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    Airport - Hotel - Restaurant - Transport

    Info that will help you secure sex with young hookers , escorts , prostitutes and regular women , but not ladyboys (trannies : )

    GUIDE only :

    Use the information below as a guide only.
    It will be helpful in getting you started.
    I personally visit Philippines as much as possible , and then update the info below. Otherwise updates are based on proven reliable sources.

    Airport Manila :

    Important : There are three terminals (T) at Manila : T.1. Ninoy Aquino , T.2. Phil Airlines (PAL) , and T.3. Domestic Terminal. Which also caters for international flights for companies like budget airline Cebu Pacific Air.
    Back home , before departure , check your flight schedule printed out by your travel agent , whoever , and confirm which terminal you are arriving at. Most will arrive at T.1. Ninoy Aquino. Philippines Airlines (PAL) have a designer terminal of their own for departures and arrivals , its Terminal .2. Any other international flights eg Cebu Pacific ones , will arrive at Terminal.3 , which is also the terminal for all domestic flights , all companies , except PAL (Terminal.2.)
    Suggest you read Terminal 1 info , some info there that applies to Terminal 2 and 3 too.
    Terminal .1. ......
    In brief , catch Yellow Taxis (details below).
    Generally all flights except PAL and Cebu Pacific Air arrive and depart at Terminal.1. Departures , is above Arrivals , and Reception (Meeting Place) , below Arrivals level. On exiting plane you follow the leader to the Immigration booths (Arrivals level). Much smaller show than say at Bangkok Airport (SUV) , cause lot less tourists visit Phils. Still a lot , must run into the millions methinks (tourists). Then onto carousel , looking at signs above carousels for your flight number. I always stand near where the bags are coming onto the belt = quicker. Pass through 'Nothing to Declare' if you have nothing to declare (me all the time). Do not bring porno , drugs (death penalty) or significant quantities of valuables eg watches , jewellery whatever. Big hassle and big delay at airport if you do.
    Now , you will need Pesos currency when you exit the airport , so most discreet way of changing your money is to change it at Money Changer on carousel side , just before you exit baggage collection area. Look to your right , you'll see em. Philippine National Bank is the bank of Phils , might as well change there. Its not uncommon in Phils to hear "Sorry I have not got change". So stock up on change , eg P10 x 5 ; P20 x 10 ; P50 x 10 ; P100 x 20 ; P500 x 20 ; P1000 the balance. They are the denominations I would get , and I have many years of dealing with 'no change' in Phils. Although must admit its not as bad as it used to be : )
    Don't forget you will need Pesos for your departure tax when you leave the country. P750 all up (can increase , check that out whilst at airport) , cash or credit card. Not included in your air ticket , when dealing with Philippines.
    Secrete money away , not all in the one spot , pass through the door to arrivals in general. Dept of Tourism employing honeys are located in this hall , turn left and they are on your right. Time to ask any general tourist questions , eg where is Yellow Cabs and confirm estimated cost including flag fall (meter starting price) to your destination. They have an idea how much it should cost = you will know if you have been ripped off or not , unlikely , but nice to be in control. I think it was P250 all up , including flag fall , to Amazonia accommodation in M.H.Del Pilar. In my case yellow cabs were through a door , to extreme left (as I exited baggage hall).
    Taxis :
    I strongly recommend Yellow Cabs for a hassle free entry to Philippines and Manila. Taxis in manila have a topsy turvy reputation. Sometimes you can have a bad run when they refuse to use meter and want to charge you an exhorbitant amount to your destination. Other times they use the meter but its 'hot' , running fast = 50/100% more than it should be. Could be even 'hotter' than that in some cases : ) Hence you do NOT catch a regular taxi outside any Airport in Manila (Terminals 1 , 2 or 3).
    Must admit I had a basically hassle free time with taxis last trip to Manila. But then I look like I know where I am going and what I am doing. After many years of going to and fro Phils , I should know something by now : )
    Go to Yellow Cabs little desk on footpath outside terminal and get taxi ticket. Make sure you get your copy of the ticket , keep it do not surrender to driver , tell him its your copy (for reporting to authorities if any hassles). You do not get a ticket with regular taxis , by the way. Your on your own with them , and God speed you : ) When Yellow Taxi driver takes off make sure meter is showing P70 flag fall (can go up over time) , and not the total fare of previous passenger (unlikely).
    See accommodation section for recommended destinations (accommodation). If driver says he does not know hotel of your destination , chances are he is trying to con you. This is highly unlikey with Yellow Cabs , hence use them. Better educated , mannered , honest drivers (Yellow Cabs). My experience anyway. To recommended Ermita area it will be about P250 to P300 all up including initial flag fall. Traffic jams could take it to the P300 plus level. My fare to Ermita was P250 in heavy traffic (8pm). On my very last trip to Manila it was P330 (Yellow Cab).
    Alternative to Yellow Cabs are the "ticket taxi's" , better vehicle but double or more the Yellow Cabs (YC) price. Yellow cabs are in good condition. It's a waste doing biz with 'ticket taxis'. Ask at Dept of Tourism (DOT) where these P500/600 (Ermita) vehicles are. Last time they were outside and immediately behind DOT desk. No meter , set price. Before Yellow Cabs came on the scene , they were the ones. Not any more , YC's have undercut them with price and the service almost identical. YC's it is.
    Whatever you do , ignore anyone saying "taxi sir" , and never ever hop in a regular taxi. Its Yellow Cabs or taxi ticket vehicles , no others. Ignore this advice at your peril.
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    Terminal .2. ...... Only Philippine Airlines (PAL) flights , arrive and leave Terminal.2. Both International and Domestic , separated by an adjoining walk way outside the exit door. On exiting the plane , follow the leader to the Immigration Counter , however , if you have a connecting domestic PAL flight look hard to your right before the Immi Counter and you will see a Connecting Flight counter , which you must call in to , if connecting to another Phil city on arrival in Phils , eg Cebu , wherever.
    Connecting Flight : After confirming your arrival and from memory getting a seat allocation , plus boarding pass , you join the Immigration queues. If catching a connecting flight , pass the conveyor belts and enquire with uniformed customs officials just beyond last conveyor belt. They will soon have or have your bags there , will ask if you have anything to declare etc, then make sure your bags are put on your flight. You do not take them with you to the Domestic departures , adjoining International Arrivals. Thats what happened every time I arrived at PAL with a connecting flight to Cebu. Double check at Transit Desk what the procedure is nowadays , Phils like to change their procedures often. Maybe your bags go straight on to domestic flight and you have to deal with Customs at your city of destination ? Check it out.
    Out exit doors you go and ask Security at door "Wheres Domestic" , its to your left and upstairs/elevator. Adjoins International. You'll have to go through bag checks again and pay domestic departure tax , then to Departure Hall where you check which door you exit to board your plane.
    No Connecting Flight : If disembarking in Manila , you can dispense with transit desk , pass through immigration , collect your bags on the nearby belt , pass through customs and the exit door. On exiting ask Security where the Yellow Cabs are (see above Yellow Cab info in Terminal .1. info).
    Terminal .3. ......
    In brief : Catch a Yellow taxi to your destination.
    If you arrive at Terminal .3. which is an International Airport for the likes of Cebu Pacific Air (and maybe other budget airlines) and also a Domestic Airport for all airlines , except for PAL who have their own domestic terminal (see terminal .2.above). You'll find this relatively new airport quite spacious and functioning well. Same as other two terminals , collect your baggage off carousel , pass through customs , and when exiting turn right and walk some distance say 150mtrs to Yellow Cabs. Before Yellow Cabs are the taxi ticket people , more expensive that Yellow Cabs (say P300 more) and unnecessary in my opinion. On my last trip , there were too many passengers say 50/70 waiting in Yellow Cab queue and no expensive 'taxi ticket' vehicles available. Say 30/40 passengers for taxi ticket cabs and only one available. So I hopped in a bus at front of airport , near yellow cabs point , heading Ermita way for P20 and was let off at Heritage Hotel , the closest they could get to my destination (Ermita). Danger : If on exiting T3 you turn left (instead of right) and walk maybe 300mtrs you will come across regular taxis and free agent taxis. Drivers of these taxis have been known to rob passengers at the point of a gun.
    Bit of a nightmare getting a taxi there (Heritage) , I tell you. It was peak hour traffic everyone fighting for a taxi. From Heritage , had to pay P200 for a P100 trip to my accommodation in Ermita , after having waited a good 30 mins at Heritage , I might add. If your arriving at peak hour , say 4/5pm onwards at any of the airports , you might have a struggle to get a taxi. Patience pays.
    Returning to Airports :
    In brief : Catch regular taxis to Airport/s.
    No need for Yellow Cab or taxi ticket vehicles. Mentality quite different going 'to' the airports. Any attempts at rip off will normally be made coming from the Airports , hence Yellow Cabs or taxi ticket vehicles (from airport) , to avoid potential hassles. If going to airport/s and if me , I would say to driver "No meter P250" and he should accept. Trip is around P200. Extra P50 is a tip. Saves haggling. I want to leave Phils with a smile on my face : )
    Make sure he understands clearly which Terminal you need , otherwise he might say "Terminal ....... extra" , kind of bullshit : ) All three are relatively close to each other.
    All of this info belongs to
    Transport in General
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    Taxis Manila :

    In brief : Make sure taxi driver is willing to use meter , before stepping in.
    Manila taxis can be a problem at times. Some times when I'm in Manila not much prob at all , other times a bad run of taxi drivers.
    Basic strategy is to have some idea of the fare to your destination before talking to any taxi driver. You can get this info from Tourist Info at Airport on arrival , Front Desk at your Hotel , or anyone nearby , eg at a bar/wherever. Better having that info than nothing.
    Common problems with taxi drivers are :
    1. They do not want to use the meter , so that they can charge you 50/100% more than what meter would charge. If so , you have got a bad driver right from the start and so do not get in his car. Normal practice is step up to taxi , stick head in window from footpath/road and say " ......x ....... destination , you use meter" ? If he nods his head yes , hop in. Once he starts off on the journey , he might try and change the deal. Tell him : "Stop the car , I get out" = he will stick with original deal. If he says "how much you want to pay or something else , ignore , step back and walk towards oncoming traffic. There is an over supply of taxis , other than peak hour time , so you have bargaining power. Flagfall is approx P40.
    I suggest at end of trip you give driver a minimum of 10% tip , as making a living in a taxi anywhere in the world is tough , more so in a city like Manila.
    Alternative is to offer him a fare (presuming you know what it usually is) , if he accepts you jump in. If he says no , walk away from taxi , plenty around .... exception 'peak hour' traffic. See below for that.
    Do not talk 'down' to taxi drivers or in a gruff or heavy handed manner. For sure the driver will not be interested in you as a passenger and insist on no meter.
    2. It's peak hour (can vary , lets say 4pm to 8/9pm) and its then that the drivers have the upper hand. Thats when it helps to know the fare to your destination. Front Desk at your hotel might be able to give you an idea of normal fare to your destination. Driver will most prob want that plus 25/50% more , and no meter of course : )
    Having an idea of the normal fare to your destination , is a great help. Yellow cab taxis from Terminals mentioned above , to hotels listed below (Ermita / Malate areas) using meter , cost P220/50 approx , plus a tip of P25-50 would be appropriate. Hard work trying to make a living as a taxi driver in Manila. Reverse trip those hotels to Airport P150 (regular taxi , not yellow cab). You can not catch yellow cabs to terminals , only regular taxis (usually white in colour).
    3. Hot Meters .... On odd occasions you will come across a driver with a hot meter , ie , the meter is running faster than normal = you pay significantly more than correct meter fare. There is nothing you can do about this IF you have no idea of what the fare should be.
    (a) If you think your sitting in a car with a hot meter , stop the taxi , pull out exact amount on meter and leave it on your seat , do not hand to driver (purposely discourteous) and tell him "hot meter". This is where having change all the time helps.
    (b) You can take it one step further , viz , stop the car , write down (handy to have pen and small note book with ya all the time too) drivers ID , licence number , name (hanging from rear vision mirror) , time and date of incident. Tell him you are going to report him for using a hot meter (At time of writing this ... Phone 7890 for reporting) If he says "Ok , how much you pay" , give him what you think meter should be , get out of car quickly and walk away. I have found having arguments and writing down stuff spoils my day , so I usually take option (a) above.
    In SE Asia (Thailand and Philippines included) its best to get an idea of the cost before committing yourself. Beforehand is best. It's the way I operate , and lets folks know your no sucker to SE Asia : )
    Buses in Manila .... I do not use them. Pickpockets target foreigners in buses. Usually overcrowded , and you have to know your get off point before boarding a bus. Your on hol's less hassles , taxi it.
    Jeepneys .... Ditto as in buses info above.
    Walking ..... Make sure , especially at night , there are other people in the street , otherwise , especially if in tourist area , possibility of street robbery. Stick on main roads , avoid alleyways , small unpopulated streets as best possible. Philippines street robbers do not normally mug their targets. Thin security pouches under trousers (waist or ankle ones) for most money ... hand over some money to thief or he might then pull out a knife , highly unlikely. U$20 equivalent should be more than enough to satisfy any robber in the Phils. If he objects tell him : "But Thommo of said it would be enough" : )
    In 37yrs I have only been on the receiving end of a timid attempt and that was in Cebu. Felt a hand in my pocket. Lightning flash down and grabbed his wrist. He dropped the money and cursed me : ) I had only P20/30 in the pocket : ) He picked a spot where I had to squeeze through fellow pedestrians. Crowded spots are their favourite , when it comes to getting something out of you unknown. Uncrowded spots when they are brazen , and maybe armed with a knife whatever (guns and knife approach rare).
    MAPS/Streets : One of our readers , Taipan recommends : to find specific streets in Manila. Once in Manila you can buy at places like the National Book Store actual maps. E-Z is not a bad series , but none are up to western world standards. Sketchy maps at best , but then better than nothing at all : )
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    Sex Hotels best for Hookers - General Info : is used a lot by Mongers , for hooker friendly hotels. Compare price they are asking with price Hotel itself is asking. One is going to be cheaper than the other.
    Yellow cab taxis airport to following Ermita/Malate hotels , meter , P220/250 all up. Reverse trip by regular taxi costs P150/170 all up , on average.
    For booking online : and/or can be used. Should only need to place a deposit on room with Agoda. More chance Hotel will not renege on booking if done through any of former two or any other online booking agency. Booking via email = on rare occasions hotel gives your room to someone else , who arrived at hotel before you , if busy season.
    Agoda have district maps , you can see hotels listed below , and their relationship to each other and nightspots in same district etc.Handy.
    If your new to travelling in SE Asia , its best to read the detailed accommodation guidelines in the Thailand section first. Most of what is said there , applies to accommodation in the Philippines too.
    Some of the basics : Before you hand over any money, make sure : 1. There is no extra charge for overnight guests (girls) , 99% of the time there is none 2. The room they are offering is satisfactory (go and have a look at it) and if a Security Box is important to you , the availability of same. You might like to try a place from my list ( below ) for the first night. Preferably do not pay for more than one night. Use following excuse : "Tomorrow I change money and pay for more days". Reason you do it this way ? It gives you flexibility. If on your first night your not happy with the place , you can check out next morning and find a replacement. Refunds are hard , sometimes impossible to get , in SE Asia. Try and avoid paying too much up front , not only for Hotels , for anything and everything.
    Ermita (and Malate to a lesser extent) is the most popular budget banger area for whoremonger accommodation. Bringing hookers back to your room is 'normal' in this area. If you dont bring a chick back to your hotel in this area , they will start wondering whats wrong with you : )
    Best to see the room before putting any money down. Quite often they will try and get rid of their lesser rooms first. If you dont like the room , ask them "have you got something better" , usually they do : ) If you leave your bags at front desk ask Security to keep eye on them. Or place them behind reception desk , otherwise they might not be there when you return from inspecting the room/s. Do not leave any small valuable bag sitting on the floor unattended , take it with you.
    The currency quoted on this website is the Filipino Pesos. For conversion to your local currency refer to :
    Accommodation , not in any particular order. Search via google if you want to confirm current room prices.
    WARNING ... The Ermita area is a tourist and whorist , area. Therefore street thieves are attracted to it. From time to time there is a spate of petty crime in this area , so be on the alert , especially if walking around away from the more densely populated streets. In 36yrs of going to Manila on and off many times , I have never been the subject of a street holdup/theft (guns rare , maybe a knife though) in Ermita , or anywhere else in Manila. But then , I have always been street wise. The Scouts motto applies to me : "Be prepared" (but not paranoid : )
    Do not carry unnecessary valuables on your person , especially something that will catch attention , eg watches , bling etc. Must admit I wear a watch , but not overtly bling. Only have on you enough anticipated money for the night. Hand over some cash say $20 equivalent to would be robbers, do not struggle if you come across crims. They only want cash , not you. Phil crims normally rob foreigners in a gentle way : ) No need for paranoia , but better to catch a taxi than walk any distance around Ermita Streets. Preferably do not walk down alleyways , small streets , especially if rather empty of other pedestrians. Stay on the main streets or populated side streets all the time , and all should be well.

    Ermita Sex Hotels area (Manila) - best for Hookers :

    NOTE : There is a significant amount of mostly petty street crime in Ermita nowadays.
    Best not to walk around at night , catch a taxi to your destination.


    1. Low Budget Hotels : Consider ... Southern Cross Hotel , Duck Inn , Amazonia , or Swagman , details below.
    2. Medium priced Hotels : Consider ... Executive Plaza ; Las Palmas ; Palm Plaza ..... hotels (details below)
    3. Upper class/priced Hotels : See 'Quality Hotels' in Makati (not Ermita). Listed down below.

    All Hotels listed are relatively convenient or close to the Ermita/Malate sex area , and usually hooker friendly :
    Folks say and are both good for booking accom. I email accommodation (low budget places) , make a reservation only , do not pay money up front. But lots of guys do pay up front.
    U$100/150 Hotels listed , down below , bottom of list.
    For me , being a budget banger and always interested in location , location .... its Amazonia (see No.1 below)
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    LOWER BUDGET places (U$30 +) :

    1a. Hotel Amazonia sex friendly Hotel :

    Note : Very much budget accommodation. Suits the 'underprivileged' (impoverished) like me , for a short stay , might not suit you : )
    Some guys have written in , did not suit them , they went for P1500/2000/2500 rooms elsewhere (listed below).
    Amazonia : Corner M.H. Del Pilar and Sta Monica St , Ermita. A safe 2/3 mins walk to popular La Cafe pick up joint ... see nightlife notes. Phone : + 632 450-13-41. Fax : +632 450 00 62. They do not accept/reply to emails. Phone or fax only. Enter ground floor , take stairs up walk through doors to Reception Desk on the next level (3rd floor if USA , 2nd floor if UK). The same rooms are used for short time encounters P600. Twenty four hour rental : P850 for fan rooms ; P1250 air con (rudimentary) ; P1600 air con rooms (better , but still very much budget status). Enquire via fax or at front desk. Myself I just walk in , and always get a 24hr room , usually the P1600 variety. Adequate for budget mongers. Very close to La Cafe (hookers/sex) , G. Spot (eats) and other places. Nice , but empty bar down stairs , furnishings , and band (if you like noise whilst sitting at a bar ... band is short distance away : ) I did not hear band or any other outside noise from my room , when I stayed at this place. Last trip , no band at all , over 2 week period. I will return. Nothing brilliant , but so convenient to the number one hooker spot La Cafe , and no walk of shame. They will be disappointed if you do not walk through front door with a hooker : )

    I would value the P1600 better air con rooms at P1000 but pay the extra for location , location. I think forget their 11.30am P250 buffet , if its still on offer. Try nearby G. Spot (see Restaurants below) instead , for eats.

    Considered a freelance joint by some , but very few of them over a 2 week period , when I stayed there , on and off. And ones there , unfuckable : ) La Cafe 2/3 min walk up same road for hookers. Walk out of La Cafe with selection for the night , 2/3 mins walk , and into your bed. So convenient. Back to La Cafe 2/3 mins , get another one. Repeat until satisfied : )
    1b. Brickstone Hotel ! !....
    Apparently in M.H.Del Pilar and adjoining La Cafe (MBC) = excellent location. Relatively new to me. P1600. Google it , seems might be better than Amazonia.

    2. Swagman Hotel for Hookers and sex :

    Disclaimer : A steady and significant number of folks deride this place. Yet it remains popular , mostly with older folks taking a trip down memory lane. Handy for La Cafe and bus to Angeles. Food and rooms could be better.
    Location : 411A Flores St , Ermita. It's a side street with a mini park in front of it. Safe side street , not far from United Nations Avenue. All taxi drivers should know it , been there for many years. Phone : 5238541 to 45 .... Fax : (632) 522 3663 Reservations online : [email protected] ........ website :
    Newbies ... check with their website , I think they pick you up , and drop you off , at International Airport for free , if your staying at their hotel. Nice , takes away potential hassles when arriving in Manila for the first time.
    I like this budget place cause of its interior , and ambience , reminds me of the old days. They have a breakfast buffet P259 or P110 if resident. But very limited choice after 10am and then not worth the P295. Order from menu if buffet choice too limited. Overall , food is fair to ok.

    Bit of a walk (5 mins ?) straight up M H Delpilar Street to top sex spot ... La Cafe (see nightlife notes). Say , take me about 8/10 mins , in an easterly (?) direction , walking away from United Nations direction. If exiting Swag front door , turn left , hit M H Delpilar , turn right to La Cafe. And so if you got a babe there , I would not like to walk all the way from La Cafe to Swagman which is a Monger hooker hotel , no doubt about that. And babe would not like walking that distance in front of everyone on high heels either. Footpaths are rough/broken up in parts. Not high heel footpaths thats for sure.
    Rooms ... I havent stayed at the place , but if anything like downstairs (restaurant , bar , travel agency etc) they should be 'budget satisfactory'. Think room rate is around P1300 (email em) , but I would prefer Amazonia. You could walk from Amazonia with a moderate amount of bags to Swagman in about 8 mins (with bags). Then hop on their bus to Angeles 'n vice versa. Transfer van to airport costs P300 , if not staying at Swagman. Possibly free if staying at hotel. Taxi would cost P150/200 for same trip. Amazonia is so much closer to La Cafe .. makes a difference. Update : Some say rooms unsatisfactory for the price , dont know , never stayed there.
    Bus Service Manila/Angeles ... they have a more extensive bus service than Southern Cross (see No.7. below). Check with Swagman website for latest schedule. Three times a day , to and from Angeles/Manila. Cheaper via local native air con bus , but more convenient drop off point/s with Swagman. From local native bus terminal you will have to pay taxi to get to the above listed places , anyway. Forget , take Swagman.
    For me , a budget banger par excellence , if I could not get a room at Amazonia , I would then try Duck Inn , see 5 below.
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    3. Southern Cross (SC) Hotel

    Most consider this one slightly better than Swagman (above). Very close to Swagman , located at 1125 Del Pilar St Ermita. Easy for taxi drivers to find. Phone (02) 521 2013 ..... Fax (02) 525 3031. Website : ..... Reservations .... [email protected] ........ Standard rooms P1500 ........ Deluxe rooms P1800.
    Have heard some rooms can be noisy from heavy vehicular traffic down below in M.H.Del Pilar St. These rooms can be avoided , simply by asking for alternative ones.
    They have airport transfers too , enquire website. Bus to/from Angeles also. But limited schedule compared to Swagman (No.6. above). Confirm via :[email protected] , latest schedule. Their rooms cost a little less than Swagman , and most mongers prefer SC over Swagman.
    4. "Black Stump: Hotel (formerly Iseya/Billabong).

    Forget this one. Last time saw a "closed" sign on it. Never much anyway.

    5. Duck Inn ... also known as "Fuck Inn" (joking)

    Located in M H Del Pilar Street. For details :
    Three mins walk to La Cafe. 2 min walk to Swagman Hotel and Fly the Bus to Angeles City.
    Only consider Superior (P1400) and Deluxe (P1500) rooms , otherwise rooms too small. Steep stairway involved to Level 2 and 3. Mongers like this budget place. From outside looks nothing , enter and check it out , won't cost you anything. Closer to Swagman for Fly the Bus , than Amazonia. But Amazonia is closer to La Cafe .. girls. Maybe eat at Swagman before bus (eg , buffet breakfast) , sleep and shag at Duck Inn , find the girls at La Cafe ? Internet :

    5b. Slouch Hat , M H DelPilar. Another budget place. Walking distance from Southern Cross/Swagman/Duck Inn. Third floor for better rooms. Very much budget , consider if desperate.

    6. City State Hotel ..

    Located in MH Del Pilar St Ermita , Monger friendly , P1300 and up. Did not come across it on my last trip (forgot to look out for it) , but you can google it , no probs. No further info as yet.
    In my opinon , the above places are more than enough options for budget bangers (like me). If you plan ahead you should be able to get a room at Amazonia or Swagman and thus ignore the other four listed.
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    MEDIUM PRICED Hotels (U$40/50 +) ....

    NOTE : Catch a taxi from Hotels 7 , 8 and 9 to Manila Bay Cafe , will cost you about P100 , but safer than walking Ermita streets at night.

    7. Executive Plaza Hotel :

    Executive Plaza Hotel : This one is popular so better you book in advance. Monger friendly. Apparently no in room safes (?). Must have front desk ones in that case. 1630 A.Mabini St Malate Phone (63-2) 523-1000. Short to medium walk to La Cafe freelancer hooker spot. Say 8/10 mins. Alternatively cheap taxi (P40/50 max). P2000/2500/2800 and up , rooms. Rooms acceptable standard. 7/8 mins to Robinsons Mall (and b. grade freelancers). WIFI not cheap , P400 per hour. Free wifi in Robinsons Mall nearby. Note : 1. Take note of what is in room fridge when you start occupancy 2. See Restaurants for where to eat. This hotel not noted for its food. Update : Believe they are asking for girls ID's nowadays. Good idea , protects you too.

    Eurotel Hotel : A friend says "Opposite Robinsons , U$35 a night and good". Might also act as a short time hotel too (?)

    8. Las Palmas Hotel :

    Location : It is walking distance from La Cafe (8/10 mins). 1616 A Mabini St Malate. Ph. 521 1000 Pesos1800 and up (Standard Room) to P3000 plus rooms. Apparently 4th Flr = non smoking. Get bayside room. Executive Plaza , Las Palmas , and Palm Plaza (see below) are all part of the same group of Hotels. All handy to La Cafe (2/3 blocks away) and other pick up joints. Hooker friendly hotel (Las Palmas) , like others listed here. Las Palmas is most probably slightly better than Palm Plaza. Subjective , check both before you decide : ) Internet :
    9. Palm Plaza Hotel :
    Located at 524 Pedro Gil St c/r M . Adriatico St Malate (Ermita) . Ph. 02 522 1000. Email : [email protected] ..... to confirm room prices , usually around P2000/2500 per day. Do not take a room facing Pedro Gil street .. noisy. Overnight women/hooker friendly. Three star , convenient to Ermita and EDSA. Reasonably short walking distance to La Cafe pick up joint (see Nightlife Notes) Executive Plaza is most probably a little better , and roughly same price (see above). Avoid touts , if any , out front of Palm Plaza.

    10 . Diamond Hotel , down from Southern Cross Hotel (see listed above) ..... a bit upmarket and pricey. On Roxas Boulevard apparently. Fairly convenient to La Cafe and all things good (sex wise) , Ermita area. 3 mins walk said one guy. You can google it. Me google and place info here ? Give us a break , this info is free dong : ) NOTE : Walking along M H Del Pilar to La Cafe about 7/10 mins away might be a bit iffy at night.
    11. Best Western Hotel ... MH Del Pilar , Ermita. Very close to La Cafe and other Ermita action. Also close to Swagman Hotel for the bus to Angeles City. U$53-73 type accommodation. Check website :

    There are similar 'upper budget' places close to EDSA GoGo Bar area (but not close to La Cafe etc) , which are girl/escort/hooker friendly .........

    EDSA area Sex Hotels (Manila) - best for Hookers :

    10.Heritage Hotel :

    Update : Seems lost favour and not reco'd anymore.
    Before update , I wrote : Located opposite EDSA , 5 min walk overhead on the bridge walkway (see nightlife notes re EDSA) , and/or a short 10/15 min taxi ride to Ermita and La Cafe (see Nightlife Notes). Monger friendly and U$80/100 approx per night. Google for latest prices. I stood outside Heritage Hotel last trip , should have stepped inside and checked the place out , but was in panic to get to Ermita area. Taxis to Ermita hard to find (peak hour traffic) and so stayed focused on my mission. Heritage looked fancy , but cause its opposite EDSA , monger friendly. Looks fancy in Reception area , but some have commented negatively on rooms themselves and say its certainly not worth the price. Havent checked rooms myself. Note : I have heard recently that overhead bridge late at night can be a bit spooky/risky , and girls from EDSA do not want to walk the walk with high heels , and maybe 'spooky' aspect too , lol. Taxis hanging around outside EDSA do not want to use meter = they will charge rip off rates. Go to tail end of taxi queue and get a taxi just pulling in and ensure he uses meter. Offer him P50 tip cause , depending on traffic conditions , its a short distance from EDSA.
  9. SwanDan

    SwanDan Administrator Staff Member

    11.Copacabana Apart Hotel :

    Location : 264 EDSA Extension , Pasay City. Nearby Heritage (above). All taxi drivers know it. Hooker friendly , but check beforehand if overnight guests (chicks) ok without additional charge. I am 99% sure it is girl friendly , no extra charge. Book for two/double. Email : [email protected] You can walk across overhead bridge to EDSA (see Nightlife Notes). Although bit of a security risk late at night methinks. Rooms at back are quieter and have view of pool. Room P2150 and up incl's Breakfast . Other room/price choices available. For me , in a 'difficult' location for places I want to be near , eg La Cafe ... the most popular place for freelance hookers ; G. Point (nice buffets) ; Swagman Hotel (bus to and from Angeles). Have to catch taxi. I prefer most places of interest to be walking distance. Update : Guys reckon not in the best of environs/area , nowadays. Maybe give a miss.
    And there are more upper budget places in the Makati area , see below , (far from La Cafe and EDSA) where the P. Burgos GoGo , Cafe Havana and other more pricey (but not necessarily better looking) hooker possibilities can be found (see Nightlife Notes).

    Makati Sex Hotels (Manila) best for Hookers/Escorts :

    12. The Oxford Suites.

    Location : Durban St on c/r P.Burgos St , is well known and popular ... should be more than adequate for your nocturnal duties. Excellent location for bars. Phone 63.2.8970548 or 63.2.67003333. Email : [email protected] Website : U$50-80 .. prices can vary. Includes buffet breakfast , I believe. Location , location , its got location for the P. Burgos St sex scene , right slam bam in the middle of it. See Nightlife Notes , P. Burgos St GoGo Bars No problem and no extra charge for bringing sexy girls here. Check it out. Update : Supposedly ageing nowadays , and possibly 'damp smell' , not sure. Location , location.
    13. Century Citadel Hotel

    It is walking distance from the Burgos St sex strip. If you don't mind spending around U$40 and up for accommodation, this Hotel is worth checking out. Has a Restaurant and Bar. Overnight hookers no problem. Via : OR [email protected] , who will pick you up at the International Airport on arrival. A nice way to start , if your a newbie and want to stay in this pricey commercial area (not advised). Comment by one monger : " I thought the Century Citadel on Burgos Street is too old and does not have central AC". Thommo says : No harm in having a look at the rooms. Some folks are real fussy. I am fussy with the girls , not so fussy with the rooms , so long as the price is right ... T
    14. Other sex hotels Makati.

    Which I do not have sufficient info on as yet , monger friendly. If interested , taxi driver should know whereabouts of the following , not in any order , except first one seems to be popular : (a) City Garden , one block away from the action and P1500/2000 for a room. Some say , breakfast good here (P300). (b) Sunette Tower (c) CEO Suites , Jupiter St reputedly P1600 for a room (d) Robelle Hotel , Valdez St , P1200 and up , supposedly 10 mins walk to sex action in P. Burgos St. (e) Makati Palace on P Burgos St itself. Think it was the one I walked past last trip (f) St Giles walking distance to P. Burgos sex scene , 3/4 star , U$70 , per night. (for detailed info) or ex : Restaurant not so good , apparently.
    P. Burgos scene is not a budget bangers scene.
  10. SwanDan

    SwanDan Administrator Staff Member

    QUALITY HOTELS (U$100/150)
    More expensive hooker friendly Hotels :
    Located in Makati area ....
    Shangri la , Dusit Thani , Intercontinental (Disco on premises , but not many Freelancers amongst them) , New World $150 (opposite Cafe Havana , hooker joint , see nightlife page). Taxi drivers know em. Google for details. Usually these hotels are more careful with overnight hooker guests , checking girls ID etc. Walk of shame always a greater possibility too , with the higher priced places. Some girls might feel they are out of depth/uncomfortable , and others would love it , and expect you to pay much more than the going sex rates : )
    Mongers use all of the aforementioned 'quality' hotels , no worries. Quality hotels , quality mongers , quality hookers ? : )

    15. NO SEX HOTELS (Ermita/Manila) :

    DESPERATE for one night accommodation (ok lower budget , non girlie places) ? Ermita/Malate area :
    GIRL (Hooker) FRIENDLY ? doubtful , but if running out of options , following would be fine for a one night stay , and convenient to La Cafe , G. Spot etc.
    I have personally tried the first one listed (Mabini Pension) :
    Mabini Pension : 1337 A Mabini St . Ph 63.2.523 3930. Fax : 63.2.524 5404. Internet : Reservations : [email protected] Fan room P680. Air Con room P1200. I briefly stayed there on one trip before a vacancy in Amazonia (see No.1 above , Lower Budget places). It was 'ok' lower budget , and not girl friendly. Location very good 3/4 mins to a place like La Cafe. See Short Time Hotels info below for screwing girls elsewhere , if necessary. I abstained until I got Amazonia , on return from Angeles. See Amazonia info above (also low budget).
    Lotus Garden : c/r A Mabini & P. Faura Sts , Ermita. Formely known as Royal Palm. Ph 522 15715Short walk 7/10 mins to La Cafe (Freelancers , see Nightlife Notes). P1800/2200. Check : Not 100% sure can take girls back to room here. Ask them before paying for first night 'Overnight guests ok , no additonal charge' ? Its a red light district , should be ok. Update : Some say , rooms not so great.
    City Garden , Mabini St , Ermita. P2000 and up. Free wi-fi. Think girls allowed here. Reasonably well regarded. Better than Lotus Garden. Internet : (?)
    Bianca's Garden Hotel : 2139 Adriatico Street, Malate P1250 and up Nice atmosphere . Ph. 526 0351. Not 100% sure can take girls back to room here.
    Ermita Tourist Inn : 1549 A Mabini St c/r Soldado St Ermita Ph 63.2. 5218770 Fax 5218773. No website to date. P650/850/950 . Latest reports say nowadays , its a bit run down. Dont know , never got around to checking it out.
    Malate Pension 1771 Adriatico St , Malate. Courtyard , ambience , so they say. Malate is a young 'good girl' nightlife area. Good budget priced place but no overnights (ladies). Ph (63-2) 523 8304 (05.06) P1100-1400 (pos incl. breakfast) . All kinds of price structures/status of room/s. From cheap to lower budget. Clean , apparently. Maybe some cheap communal fan rooms too P200/500. Pos cheaps room are shared shower/toilet. Well regarded cheap non girlie accommodation . . ..... [email protected] .....
  11. SwanDan

    SwanDan Administrator Staff Member

    Short Time Sex Hotels - Ermita (Manila)

    Suitable for sex with hookers , 2/3 hrs , Ermita area :
    For guys who like to bang their hookers/escorts/whoever : ) away from their regular hotel :
    (a). Amazonia is very close to La Cafe and its Freelancers. P600 See Amazonia Hotel above. Very first hotel listed. Same place.
    (b) . Sogo Hotel P300 for 3 hours (apparently) . Superior rooms P800 for 5 hours (also 'apparently' : ) . Sogo have ST Hotels scattered all over Manila. There is one in Ermita (ask taxi driver) , supposedly only 3 blocks from La Cafe , which maybe is still offering a discount card for your 2nd/3rd use of the place. I will add more info as I collect it.
    (c) Sohotel .... apparently not far from Swagman.
    (d) EDSA , apparently there is a Sogo Hotel nearby.

    Best to ask the girl a nearby place she likes. They know all the appropriate joints , and it's better one she feels comfortable with. Check her prices first , though , she could be on a commission (inflated price , place).
    More basic info re
    SEX with Young Women - MANILA Philippines :

    Restaurants - Ermita (Manila)

    You will find food costs a little more than Thailand , and for my money , and in general its not as good either. That doesnt mean its terrible. If you know the right places , nothing wrong with Phil food. Cheaper in Thailand but not expensive (Phils) compared to the western world. See Philippines General notes for my comments on Filipino food. Satisfactory Restaurants can be found , just a little more of a hunt than Thailand.
    As of one of my recent trips its either G. Point (No.1. below) or Swagman Hotel (see No. 2 . 'Lower Budget' accommodation notes above).
    The following are located exclusively within the budget minded monger Ermita/Malate area ....

    1. "G Point"

    Located at 510 Padre Faura Ermita , has a daily Smorgasbord 11am to 3pm Pesos250 all you can eat. Website : , for latest prices. Exiting La Cafe, walk along R. Salas St , to Mabini St (northerly ?) turn left into Mabini (with the traffic flow) then right into Padre Faura , G Spot is on the right hand side in Padre Faura , next to a 7/11 Store.
    Alternatively Coming from the bay end (West) walking easterly up Mabini Street , against the traffic to Padre Faura , turn left (northerly) into Padre Faura , G Point is a short distance down on r/h side .
    Swedish Management. I only ate from the Buffet , but there seemed to be reasonably priced menu food too. Recommend you try this one for eats (Buffet) first . G Point has a reputation as a bit of a pick up joint also. On the 2/3 times I stuck my head in the door at night it seemed to be overcrowded , especially with men. Whereas La Cafe a short distance away is overcrowded with women. Give me the latter : ) I ate exclusively at G. Point , except when I was catching bus at Swagman (see No.2. budget accom above) , who served up good food too.
    Close to all the Ermita action points and close to Amazonia accommodation. I like convenience , especially when on hol's. Why tramp all over the place on hols ? : )
    2. Munchen House/Bar/Grill

    Located in Mabini Street Ermita , 1 min from corner of Mabini and Padre Faura streets. Close to G.Point. German management. Well regarded. Note : On a recent trip I wanted to check this place out , but it was not open for biz at time of my call. Outside was very grubby , therefore I would not eat at this place. Not surprised if its great inside , but if management doesnt want to present a clean and tidy outside of his building , what is the hygienic condition of his kitchen inside ? Not for me.

    3. Swagman Hotel Restaurant ...

    See Accommodation notes above. My 2nd choice.

    4. Other Restaurants ...

    Also conveniently located in MH Del Pilar St nearby are : (a) Slouch Hat (I've never eaten there) .... (b) Black Stump roof top Restaurant (very basic resto' but private and 'romantic' looking down on the polluted Ermita below you : ) See Black Stump in accommodation notes above. I ate basic meal here some time ago. It was 'fair' , but now that I have discovered G. Point and Swagman I would not bother to try it again. B.S. restaurant surroundings very much lower 'budget' (upstairs). Close to La Cafe. ..... (c) Pizza Hut , but not cheap.

    5. La Cafe ...

    If your at La Cafe , MH Del Pilar St (see nightlife notes .... lots of hookers) and very hungry , dont want to leave La Cafe , you could try their food. I had a good pizza there 3yrs ago , then an average meal next trip , and last trip pizza was terrible. Something you'd see in a babies nappy. But if your hungry , try it , you might be luckier than me : ) Update : Recently and surprisingly , good reports re their Pizza's.
    The following are a fair walking distance away , but if you want a Filipino experience you might like to try :

    6. More Restaurants elsewhere ...
    Alternatively , M. Adriatico St Ermita/Malate is a Restaurant St , and of note is : Cafe Adriatico , 1790 M. Adriatico St (Remedios Circle) , Malate , Ermita (Ph 525.2509). Suspect its mostly filipino style food though. There are Pizza places , McDonalds etc etc here and there (Ermita) . You will not starve : ) Maybe nice ambience etc but why bother when there are places like G. Point and Swagman Hotel Restaurant ?

    7. Bianca's Garden Restaurant
    Located in San Andres St , is another one. Possibly heavily weighted towards filipino style dishes too.

    Internet - Ermita (Manila)

    Here is a 'budget' one I used on last trip ....
    Walking from Amazonia my number one budget accom recommendation along MH Del Pilar Street ... towards La Cafe , 2 mins up the road , on right hand side , set back from the footpath , is "[email protected]" , open 24/7. Not a luxury internet cafe but does the deed. Amazonia (accom) ; G. Point (food) ; Internet ([email protected]) and Chicks (La Cafe) ... all within short mins walking distance from each other. Thats what I call convenience : )
    Wouldnt be hard to find more Int Cafes : )
    Now we head for Manila Nightlife ... hooker sex scene.
    Things are starting to heat up. Hot , hot , the Phil girls are hot . Very physical people and 'ready to go' : )

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