Philippina Girls Are Much Better Then The Thai

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  1. leonardo

    leonardo New Member

    this girl is the great proove. She is just 18 years old. She is noth a bargirl and also not a freelncer. I toke here cherry last year. We met only on secret places. She learns very fast and here blow job and swallow skills are already amazing. She is always totally bald shaved and soaking wet. This Pic was just 10 Minutes after our 5th round. She is still soaking wet. And she get really horny while make pictures and videos
    I never found girls like that in Thailand. But in Philippines, they are everywhere and now with the cellphones and the txt its so ease o catch them everywere, street shopping center. Just take your time. Keep in touch with all of them and from time to time, if they now you better you get a good fuck. Then go to an other Philppines Island and start again to "build"Attached Thumbnails
  3. No_Shame

    No_Shame New Member

    This girl is seriously hot! Well done, and thank you for sharing!

    I must admit that I didn't see too many like that when I was based briefly in the Phils a few years ago.
  4. jawbreaker

    jawbreaker New Member

    thais are very spoilt now ,so maybe you might be right . they dont see such huge numbers of tourists
  5. anting

    anting New Member

    .... Clark AFB ? Subic Naval Base? .....

    She is really pretty...Where did you find her ?

    Good thing with can communicate with them , they understand english ....
    bad thing with pinays .... they can communicate with you , they speak english ....

    the local dialect no matter tagalog or cebuano is also easy to learn for us ... its based on Spanish with a Malay influence...pretty easy , count on spanish , most nomen are spanish ...unlike the thaitoungetwist ....

    pinays always give me the perfect gf expirience , thais are more professional , its just my observasion...sometimes i need the one or the other ...however also there are very talented and professional girls in the philippines , just visit Angeles City as shit .... visit one of the legendary SOB ( Sons of Bachus ) -parties won't regret it !

    Day activity could be with Jimmy le Boyd , a veteran who ownes a Navion Air 1940 , he 'll pick you up with his 1965 cadillac convertible and does a great flight with you to pinatubo vulcano and surroundings....


  6. syd_barrett

    syd_barrett New Member

    I agree that Phil girls are better than Thai girls on the whole. Phil girls need sex, they really love it and they really enjoy giving oral. Even the MILF women are really horny and like a good seeing-to. I even met a Phil MILF who loved watersports.
  7. INT_Baller

    INT_Baller New Member


    Thanks for sharing, but why don't you put some photo's in the gallery?
  8. leonardo

    leonardo New Member

    I did find here n a small province town in a Philippines kitchen restaurant when she was 17. She falled in love in me. But I am always "travel".
  9. BUZ_Man

    BUZ_Man New Member

    Had both but my GF in PHL is deffinetely a nymph and love it. She is a school theacher and a fox at that and I can concur with you that the girls in Thi are spoiled,
    Loving PHL much more these days.
  10. jon

    jon New Member


    Some of those MILFs are still very firm, very tight and very horny
  11. m66hrod

    m66hrod New Member

    i was actually thinking of a stop over in Manila on my way to BKK and Phuket. Is it worth it for a few days? Where do you find the MILFs and/or easy ones? Are there any great beer bars or go-go bars in MNL?...How's the prices?
  12. Zambo

    Zambo New Member

    I would say hotel prices are more expensive in the Philippines than Thailand, but girls a bit cheaper.

    There are many beer bars and go-go bars in Manila. Also Angeles and Subic Bay are nearby for large expat communities and bargirl experiences. Beyond this Cebu, Davao, Palawan, Boracay are all worth a visit. In summary I don't recommend a stop-over on the way to Thailand, better to plan a separate trip.
  13. butterflybry

    butterflybry New Member

    I agree that pinays much better than Thai girls in attitude and sexual performance...they really get in to it, and the GFE is nearly everyone you take a liking to.
  14. mawin082004

    mawin082004 New Member

    Are there also shows at the gogo bars?
  15. maprao

    maprao New Member

    Probaly because with less than 150 POSTS he will not be able to view his own pics sorry mods. Maybe time to review the policy. I will put some of my own here after i reach the threshold
  16. nogeezer

    nogeezer New Member

    I just read Leonardo's older post.

    No comments from the board members on the 17 year old. What the F.............??????
  17. john2253

    john2253 New Member

    @ lenonardo

    Be happy when you find a so great girl and never let she go!!
    It is not easy so find so a fine girl again!
    And she is not a prof.
    She is young, she is horny, she love you, and she look very lovely and sexy.
    What do you want more?
    If you have lose her, then you missing here really! Believe me!
    Don't make the same mistake like me.

    Best regards,

  18. john2253

    john2253 New Member

    Hi Phil-Fans!

    it was very interest for me, to following the point Phil vs Thai.
    I was living in Pattaya 2 years and I love Thai-People and of course the girls with the heart of gold and here yummy pussy's. This was my best 2 years in my life.
    I never was in my life on the Philippines, but I have a litle bit experience with Phil-Girl's that I meet in my home city in Munich.
    This was only 2 experince, but this was very bad.
    Only materialistic thinking and exorbitant. Both was coming to Munich to visit her sister.
    Ok, this was only two and maybe I hadn't good luck.

    Than I was full von Phil., and I planing to go back to Thailand.
    In a restaurant in Geneva (Switzerland) I meet a Phil-Girl again and as she tell me, she is a Filippina, I would stay up and go.
    Only for politeness I don't have do it.
    But I meet here again and now I stay with here 5 years together!
    That's life!
    She is a pretty girl, very good house-wife and the sex with here is also fine.

    But never I forget my Thailand!

    Please told me more about your experience Phil and Thai.

    Gruss John
  19. khunyae

    khunyae New Member

    Yep, I agree with all the positive comments here re. Filipinas.
    I live in Pattaya, and have seen the attitudes change over the years. I will remain in Pattaya just because I like having the infrastructure, and have a few regular girls. I go with new Thai girls very rarely these days, have had too many disappointments.
    I go to the Philippines every chance I get, and I have imported one Khmer girl and two Filipinas to Pattaya on different occasions for 1-2 month periods. Worked great, but sure confuses the Thai girls why I have girls from other countries stay with me.
  20. sirles

    sirles New Member

    Must admit that she is a stunner.
    I have yet to visit te Philippines but from all acounts it is cheaper, but a good deal more dangerous than Thailand. Apparently the chances of geeting robbed when you saunter back to your hotel in a half pissed state are quite high. Can anybody comment on this?

    By the way if tou like the ideas of a Filipno wet tee shirt competition but cannot afford the flight to Manilla, check out The Swagman range of DVDs. I have a few and I would have to admit a good percentage of those girls could easily appear on Fashon TV. Additionally one of the DVDs if filmed inside quite a few of the clubs. The girls look sensational. Printed on the front of their Gstring is 'Please Cum Again' Love it.
  21. deepseadivers

    deepseadivers New Member

    I would take PI anyday insted og thailand, my first trip to thailand was in 1981 and my first to PI was in 1986. 2day I only go thailand 4 my dentist and visiting my kids family. The only thing I dislike bout PI is there shity food

    Here a pic from Big Apple, Sabang beach, Puerto Galera.

    Her name is Apple and she teasted sweet like a apple

    dsdAttached Thumbnails

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