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    Just came from my holidays in London. Great city but not that good destination for punters. So in the beginning went to Soho area which is famous for the night life. There were some brothels but you had to search for a little. Wherever it says models it is a brothel. Was not so happy because the girls where cold. Maybe was not my lucky day. My second choice was to go through an Aurora Escorts</a><a href="">London escorts. I chose Nicki. Tall with huge silicone breast and very naughty looking like a pornstar. The price for the hour £200 and if you want anything extra like anal you will have to pay more. I opted for regular services. Her flat was in an upscale area of London called Knightsbridge next to the Harrods store. Money sorted and down to the business we went. We started kissing and my hand slowly slipped inside her pussy. 2 fingers please she asked. That is a good sign I said to myself. She took my shaft in to her mouth while I continue to finger her. Do you want more I asked? No, no she said without realising that a third one was already inside her. Go on four told her and fucked her well slapping her softly on her face and not that softly on her ass. Change of positions and more fuck. My balls where ready to explode and finished while her legs where in me chest… Nice time

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