currencies. All notes must be clean , ie no scribble on them , not torn or tattered etc.
    ATM's : On occasions you can run into trouble with Thai ATM’s, eg , ‘not communicating’ messages. So, its best to use the ones located in front of the Bank itself during normal bank hours , so you can pop inside if your card is gobbled up. Pesos10/20,000 per withdrawal max , varies (inside bank , not on footpath). Also be aware that the exchange rate from these machines is not as good , in the Philippines , as it is with cash. Bank cards have the advantage that they are easy to conceal from would be thieves. Don’t have all your eggs (cards or cash) in the one basket. Update : I do not have probs with Phil ATM's and I only use ones inside a building , normally not outside on street (security reasons).
    Having money sent by Bank Transfer from your home country to the Philippines is not recommended. Instead of the short days they quote , it could end up taking 1/2 weeks to get to you. Only in absolute desperation rely on a 'telegraph' transfer of money. Better to call up a relative/friend and get them to deposit some money into your plastic bank card or credit card.
    All of this info belongs to :
    Changing money - Before heading for a Money Changer/Amex Office or Bank, organise everything in the privacy of your Hotel room. Get your Passport, TC’s , cash or ATM Card your going to use out of your leg pouches or Hotel security box and into your secreted waist pouch. Money exchanges are everywhere and it pays to shop around. In the Philippines cash attracts the best exchange rate. However , I do not take large amounts of U$ notes with me to the Philippines for fear of being robbed , or losing them. For bank cards - Mastercard/Cirrus and Visa/Cirrus are the best . Check with your bank back home before you depart , to see if your particular kind of card is easily accepted in Philippines.
    When you have completed changing your money, head straight back to your Hotel and re-organise the safety of your valuables. For example , you might place your Passport back in the Hotel security box. Don’t walk around the streets with lots of valuables on your person, especially at night.
    Do not change money with people who approach you on the street. This is standard for all countries and especially so in the Philippines , Manila and Angeles City in particular.
    Weekends and public holidays the rates are usually at their lowest. Hotels, traditionally offer poor rates. Try and check the exchange rates, before you depart for the Philippines. Alternatively have a look in your local paper. Thursdays and Fridays are usually better days to change money , but that can be upset by sudden international financial scares , whatever.
    Safekeeping your money - On arrival you might consider cashing some of your travellers cheques and opening up an account with the Philippines National Bank who will issue you with a bank card on the spot. Then you can use their ATM’s which are located all around the country. Check with your local bank back home to see if your credit/debit card will be readily accepted by Phil banks. I think you will find they will be. Before departure, consider buying a money belt which goes around your waist ,and under your shirt or trousers, or any other type of safety pouch. You can buy them at travel bag shops. Do not use wallets. They are too easy for thieves to see and pinch. Use the security/safety boxes at your hotel or a safe deposit box at a bank. Spread your cash around. Some locked in your suitcase back at the room, some in the hotel security box or bank safe deposit, and some in your safety pouch , on your person. The rest you can give to the girls : )
    Don't forget with out money you will never taste the honey of the sexy girls and hot women of the philippines. Unless of course you are particularly young and handsome , then anything is possible , they might even pay you : )
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    Miscellaneous Notes :

    POLICE : There are Police scams that can cost you signficant money.
    Do not buy anything from street vendors , Viagra , Knives , Porn etc etc. Street vendor could be in cahoots with corrupt police , who are parked nearby. Soon as you purchase from vendor (could be ice cream , anything) , Police might appear , take you to Police Station and extract a large sum of money from you , whether what you have done is legal , or not. Vendor can be in cahoots with Police and willing to testify against you. Corrupt vendor (not all of them , of course) can make more money via Police than actually selling his products. You have been WARNED !
    Underage scams etc etc. Google/research before you travel to Philippines (or Thailand , for that matter , scams there too). Read whorist Forum for these and other matters.
    Do not be paranoid , but do be prepared !
    Clothes - Your normal attire should be light weight long trousers and short sleeved shirts, and casual shoes. Filipino's are T Shirt fanatics , even so the girls will be more impressed if you wear a lightweight short sleeved shirt. Alternatively a t.shirt with a collar , to 'impress' : ) Shorts are not normally worn on the streets , although that 'custom' has been relaxed over time. It's a rare sight to see a Filipino man wear shorts, absolutely rare. Exception - poorest of the poor who have no money for long trousers and who don't care a stuff what others think ............. cause the well-to-do don't give a stuff about them : ) The ladies of the night will be more impressed with a Shirt (not T. Shirt) , especially in the evenings. Tailors and material are cheap in the Philippines , although Thai tailoring is superior , believe me.
    Medications - are freely available and usually without prescription , except sometimes possibly cialis/viagra in this Catholic country called the Philippines. Even so , if you ask around at Foreigners Bars your bound to be told about a renegade pharmacist who sells the stuff without prescription. Viagra in sealed Pfizer packs 100mg size which you can break in half are most economical and more likely to be the genuine thing. Avoid loose ones from jars etc , might be fake. Other brands : Cialis , Penagra ; Kamagra ; Silagra ; Veega ; Caverta. ........... I'm waiting for 'Niagra' , one to get mine down : ) Update : Angeles City seems to be a place where you can buy cheap cialis/viagra on the street. Stuff that is safe and works. Ask fellow foreigners at Angeles Bars for the right price , and even right person (street location) to purchase from.
    Condoms - Bring your own. Catholic country , church preaches against condoms , and they are smaller size , poorer quality , bring your own ! No matter how sexy the girls or the hot philippine women are .... use condoms. You have been warned. STD's are rife in Phils , why ? Girls do not insist on condoms thats why.
    Viagra - See above , Police scams.
    Camera - yes bring it. Filipinos are not camera shy. Even so , do not take a photo without the consent of the other party, especially in night time venues such as go-go bars/disco's , where it can be forbidden. They usually check for camera's and guns etc on entrance to most nightlife establishments.
    Pornographic Material - is banned from entry into the Philippines. Catholic church at work again : ) Punishment can be severe, do not tempt fate, leave such home. You will not need magazines , you will have the real thing in the Philippines.
    Internet Access - Internet Cafes abound. The rates vary a lot between towns/cities and outlets. Whatever it is , much cheaper than western world , I assure you.
    Electricity - in the RP , power can be both 220volt and 110 volt in the same room. Ask at Reception Desk and/or check before plugging in. Alternators : buy and use one specifically designed for your camera/computer. Adaptors - Electrical shops/Department Stores in Phil sell them. All of my equipment came with alternators anyway , most prob same with you.
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    Philippines Generally (other than Nightlife)

    Please read the 'Thailand General' notes. Most of what I said there also applies to the Philippines. Any variations between the two countries is discussed below.

    Transport :
    Thailand is superior in this respect, including the condition of their roads. Thailand has better infrastructure all around. But that doesnt mean that the Philippines Transport Sector is no good, for sure it is exciting, by comparison, because you have the ever chatty Filipino's as your travel companions. No sitting in a bus like a 'stiff' in a country like the Philippines. Quite often in Thailand you have to sit silently for hours on end , cause the person you are sitting next to does not speak English. Does not happen in the Philippines , unless you want it to : )
    The major form of transport for most Filipino's is the well known Jeepney. Filipino train services are almost non existent and their bus services inferior to Thailand. Water transport is another matter. Because the Philippines is made up of numerous inhabited islands its water transport is on a grander scale than Thailands. In recent years this kind of service has been upgraded and the modern catamarans/tri-mirans are a real boon for getting from one island to another , thus avoiding risky, and relatively expensive , single engined aircraft travel (Phils).
    With long hauls, air transport in bigger planes is the way to go, not the vulnerable ageing ocean liners. On land , there are plenty of regular taxi's albeit some of them are a bit dilapidated. The drivers are friendly and talkative but precautions as with taxi drivers the world over , are required. You will be informed of the unique precautions that apply to Filipino taxi drivers, as we travel through this Philippine sector. Thailands tuk-tuk equivalent is the Filipino's motorised "tricycle". Its a motorbike with a side car, carrying sometimes up to five/seven passengers. Not quite as noisy as the tuk-tuk but just as unstable , nevertheless. Makes for fun travel, especially when you have got young 'chatty' drivers at the helm.

    Hotels Accommodation :
    Thailand seems to have many more tourists (and whorists) than the Philippines and thus its accommodation sector is larger, and overall, superior. That's not to say the Philippines accommodation is of a poor standard. You get what you pay for. I have no trouble in locating good accommodation in the Philippines, but at times, I have to hunt around a bit and usually pay a little more than I would for the same standard accomodation in Thailand.
    Management in the Philippines can be more touchy about bringing ladies back to your accommodation.( Blame Catholicism and the Virgin Mary for that). I'll never forget the sign , hanging behind the Receptionist in one budget Hotel. It read "Women in the rooms not allowed. We do not want to pollute the atmosphere". It was in this same place, a little further on, that I was asked by a young receptionist , half my size and less than half my age "What is the purpose of your visit to the Philippines". It would have been lovely to reply: "Have sex with as many little brown bombers as possible". I checked out forthwith. My 'Agent' (more on him in the Stories Section) came up with alternative accommodation which I stay in to this day. It truly was a case of , "when handed a lemon, make a lemonade". From the first 'lemon' accommodation I went to a very sweet 'lemonade' accommodation with excellent ambience for my activities. Admittedly it costs a bit more, but I never regret paying the money. If the girl does not sleep overnight there is no extra charge. If she does sleep overnight, only a nominal 100Pesos extra. But, because I have good relationships with the front desk, I have never been charged the 'overnight' fee. Update : If you booked a 'double' room , ie , double bed , you do not normally pay any extra for overnight guests. You will find out next morning , if they ask you for anything extra for the girl who stayed overnight. I list on this website only hotels that accept overnight ladies without extra charge , but management rules can change. Generally speaking , you can book into any hotel confident they will not charge you extra for overnight ladies.
    So, Thailand is superior in the accommodation stakes, cleaner, tidier, more modern accommodation for a little less money . The Philippines is still good but you have to 'shop around', just a little more. That's the difference in my opinion.
    Make sure you do your research re accommodation before landing in the Philippines. Nothing worse than having a sexy girl or woman and a lousy room. Spoils the night.
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    Restaurants :

    Once again Thailand wins here , and hands down. I don't like the typical 'mushy' style of Filipino Cuisine. Naturally with experience I have been able to track down Restaurants in the Philippines that cater to my taste but I eat much heartier and with more gusto in Thailand. Fortunately , a lot of Americans and other foreigners have settled in the Philippines and they have set up shop as restauranteurs and thus western style dishes can be found, if you know where. I indicate where these western style restaurants can be found throughout the website. Large Hotels also cater for the western tourist and his/her palate. Don't worry about Restaurants in the Philippines, I am terribly fussy, and manage to survive.

    Culturally related subects :
    There is not a lot of culture left in RP , so nothing to worry about here. Seriously, Filipino culture will not get in your way like Thai culture can do at times, although the "Butterfly Syndrome" (see Thai notes) is alive and well in the Philippines but not to the same extent as Thailand. Filipino's also have "loss of face" problems, but once again, not to the same extent as in Thailand. Thai's are super sensitive by comparison. Filipino's suffer from the "Jealousy Syndrome", but more on that later. Overall, Filipino culture will not get in your way. Don't forget they are western orientated, that helps. You will not have to learn any of their language as they are fluent in English. But do learn some of their expressions , eg , salamat (thanks) etc , it helps.
    Fortunately their culture includes sex , lots of it. Very physical people those sexy girls and women of the Philippines.

    Nightlife in General (Phil.)

    Sex Venues in General re
    Planning Trip ... for having SEX with HOOKERS - PHILIPPINES :

    Go-Go Bars :

    In the mid seventies there were gorgeous women dancing nude on stage and this was the case until the mid eighties when I noticed the same women were no longer prepared to go nude in public. A shame, up until about then, I had always enjoyed my 'meat inspection' duties at Go-Go Bars. Nowadays, a city like Cebu is hard pressed to have average looking women dancing on stage. You have the same problem of finding a beauty at the local , Filipino dance places nowadays too. Also at Makati (P. Burgos St) , in Manila, they seem to be able to coerce some beauties into the bikini shuffle (Go-Go) duties. It must have something to do with the comparitive expensiveness of those Makati go-go's : ) More on that later. Average looking young go-go girls with trim figures , big smiles and eager pussies, are however, plentiful . What's average ? Beauty is always in the eye of the 'meat inspector'. Take Angeles City for example, wall to wall Go-Go Bars and a heap of women to choose from. Some great bodies can be found there.

    Beer Bars :
    There is no Thai style beer bar scene in the Philippines. They have 'disco pubs' and little native style restaurants that serve mainly beer and the waitresses or hangabouts are sometimes for hire (Phils). Sometimes no one is for hire and you have to court the waitresses just as you would a girl friend in the west. So, that leaves a big hole in the RP sex scene, when compared with Thailand. That hole, however, is adquately plugged in the R.P. with girls being available in other ways.

    Freelance Bars :
    They do exist, here and there, but no where on the scale of Thailand. There is no 'Thermae' or 'Angels Disco' equivalent in the whole of the Philippines.( Not to my knowledge anyway). You can pick up girls at Disco's , but as I said , not on the scale of Thailand , where p4p (selling sex) is more accepted.

    Disco's :
    Filipino's love dancing and they are good at it. Once again, physical people, so they love to boogie. Yet, they do not have the large disco's of Thailand, nor the same pick up scene ( freelancers/hookers) at their disco's either. There are however, disco's where pick up is possible and they are pointed out as we journey through this website.

    Massage Parlours :
    Nothing like the sex massage parlour scene of Thailand. Thai's reign supreme in this area. Sufficient numbers of MP's in Manila , other towns/cities they are a bit scarce. In Thailand you can get genuine massage and then sex. In Phils its more likely and excuse to have sex , than a massage. Others might disagree : )

    Whore Houses/Brothels :
    Plenty, and all open to foreigners , whereas in Thailand , post HIV/Aids era , they seemed to have disappeared somewhat. The negative side of whore houses in the Philipppines is the fact that Filipina's do not make good whore house girls, locked up, with all their freedoms taken away and most of the take going to the owner of the whorehouse. Also Philippine whore houses are surrounded by goons/security guys , which takes the thrill of visiting away somewhat. Consequently a significant number of filipina whore house girls make for unsatisfactory overnight companions. Personal opinion only , of course. Try them out for yourself and compare them with Philippine Freelance girls.
    You can find sexy girls and hot women in the whore houses/brothels of philippines , but more likely at a GoGo Bar or Freelance pick up joint , in my opinion. Whore house girls have never turned me on. Birds in a cage.
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    Pimps :
    This is where a big percentage of girls are hired/rented or even married off. Intermediaries such as pimps are alive and well in the Philippines. For sure pimping is big business in the Philippines and by contrast , virtually non existent in Thailand. Philippine girls are not averse in using pimps as a go-between. It seems almost traditional. Some of the pimps are gay, in fact the most beautiful girls are usually, but not always, procured through a gay intermediary/pimp. Somehow the girls trust these gays more than regular guys (who might want to have sex with them ? ) . I must admit I only dealt accidentally with a gay pimp once and once only, and yes he delivered a beauty. Tried to re-locate/find that pimp some time later , but failed to do so, hence no more gay pimps. If you have no hangups in talking to gays , then I suggest you do so , and ask them if they know of anyone who has contacts with pretty girls. You could be on to something. Philippine girls seem to prefer an itermediary, aka, pimp. Unfortunately I am unable to front up to a gay, or do business with a gay, so I miss that avenue for girls in the Philippines. Still, I get enough , more than Thailand, quite often as a result of my own efforts, out and about , on the prowl. UPDATE : As I grow older , I seem to rely more on 'intermediaries' , ie , local filipino's who I train into the pimp role : )

    Other Venues :
    Once again, I would have to say Thailand offers more variety in ways of meeting a lady of the night. It's not looking too bright for the Philippines, you might say, but hey wait a minute, you can meet a nice young Filipina in a shopping mall, and after a couple of visits to your hotel with a chaperone, make a girlfriend out of her. Remember, Filipino's are physical people and the girl will surrender , given enough time. How many times can you do that in Thailand ? Loss of face prevents Thai chicks coming forward and anyway, they have no plans of skipping town, they are staying in Thailand, whereas Filipina's see you the foreigner, as a ticket out of town to the lands of milk and honey (USA wherever). Use that motivation to your advantage , but without being a cad ! : ) Phil girls are everywhere , and more approachable than Thai girls.

    Other Information :
    The notes in Thailand concerning : "Background to the Girls", "Having a Girlfriend", "Butterfly is Best", 'Age is no Barrier for You; Age is a Barrier with Her (more so than Thailand. Penalties much severer); Girls Medical Checks; Big Head v. Little Head ........ all apply to the Philippines. Watch out for scams regarding under age girls and 'rape' in the Philippines. The penalites are much more severe and thus the bribe , if possible ( but not always 'possible') , is much higher. Rape in the RP automatically carried the death penalty for a while , even so it is considered more seriously than say in western world , ie , penalties are much greater , normally. Under age sex , as applied to foreigners , can carry horrendous penalties (up to forty years in prison). The age of consent is eighteen years. Check website ..
    Filipino Katoey equivalents are not any where near as prevalent as in Thailand and they are not allowed to dance on the Go-Go stage with regular girls as in Thailand. Transvestites and gays in RP are called Billy Boys , Bayuts, Bakla's and so on. No where near as many in RP have cosmetic surgery and thus they are easier to identify . Not the same problem as in Thailand , where you think your looking at a girl , but your looking at a man : ) Buddhism tolerates gays/katoeys, Catholicism does not. That's most probably the reason for gays in the Philippines taking a lower profile. Exceptions will always prevail , especially if they are 'hungry' : )

    Nightlife 'Language' :
    Presuming you have read the Thailand notes, here are very briefly the differences between the two countries.
    .1. "Blow job" is blow job, not 'smoke' as in Thailand 2. "Mama-san/papa-san" is alive and well in the Philippines 3. "Fishbowls" do not exist in RP (freedom factor most probably reponsible for that. More spirited, independent/less disciplined people) . The girls in RP usually line up on chairs, no glass window seperating them from you. 4. "Freelancer", ditto Thailand 5. "Ladies Drinks", alive and well and most probably originated from RP 6. Bar Fine, ditto . Although there was an attempt by 'revisionists' to call the BF a 'leaving fee'. I personally think that if there is going to be any change, they should rename it to : 'Departure Tax' : ) Bar Fine is Bar Fine in Phils , no change 7. "Short time" , ditto Thailand, but hours more flexible . Can be anything from 2 to 4 hours in Phils. 8. "Long Time", called 'All Night' in the Philippines 9. "Sideliner", non existent in the Philippines. Nobody sidelines a high spirited Filipina : ) 10. "The Bill" is called the "Chit" in RP. The Bill would have originated from the influence of the British, along with the railways, another British influence in Thailand. Chit most probably came from the thirty years or so occupation of the Americans, god bless their soul. At least they taught the natives how to speak English. 11. "Joiner Fee" is replaced with the 'overnight guest' fee. Sounds nice and platonic, doesnt it. I suppose one day there will be the overnight LBB fee (Little Brown Bomber fee). Dont forget to ask ,"overnight guests ok" ? "Any extra charge ?" before checking in. 12. "Up to You", those unnerving open ended arrangements in Thailand, do not seem to crop up so much in RP , but its still possible to hear "up to you" in the Phil's. 13. "LOS" - Land of Smiles as related to Thailand. I could argue, until the cows come home, that the true land of smiles is the Philippines. However, both do smile, but the Thai smile is more controlled and the Filipino one more natural and generous. My opinion only, of course.14. "Butterfly" - similar function as in Thailand but Filipino's not so touchy or thin skinned about the matter. Filipino's are more inclined to be jealous. 15. "Farang" - meaning foreigner in Thailand. Does not apply in RP. Americano or "Joe", takes its place. I prefer that to 'farang'. 16. UFAC - United Front Against Condoms, alive and well in both countries. These UFAC lads can only rest when they get to whorist heaven, that is, providing they are 'healthy' and send in enough reports to this website : ) 17. "Sugar Daddy" - most probably originated from the Philippines, which is truly 'sugar daddy' territory. More so than Thailand. 18. "Whorist Visa" - valid for the Philippines also. 19. Boilers - universal. 19. Tuk tuk - non existent in RP but there is almost as noisy a motorbike taxi in the RP, called a tricycle/trike. It's more like a side car taxi driven might I add, by cheery drivers. They are cheery in Angeles City , especially when they want to rip you off : ).
    The expression you will be using the most with the sexy girls , hot women , escorts , and hookers of philippines is ..... 'how much' : )
    And so , you are ready to read more specific info regarding Accommodation , Nightlife Venues etc for respective Cities/Towns of the Philippines.
  9. Brian Hope

    Brian Hope New Member

    I recently booked a Holiday to the Philippines with Gentlemen's Tours and at first i was bit concern as you would with any tour company you use for the first time. But I have to say the level of service was at the highest I ever experience.

    Gentlemen's Tours was very helpful in any request that i needed. I suffer from asthma and was having shortness of breath (asthma attack) i could not find my asthma pump and they managed to go to the pharmacy in the middle of the night and get me the ventolin pump that i needed and manage to call a local doctor to check up on me. They made my stay in the Philippines safe and that made the difference.

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