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  1. bdrh13

    bdrh13 New Member

    hi guys
    I plan a trip in phils and seek ur advices about bargirls and freelancers there. Mostly in cebu and other quiet places.
    Lt prices, anal, threesomes, any advices welcomed.
  3. Ulrich

    Ulrich New Member

    There is a wealth of information already available here. Have a read.
  4. older_admirer

    older_admirer New Member

    just do a little homework .this is one of the best sights around.and its free, james
  5. bdrh13

    bdrh13 New Member

    Sure.... Im sorry
    Its just about having fresh informations....
  6. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Which other quiet places are you talking about?
    Cebu offers quite a lot, but don't expect a big bar scene as in Angeles or Manila.

    Lt prices can be anything from 1000 PHP to 5000 PHP at the upscale Manila places. Usually 1500-2000 should be fine.

    Anal is not easy to say, it's a hit and miss. I was surprised that even in those ST bars in AC's Santos road most gals wouldn't do...

    Threesomes same as in LOS, best to find one girl which you fancy and then ask her to pick the 2nd girl.
  7. travelling_bob

    travelling_bob New Member

    ... Anal, ... As max says, not easy to find. If it is a must,
    Just ask either upfront, or ask the mamasan.

    Be prepared to not always have the stunner of the bar being the 'threeholer' :)

  8. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    Ok, where to start (as if we don't all know where I'm going to start)

    I've found anal here is no more difficult to come by here than in Thailand and shouldn't involve dropping your standards. It's mainly about your approach and then the rest is down to luck. Most girls here and anywhere else are going to be reluctant to agree to anal in the bar because then she's basically entered into an agreement that could potentially end in getting roughly fucked in the ass by a guy with a) a big cock b) no patience/understanding for how to initiate anal without causing pain or c) all of the above and if any of those things do occur she's left with two options:

    1) take a very painful anal fucking
    2) say "no more" after having agreed to it already in the bar and have an angry monger on her hands

    This isn't speculation either, as many people here will tell you it's a subject I'm very passionate about and I have personally spoken to many bar girls in various different cities and countries (and later gone on to fuck the asses of many of these said girls)

    The best approach in my opinion is to pick the girl you find most attractive (vaginal sex + a blowjob > anal sex with a troll) and not to ask upfront. Instead, in the throws of passion later(works best with her on top), start gently pressing a digit against her asshole until she relaxes and then proceed carefully from there. You might be thinking "what if I ask her in the bar anyway, and then if she says no I just try this method you've outlined for me here?"

    Why? Because once she's actually said the word "no" to you, you can basically forget about anal 9 times out of 10 because she's going to stick by her decision.

    As for Cebu, I've been living here for 6 months and as the guys above have mentioned the mongering situation here is pretty quiet. What it does have going for it however is the following: there is a bar on the "Mango strip" (Gen. Maxilom street) called "Sisters" where all of the girls are not only up for a threesome, that's basically what they're there for - no hassle, no nonsense. You'll want to get there early because the cuter ones go fast. There's quite a nice field report in this section somewhere covering another member's visit there.

    As for prices, again covered above. One thing you may not be used to however if you haven't been mongering here before (when I say here, I mean the whole of the Philippines) is that you pay the entire fee (bar fine included) upfront to the bar before taking the girl out. This means you have to be very clear that you know what you're paying for before any money changes hands. By this I mean have her agree that it's a short/long time, have her agree what time she will leave in the morning, have her agree that it's not a 'one-shot' deal (not unheard of here) and it doesn't hurt to buy a drink for the mamasan so you can a) ask if the girl is well behaved and b) let the girl know that you know and are happy to talk to her boss, should she pull any shenanigans.

    For now, that's all. Sorry for not responding sooner - if you want any finer details drop me a message and I'll be happy to help.
  9. confidential

    confidential New Member

    You are lucky that you have received some of the best advice from our Main Man in the field - Prevail in PI. If I might add, some intimate lubrication (READ- KY gel or baby oil) may also be useful.

    IMHO it is simply not fair to use her pussy juices or just to spit on your hand.

    Prevail forgot to tell you that on one occasion in LOS he started banging at the back door of one bargirl and she suddenly noticed. She said, " are you putting your finger in my arse?" ... he replied, "NO, it's my cock you stupid bitch!"

  10. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    Dammit, how could I have forgotten to mention lube?! Schoolboy error. It's always within arms reach in my room so I took that as a given.

    Worth noting also that baby oil is astonishingly effective at destroying latex condoms, so be careful with that one.
  11. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    I thought the original version was that she said: "Are you taking my temperature? Because if that thing doesn't have numbers on it when you pull it out I'm going to shove my shoe up your ass.

  12. kay

    kay New Member

    these really helps! gonna be my first trip to the Phillipines this coming September 2012
  13. Brian Hope

    Brian Hope New Member

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