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Discussion in 'Cambodia Nightlife' started by Calvin, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Calvin

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    everyone talks about sex and prostitutes in Cambodia, anyone can please share about the night life in cambodia? any fun there?
  3. Alexander

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    Cambodian nightlife is a lot more locally orientated than in Thailand although foreigners are amply catered for in the country's many bars, restaurants and clubs. Go Go bars are a no-go in Cambodia and most hostesses are fully dressed but that's not to say that naughty stuff doesn't happen; it does and with girls from Vietnam drawn to the nightlife scene the effect is multi-tiered.
  4. Alexander

    Alexander New Member

    In Phnom Penh at late night, the clubs are the place to be. In the couple of blocks between Streets 154 and 174, Street 51 near the Heart is lined with a varied collection bars, busy into the early morn - Walkabout, Zeppelin, and Howies are but a few of the Street 51 places. The street is busiest after midnight with some bars open past 4AM. Street 51 is also a good place to place to get a midnight snack. The Walkabout is open 24/7, Zeppelin Café serves food until at least 4AM and there are a couple of late night restaurants in the Golden Sorya Mall opposite the Heart.
  5. joffer

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    of coause we only talk about fucking in Cambodia.....what else good can you do must be a fag if you don't fuck there

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