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Discussion in 'Philippines Nightlife. Manila, Angeles City ...' started by Fordtech, May 15, 2013.

  1. Fordtech

    Fordtech New Member

    Every once in a while you find a nice pickup on Yahoo. I did yesterday and spent a few hours with this 21yo ex dollhouse girl. Great attitude and great in the sack. Enjoy the pics guys.Attached Thumbnails
  3. Ulrich

    Ulrich New Member

    A +1 for you! Great pics. Those tits look like they are still half full of milk!
  4. Fordtech

    Fordtech New Member

    No milk, No MILF
  5. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    Good effort!
  6. bergrobgeil

    bergrobgeil New Member

    Nice to see you kept the pics all in chronological order.

    +1 from me. Thanks!
  7. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Love the pics. A plus from me too. How dd you meet her on Yahoo?

  8. Fordtech

    Fordtech New Member

    She was on DIA and I have my YM on my profile so she sent me a IM.
  9. older_admirer

    older_admirer New Member

    how old. james hat yai
  10. alpaca

    alpaca New Member

    It says at the top of the page 21 years old
  11. bergrobgeil

    bergrobgeil New Member

    In the absence of a question mark as punctuation, this may have just been a general comment on the OP's online pick-up technique.

    I mean.... and Yahoo Messenger??? That is just sooo "last year"!
  12. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    Don't knock the DIA/YM combo, I've literally lost track of how many girls I've nailed through the use of just the two of those!
  13. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    Also, way off topic but is that hotel the Australian-owned one on that street around the back of the Orchid?

    Shower looks familiar, haha.
  14. Fordtech

    Fordtech New Member

    Ok, DIA is Date In Asia, its a free website with thousands of girls looking for love and fun.

    Had to go back for seconds, wow what a find. Even for a old guy like me popped off 2 rounds.Attached Thumbnails
  15. Fordtech

    Fordtech New Member

    This is my first Video I have ever shot so be kind guys. I will try harder next time.
  16. Fordtech

    Fordtech New Member

    Sorry guys forgot the 4
  17. bergrobgeil

    bergrobgeil New Member

    @Fordtech Excellent stuff! Definitely worthy of (another) +1 from me.
    Consider yourself lucky because I nearly gave you a -1 for that boring hotel review you linked previously - and that oxymoron you use as an ID on this forum.

    @prevail - I agree entirely, but I don't think you picked up my sarcasm....
  18. DougMonger

    DougMonger New Member

    Dang... Wish I could see the photos! I'm trying to research an A/C trip in April. Gathering loads of info. Researched Pattaya for months before I first went and made all the difference in the world while there. Doing the same for A/C!! Just I can't see the pictures! Then again, I am a new member, so maybe the Mods have to validate my account first? Who knows. Anyway, thanks a LOT guys, for the info I'm finding here! AWESOME!

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