Philippina Girls Are Much Better Then The Thai

Discussion in 'Philippines Nightlife. Manila, Angeles City ...' started by leonardo, May 15, 2013.

  1. jon

    jon New Member

    Mmmmmmm glistening
  2. Bare1

    Bare1 New Member

    I've only been to Makati, so that is not representative of the country as a whole. I had a great time in Makati and Quezon City. I loved the girls. It's the country that I don't like. It feels like Mexico. Everything is broken. There is nothing like the BTS. Corruption is much worse than Thailand, which takes some doing. Traffic is even worse. And the poverty in Manila is heartbreaking. 20 young children crowd around the cab at stoplights to beg. It was depressing and I couldn't imagine living there, despite the hot women and the nice GFE.

    That said, perhaps paradise lurks in Cebu or somewhere, although I have seen pics of horrible poverty there too. And don't they have the same policies regarding foreigners buying land? Still, it is worth considering if things get much worse here. But for now, with my limited Phils experience, Thailand wins hands down.
  3. jon

    jon New Member

    Interesting post Bare1. The fantasy often doesn't match the reality.

    Although those 3rd World destinations and prices appeal to some. Especially those who feel the prices in BKK are skyrocketing
  4. jawbreaker

    jawbreaker New Member

    a buddy of mine swears by the P.I and was married to a phip but she turned him over for his house as she had a child. He has been to LOS a few times but he is addicted to the P.I for some reason so there must be some good points .
  5. BUZ_Man

    BUZ_Man New Member

    JB I can attest my girl in PHL is such a hot horney creature with all the right attributes I must vote on PHL. I have had many in THI and PHL but the girls in PHL are very dedicated and love to please. Just my view on the region.
  6. whatever1919

    whatever1919 New Member

    why i cant see any photo?
  7. flyingman

    flyingman New Member

    Wow... seems like Phil are more interesting... :)
    One of destination I should go.. :)
    I have question...
    I've read some reply to this thread...
    But still not see a number how much to pay 'em
    Just cheaper than thai.. but how much..?
    Is there any guide or clue how you can catch those gals?
    Since you said they are not frèelancer.. must be little bit hard to recognize them. I am affraid if you got a wrong gal, it will cause problem, while you want to having fun there..
  8. unknown_user1988

    unknown_user1988 New Member

  9. niki234

    niki234 New Member

    This is a good question
  10. you69me

    you69me New Member

    where is the image
  11. Jan999

    Jan999 New Member

    Yeah and they speak English also! :D
  12. Tomkat

    Tomkat New Member

    LOS has much better infrastructure so I prefer it but if you have time, then the PI can be great. Try the LA Cafe in Manila or get contacts from online dating sites, facebook, etc.
  13. SanLucifer

    SanLucifer New Member

    I like a lot pinays but I have to tell you pinays are very shy and they hardly give you blowjob. You often cannot see not even her naked body. I mean regular girls.
  14. Brian Hope

    Brian Hope New Member

    I recently booked a Holiday to the Philippines with Gentlemen's Tours and at first i was bit concern as you would with any tour company you use for the first time. But I have to say the level of service was at the highest I ever experience.

    Gentlemen's Tours was very helpful in any request that i needed. I suffer from asthma and was having shortness of breath (asthma attack) i could not find my asthma pump and they managed to go to the pharmacy in the middle of the night and get me the ventolin pump that i needed and manage to call a local doctor to check up on me. They made my stay in the Philippines safe and that made the difference.

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