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Discussion in 'Main Thailand forum.' started by Tbone987, Aug 8, 2014.

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    Hey guys.
    I'm new to the site, 35 single.
    Looking to hit Pattaya for 2 weeks in November for lots of fun.
    Never been. Looking to spend maybe £2000 total, including flights, board and spending money.

    I haven't been on a long flight like this ever. Worried about long flights with no leg room as I'm 6'3!
    Also not sure where to stay. Seen lots of reviews about girl friendly hotels etc but still not sure where to stay. I want to feel comfortable maybe with a little luxury but without it feeling awkward walking a different girl in every night!

    I need some advice!!

  3. Tricky disco

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    What are you wanting to do?
  4. Dunky

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    Went there myself back in June '14 while on my first 2 weeks holiday to Thailand, stayed in Pattaya for a week. It was brilliant. I visited BKK for 2 days - too expensive, Hua Hin for 5 days - met a friend there and was a nice little town away from the action. Got around by mini-van as it was a lot cheaper than going by taxi (when you arrive at the airport, head to the front of the airport and look for the taxi stall - cheapest way to get to BKK/Pattaya as you will get approached by private car/limo touts).

    When in Pattaya, I stayed at Haven Hotel (which was no good) then Ma Maison, which was bloody superb. The food was a little pricey, but everything else was excellent. Swimming pool, girl-friendly (she has to leave her id card with security/reception - make sure you double check she has her ID card on her before you make any agreement with her), restaurant, electronic security box in room, tv, shower etc, all good. Ma Maison is on Soi 13 off Beach Road, close to everything (Walking Street, beach, shopping malls etc). There are other hotels around Soi 13 that are ok, don't book anything until you get to Pattaya and check out the hotels first. I usually book one night at a time, until I discovered Ma Maison.

    Only got £2000 to spend? Flights and hotels will set you back at least £1000 (depending if you fly direct or not - I did with Eva Air both ways), and once you're in Thailand, it's all very cheap. Considering you'll be there for 2 weeks, I think £1000 is do-able, though I would prefer to take more in case I run out of cash. Make sure you bring two bank cards with you, and keep them separate. I'm not saying you will get robbed/drugged or anything, it is always best to play it safe and make sure you got something to fall back on. You will also need to carry your passport at all times, and get a passport photocopy done. You'll also need travel insurance and it's a good idea to get some jabs done - check with your doctor.

    There are thousands of girls to choose from, so shop around and try get the best deal possible. I found the offer of good tip if she gives me good time, usually does the trick. I even ended up with one stunning thai girl who wanted to be with me for free for 4 days. I asked her why, she said it was because I was nice to her and treated her well, so you may bag yourself a holiday romance if you treat her well. Evenings are best times to go on the prowl, especially after 12am, though you can start as early as lunch time if you wanted to.

    There's plenty to do in Pattaya, the hotel won't give a shit what you get up to, as long you are quiet and you respect their rules. If you want a different girl each night, make sure she's from a different bar, or she could lose a lot of face otherwise. There's a street (or two) where it's full of ladyboys (close to Walking Street), and there are a few who could easily be mistaken for a girl.

    Always negotiate a price and make sure all minor details are covered before you make a deal, and always remember YOU are in charge, not her. There are a few girls who will try to earn as much as possible for as little as possible, this is where it's easier to go for girls from bars/beer gardens, so you can report her later if she misbehaves.

    Make sure you rubber up and don't drink too much, and most importantly of all - ENJOY YOURSELF!

    Feel free to ask me questions if you want, and let me know who you get on.
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    How much did you tip the girls and how does the bar fine system work

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