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  1. fonlovely

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    3ca3a1d4c7ed1538eb27164d95080e16-big.jpg Hi, my name is Fon. am was studying at the. university, hotel and tourism. I like travrlling. I like excUrsion travel Etc. Want find friend or love.
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    As a member of svearel Pattaya related forums I can say that I am pleased with the way Pattaya Addicts has managed to stick to their stated goals of being an informative, fun forum free of flaming and abuse, something that is not always the case with other Pattaya forums.Although Pattaya Addicts has been in existence for a little over one month they have managed to grow to over 600 members already and have attained over 7000 posts. This is very good for a new forum in a market that is heavily saturated already.At this point the staff of has spent a considerable amount of time to ensure that they are building a comprehensive database of information about Thailand and in Pattaya in particular. They have information on all of the Thai Provinces as well as many of the cities in those provinces. They keep up to date coverage of news that is of immediate concern to travellers and expats. They also have a lot of cultural and tourist information available on the site and are rapidly expanding the level of that information.As they gain more members, and thus more sources of information, I anticipate that they may become one of the best sources of up to date and reliable information in the region. I wish them continued success.
  4. fonlovely

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    And what ? :))
  5. LoverIngo

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    Hello from Germany
  6. yoko miko

    yoko miko New Member

    are you going to thai?
  7. aklein88

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    Hello from Alex , Sweden. Can we meet in bkk or pattaya?
  8. aklein88

    aklein88 New Member

    am alex from Sweden. Will you be available for me in 3 weeks in bkk or pattaya?

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