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Discussion in 'Main Thailand forum.' started by ThaiMax, May 9, 2013.

  1. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    On my just finished visit to Pattaya I made it several times to Soi 6, what a surprise .

    One thing that I found out - and that is a bloody shame in my opinion - is, that in most of those bars the girls will refuse to suck you off right there in the bar.
    That used to be different, when in several bars you could get serviced basically everywhere within the bar.

    I have offered to pay the obligatory 300 Baht to the bar anyway ( for using their rooms ), but still they wouldn't do it.

    It's not that I want to get the BJ right in front of your eyes (too shy for that ), I do prefer a darker corner with a bit privacy,
    but I somewhat enjoy it right there in the bar .

    Also the girls make you very hot downstairs and are all over you and all engaged, but then some of them switch to all mechanical service as soon as you are upstairs.

    What do you think about it?
    What were your experiences lately?
    In which bars did you get serviced downstairs?

    On previous stays I got serviced downstairs in
    - Bee Bar (went inside this time only once to meet 2 fellow members in there on a drink, they might still do it)
    - Red Point bar ( wouldn't do it this time, even after offering to pay bar as if upstairs )
    - King Kong bar ( didn't visit this time )

    There were other bars offering it too, but I can't recall which ones, too much booze, too many girls
  3. Well, Travelling (or should that sometimes be 'Stumbling') Max..

    As you know, I have a theory.. it all depends on time of day/how long they have been open or how long until closing time; how much you have the girls turned on (I believe in turning the girl on as much as they do you during the initial flirtatious/business negotiations period.. I believe you get a more enthusiastic girl 7 out of 10 times); how much they have had to drink (this one is obvious!); exactly where you are in the Bar and if the girls are naturally naughty/risque or how 'scared' they are of the Boss man/lady (doing something which if caught, could get them a reprimand from the Bar).

    As some of our Members will back me up, I am not shy about getting a 'service' in the Bar - sometimes at the Bar! - but as you rightly mentioned, I am always forewarned that if I finish downstairs, I will have to pay Bar for ST, which I duly accept as standard procedure.

    Some, as you say, will straight out refuse and you must go upstairs, which as we discussed last week, I am not a big fan of upstairs/ST rooms, so I rarely do... Others will do it but I think it also depends on how well known you are in there and they know what you are like, your 'ways'.. as you saw, in SG the Mamassan straight away brought over 2-3 girls for my entertainment, whereas in BB I can pretty much get away with whatever in the Naughty Boys corner, as they know what I am like. As Undercover would say, the CCTV DVD should be on sale on Beach Rd soon!

    I think there are different rules in different Bars that can be bent or broken, but, as they say.. You dont get unless you ask and if you're shy (not you personally, in general) in Pattaya, then my Friend... You have no hope in Heaven (not Hell, thats in LK Metro , Soi 6 is Heaven! )!!
  4. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    I think the service from the Soi 6 girls has gone way down hill lately, this saddens me no end.
  5. confidential

    confidential New Member


    Shame on you for being so shy! If only you had told me then I would have steered you in the direction of c-Lick Bar or My Friend You, which are only a few doors down from Saigon G-!

    First of all, I must congratulate you on your performance (value-for-money in true German style) ST upstairs in Saigon but remind you that you still owe me 1 baht because you came teetering downstairs after only 58 minutes! The bet was that you would not last 1 hour.

    I still reckon that you either got lost in a curtain on the way down or were merely stalling for time!

    Had you not consumed that extra shandy (to steady your nerves?) in the Beergarden/corner Walking St. earlier, I am confident that you would have cumm down a lot sooner. She was a stunner for sure. You may not have noticed but she had to rush outside straight away and join her friends for their obligatory debriefing over bugs and somtam.

    I did also hear her saying to the Mamasang, "I'm not sure which cigar he wanted me to smoke - the long brown Havana or the short pink one"!

    Well done anyway for maintaining Thai-German relations down soi 6. sukhuman has been doing his best in your absence over the past few months.

    Next time I will take you across town to a secret venue where you WON'T EVEN BE ALLOWED upstairs until you have cumm in her mouth. These LBFMs' all wear NO PANTIES, LURVE to have titty-tequilas (copyright undercover 2002) slurped off their bare nipples and NEVER spill a drop of ANYTHING that passes their lips.

    I wonder if anyone else knows about "The Telephone Box" in soi Batman?

  6. sukhuman

    sukhuman Member

    hmmm..MR. LV2T and my humble self had a blast two weeks ago I really can't's well true that the density of decent girls is extremely only 1 out of 100 is shaggable...but it has always been like that

    I also have to affirm that LV2T shows no mercy and used to bang the whole lot of them right down in the keep talking to him one minute...the next minute he got one gal bumping up and down on his lap, another one sucking on his balls and one more sitting on his face, while his hands grab hold of the remaining boobs in the bar...
  7. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    That is a fair description of the common recreational sport activity that takes place on Soi 6 daily, but it's all fun and games till someone loses a gonad.
  8. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Well said. I have no doubt it pays off if you start the "relation" well with the girl and still no one of us will be spared out to experience disappointing performances, that just happens.

    I've visited a fair number of Soi6 bars this time including several where I'm pretty sure that I had BJ downstairs before, maybe just bad some others I didn't try 'cause the potential providers didn't match my standards. Others were light brightly with no naughty corner and a minimum of privacy I do appreciate :)

    Looking forward to the DVD
  9. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Under, I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that I checked into both, Lick Bar or My Friend You bar. In My Friend You bar I was for sure since I remembered reading in others posts that one can get a downstairs service there ....well all in all I don't want to complain anyways, I had a blast.

    You shouldn't bet on quick shootings by Max, except he has just arrived from Europe . At the end of a holiday in LOS things have settled, especially after some afternoon booze.
    That girl's face is absolutely stunning, that's true. Her performance was so so though. I think I told you on that day ( after you had asked me ) that I wouldn't pick her again. That other girl from SG with who I went upstairs several times was not as stunning ( not sure if you ever saw her, LV2T did ), but a great performer. Great fun to be with, great licking, admirable endurance, a big hand for her .

    And now you got me so bloody curious about "The Telephone Box" in soi Batman. What a shame it won't be before end October 'till I'm back (7 month to wait ).
    But according to your description that place sounds interesting. Quite interesting actually . So to say: I can't fucking wait to go there

    I had great times there. Yopu'll have to go shopping around a bit, but that was always that way.
    Soi6 is still great in my opinion .
  10. confidential

    confidential New Member

    Max and Dipdip...

    sukhuman's statistics are accurate. But since the 100 available girls would only get you half way down the street, everyone is happy. Stop being too fussy!

    Just how many times do you want to shoot your load before 2pm anyway?

    Some of the LBFMs' in Saigin G- are still recovering from LV2T's disappearing ice-cube tricks up their pussies but one told me the other day that she has now found the ring that LV2T lost 2 weeks ago.

    She hocked it for 500 baht. "Wasn't Thai gold".


  11. daedalus2000

    daedalus2000 New Member

    That sounds interesting.
    I was just wondering if it was some kind of VIP treatment or expensive one.

    Is it the usual girl's behavior there or did you get lucky when you get there?

    I hope I can find time to visit that nice place on my next trip in Nov-Dec. Hope it will be still open.
  12. BenPattaya

    BenPattaya Guest

    12/10/14 Update. This is my very first trip to Pattaya, and I've only been here 3 days, but looking for that unique 'little place' while googling all things Pattaya paid off. I spoke with a motorcycle taxi driver, and told him "Soi Batman-- Telephone Bar." After conferring with a few friends of his, he told me he knew where it was, and I am thankful he got me there! Riding on the backs of these bikes is crazy-- but once we got to the Soi, I just kept a lookout for the telltale red telephone booth.

    I had to ring a bunch of times, but eventually, they let me in....
    Once inside, they all rise to greet you and it's a flattering thing. A slightly chubby girl came straight to me, but honestly, she put me off since she was pushy. I ordered a Heineken and asked the girl next to the 1st pushy one to come over and join me....

    If you're an exhibitionist or a voyeur, then this IS your place. Superb to watch blokes getting their knobs shined-- and there was a chap sitting on a sofa in the second small room who was getting his brains fucked out. Somehow, no one seems to mind-- and although I asked politely if we could watch, the guy was a bit too "hazed" to be able to answer coherently.

    I bought my girl a few drinks, and had a few myself.
    The cost: 1,000 baht for the girl herself, The bar bill: about 800 baht.

    VERY good time. I'll be back!

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