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    gr8 collection
    keep posting
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    any information?
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    Any info on this girl ??
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    Just discovered this topic and can't believe how many photos posted from page 27onwards are mine that I'd posted in other forums, primarily the German forum 'Thailand Asienforum' . Porter, you're a con man. The following are mine:

    539 - Taken in Sexy Senhoritas Bar, Ban Chang c5 years ago. My Welsh mate is on the far side of her.
    540 (SAMPTT) - 2006 Beach Road girl taken in Diamond City Place
    541 - Taken in my room in Diana Estate in 2009/10
    542 - Taken in Chiang Mai in March 2006
    543, 544, 546, 547, 548 - All photos I took in Hot Tuna 3 Bar on Walking Street at least 6 years ago.
    552, 556 - Taken in Ban Chiang shortly before Songkran 5 or 6 years ago.
    562 - Good Time Bar, Soi 3 about 7/8 years ago. The one at the back is a ladyboy.
    565 - Yui, a pleasant girl, taken by me in Aqua Daymie on the Darkside 4 or 5 years back.
    566 - Same era as 565 and taken in the Camel Bar Van Chang.
    574 - Tikki dancing in Dick Inn, Soi Diana, 3 or 4 years back,. She was just having a night off.
    576/7 - Another Ban Chang girl from 5 years or so ago - Noot Bar I think.
    579, 586 - Girls from One Bar, Soi Made in Thailand, about 2 years ago.
    580, 581 - Taken while playing pool in Sexy Senhoritas Bar, Ban Chang, about 4 years ago.
    587 - Caddies at Khao Keow in March 2006.
    590 - University service girls at Lanna Golf Course in Chiang Mai in March 2006.

    It makes me wonder whether any of Porter's pics were actually taken by him rather than pinched from other sites. Ditto, SAMPTT re 540 above.
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    What a stunner!
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    Any contact details !

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    Line Id ?

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