Nai Yang Beach ... Girls?

Discussion in 'Phuket' started by thommysmith, May 9, 2013.

  1. thommysmith

    thommysmith New Member

    Any girl stuff going on in NaiYang ... Staying there the weekend and would save me long drive to Patong
  3. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    If you make all the lights and there is no traffic you could be in Patong getting fucked within 30 minutes. Stay in Nai Yang and you will have a fucking boring weekend.

  4. Nasal_Nose

    Nasal_Nose New Member

    A good place to write a book, as the planes fly over!

    Moped full throttle in Patong, its a blast.
  5. sirles

    sirles New Member

    I love the way that you tell it like it is guy!
  6. thommysmith

    thommysmith New Member

    Just had the weekend in Nai Yang ... Fitst night picked a girl from one of the small bars ... took her back to my place and did it a few times that night ... All except anal ... 24 yrs and ok body ... Nice
    Second night went to a massage shop, named Private ... Quite a telling name ... Straight into the room and she was on her knees sucking ... 26 yrs, dark skin, great face ... Open to all enjoyable things ... Good!!

    First night (all night, multiple pops) THB 1400
    Second night (ST, one pop (incl A level) THB 1000 plus THB 700 for massage and room
  7. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    So they provide you with the best Thai good at Nai Yang Beach too, glad to hear that.
    With what else could they lure us if they wouldn't have that wonderful Thai pussy?

    And since you had only a weekend to stay it's probably helpful that it's only a 5 minute drive from the airport,
    that's at least what it looks like on google maps.
  8. mick2

    mick2 New Member

    There is "girl stuff" to be found almost anywhere around Phuket (or any part of Thailand for that matter). it may not be as in your face as in Patong, and may be in a slightly different guise, but it is there. At Nai Yang there are several low key bars, some with takeaway company available, some just for a drink with old friends or new. Massage places have ways, subtle or otherwise of letting on what services can be expected.

    Nai Yang is a pleasant spot to chill away from the rat race. Gals to be had if you care to go looking, but probably more a BYO sort of a place.
  9. Cheffie

    Cheffie Guest

    Try Pu massage. I have always been taken VERY good care of over there. They have many beautiful girls!
  10. Matt51

    Matt51 Guest

    Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if you could give more details about where you picked these girls up from and where to get a special massage ;)



  11. timmmi

    timmmi New Member

    Hi Matt, did you went to naiyang this year ?
    How is it in 2015 ?
    I will be there next week

    Thanks Tim

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