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    Myanmar introduces visa-on-arrival to facilitate foreigners' entry

    saw this little piece on FB and have always fancied a side trip looks like things are getting a little easier to enter the country now anyone been or have any info as looks like a trip will be on the cards soon.

    YANGON, June 1 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar authorities started issuing visa-on-arrival Friday at the Yangon International Airport, aimed at facilitating foreign businessmen and tourists to enter the country smoothly for investment and tourism purposes.

    The visa-on-arrival is being issued in three categories to those visiting Myanmar on business, transit and as a tourist from 25 countries and one region, namely nine other ASEAN member countries, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Britain and the United States as well as Taiwan region.

    Business visa will be allowed for 70 days by paying 50 U.S. dollars, while tourist visa for 28 days with 40 U.S. dollars and transit visa for 24 hours with 20 U.S. dollars.

    Visa-on-arrival was once halted in September 2010 ahead of then Myanmar's general election in November of the year.

    According to official statistics, Myanmar attracted 8.464 billion U.S. dollars' foreign investment in 2011.

    Total foreign investment in Myanmar hit 40.429 billion U.S. dollars in 458 projects as of January 2012 since the country opened to such investment in late 1988.

    Meanwhile, a bill on the amendment of the over-two-decade-long foreign investment law is to be touched upon in the next parliament session due in June-July in the process of Myanmar's economic reform.

    As for Myanmar's tourism industry, the government is also encouraging foreign investment in the sector.

    According to figures, the number of tourists arrival at Myanmar 's Yangon International Airport alone reached 359,359 in 2011 which is expected to reach 1.5 million in 2012.

    Statistics also show that such arrival at all entry points totaled over 800,000 in 2011, up more than 24,000 or 3 percent from over 790,000 in 2010.

    The figures for the first two months of 2012 represented 98,486 who came mainly from North America, West Europe, East Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, according to the Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board.

    There is a total of 739 hotels in Myanmar including 22 foreign invested hotels, four joint-venture hotels, six government hotels and 707 private-owned ones.

    Myanmar earned 319 million U.S. dollars in 2011 from hotel and tourism sector, up 26 percent from 254 million U.S. dollars in 2010.

    Meanwhile, Myanmar will rejoin the World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO) soon in a bid to promote the development of tourism sector.

    The Myanmar Tourism Federation is raising fund to develop the sector at home and abroad, establishing training centers, preserving tourist sites, exploring new ones and participating in international travel shows.

    By inducing more foreign investment in the hotels and tourism sector, it is expected that more job opportunities for the local people will be created.

    The government is also expected to launch more than 50 hotels across the country over the next two years.

    Editor: Yang Lina
  3. Onomehto

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    Quite fancied a side trip that way myself, only thing that stopped me last trip was all the decent hotels were booked the weekend I wanted to go.
  4. krimsonwow

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    That suu kyi would have been a right bunk up in her day.
  5. Alejandro

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    Burmas is the new flavour of the month apparently with western tourists and certainly plenty to see. Only problem is they have so few hotels as yet I've heard many are now charging around 200 a night for very ordinary accomadation?
    What about girl friendly hotels ?
  6. Onomehto

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    When I was looking the prices were all the same whether you stopped somewhere flash or somewhere that looked like a dump, I figured maybe it was set prices under the Generals?
  7. Pak2f

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    Thanks Phil, seems like good news.

    Myanmar is getting a fair bit of attention on Thai TV news channels.

    Suu Kyi was in Bangkok for 4 or 5 days.
  8. Alejandro

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    Gonzo, not sure myself but just remember seeing an article recently saying how popular Burma had suddenly become and their hotel industry just could'nt cope. The result being you would often have to pay the same sort of money for a regular hotel there that you could get the Oriental in Bangkok for?
  9. jame9247

    jame9247 New Member

    cheers lads hadn,t thought about hotels and shit like that yet is the borders with thailand still dodgy with all the yabba smugglers ect, might fly to capital rather than an overland border crossing,
  10. Pak2f

    Pak2f Member

    It seems everyone is wanting a slice of the (new) cake.

    The Thai Foreign Minister was in the US urging them to further lift trade restrictions.

    China and India likely to be the big players, the former probably ignored previous restrictions.

    Although they are convenient and handy, hope it doesn`t turn in to a copy cat Thailand with a 7/11 on every street corner :

    "Myanmar will introduce 7-Eleven convenience stores to the country this year, the country's Eleven Media Group reported recently.

    Japan is working with Zaygabar Company to open the international chain of convenience stores in Myanmar, the group quoted informed sources in the company as saying.

    "They already met in Thailand to discuss the matter. Zaygabar Company representing for Myanmar will open 7-Eleven stores in all parts of Myanmar. The company is trying its best to establish the stores within this year," the sources said."

    Progress maybe but I hope it doesn`t stifle local business which would likely benefit the country more.
  11. Pak2f

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    Hi Simie

    Certainly seems that way.

    I read an old( couple of years back) review on a Rangoon hotel, price paid said to be US$ 60.
    Seemed OK, went to check a couple of dates next year, prices now start at US $ 170.

    Big demand, low supply.
  12. Gottsy

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    Myanmar is a dump. The airport looks like something out of communist russia and security is a joke. 3 Star hotels are nothing more than guest houses, the bars and discos are ripoff joints and the prices some of the girls ask is a total joke. Their hygiene also leaves a lot to be desired and I was there in october 2016. By the way, dont eat the food or drink the water
  13. Catherine

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    Thanks for the list.

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