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    Hello Everyone.
    This really is not a particularly interesting tale but perhaps shows what can sometimes happen when your a bit of a newbie.
    It was on my second expedition to Pattaya when I probably took the place somewhat more seriously than I do now, not really sure whether that is good or bad.
    Anyway, I had arrived in Pattaya and was staying at The Noppakao Hotel which is next to the station that runs A/C buses to Bangkok. Incidentally, this is/was a good value, decent hotel. Unfortunately it's not in Pattaya proper. By that I mean near the beach and all the bars.
    I arrived at the hotel mid-late afternoon and was waiting to meet a LON there (a freelancer actually) who I had met on my first trip to Pattaya some months earlier. I had given her the details of when I would be arriving, but she happened not to be there when I got to the hotel. No drama, I needed to freshen up a bit anyway and then I watched a fair bit of a football match on TV that was of reasonable interest to me. So I was in my room for some time. I think I did at one stage ask reception if there had been anybody inquiring as to my presence etc. but to no avail.
    I eventually decided to go to Pattaya proper. I don't particularly remember giving up on her or anything. As concerns that I don't really remember anything at all. I jumped in or on something and went to Pattaya.
    Once near Second Road I walked in the general vicinity of Walking Street and eventually decided to quench my tropical thirst in a beer bar in Walking Street. Got talking to this chick and I guess I thought she was cute because I bar fined her. Must admit, I can't remember what she looked like. Though I can't remember, perhaps I somehow subconsciously thought that if the bird that I had arranged to meet me at the hotel had turned up and found I wasn't there and that I hadn't been there for some time (over an hour), that I thought she would go away, as I hadn't given any indication at all to reception when I would be back.
    Anyway, this bird and I jumped in the back of a baht bus and headed for the hotel. As we approached the entrance to the hotel the chick I had arranged to meet and a girlfriend of hers who I had met before were sitting on a wall by the entrance! The old saying "if looks could kill I would be dead" applies!
    In the space of about 10 seconds what seemed like a million thoughts went through my mind. At this stage the bird in the taxi with me wouldn't have picked up on anything odd I don't think. By the time I had paid the driver I thought the chick on the fence would want nothing to do with me what with loss of face etc. so I decided to run back to her and give her some money for her trouble! Can't remember what I just quickly stuffed into her hand, probably 300, 400 or 500 baht. Nothing more and probably some really pathetic comments, I don't remember.
    I then went to my room with the bird from the bar. Hadn't been in there very long at all when the other chick rings from reception virtually saying that it doesn't matter. What she probably was really thinking was if this prick is going to fuck me around like this I may as well get some bucks out of him!
    I then panicked and did a really wasteful thing! I gave the chick I was in the room with 1000 baht and very politely her marching orders! As I had already paid her bar fine there was absolutely no need to do this at all I think now, but at the time I wasn't thinking straight at all! She probably thought all her birthdays had come at once! No boom, boom and smoke to do and 1000 baht in her purse. Probably a good laugh to boot!
    Anyway, I spent a day or so in Pattaya and a few more in Bangkok with the original bird before the whole thing petered out!
    Why is anyone not surprised?
    In retrospect, what I really should have done is played a bit of 3 on 1 with them all in the hotel room !!!!!
    Ah well, you live and learn!
    A bit of a long winded story I know, but ...................

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