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    Well, my Manila trip is coming up...27 days!!! Yea baby!!

    Anyways, can anyone recommend hotels in the P. Burgos Street area? I'm looking for a guest friendly hotel that's $70 bucks or less. The closer to P. Burgos, the better.

    I've already looked at City Garden and Oxford Suites. Isn't there a third one there?? Any others?
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    Try Royal Belagio, Clipper Hotel, Durban Street Inn. Royal Belagio is right on Burgos Street while Clipper is just behind Burgos and Durban Street Is about a block away. You can also try the moonlight Hotel and Travelers Inn.

    Try going to the Rivera Mansion very nice hotel and it's close to some very nice malls too and the food there in the hotel and the many places to eat are very good too not far from the do not know how much it's cost now but when i was there it's cost 1,700peso's a night and it's has internet as well too not bad for the cost and the rooms ok
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    All Hotels listed are relatively convenient or close to the Ermita/Malate sex area , and usually girl friendly :
    Folks say and are both good for booking accom.
    LOWER BUDGET places (U$30 +) :

    1. Hotel Amazonia guest friendly Hotel :

    Note : Very much budget accommodation. Suits the 'underprivileged' (impoverished) like me , for a short stay , might not suit you : )
    Some guys have written in , did not suit them , they went for P1500/2000/2500 rooms elsewhere (listed below).
    Amazonia : Corner M.H. Del Pilar and Sta Monica St , Ermita. A safe 2/3 mins walk to extremely popular MBC (Manila Bay Cafe ... formerly La Cafe) pick up joint ... see nightlife notes. Phone : + 632 450-13-41. Fax : +632 450 00 62. They do not accept/reply to emails. Phone or fax only. Enter ground floor , take stairs up walk through doors to Reception Desk on the next level (3rd floor if USA , 2nd floor if UK). The same rooms are used for short time encounters P600. Twenty four hour rental : P850 for fan rooms ; P1250 air con (rudimentary) ; P1600 air con rooms (better , but still very much budget status). Enquire via fax or at front desk. Myself I just walk in , and always get a 24hr room , usually the P1600 variety. Adequate for budget mongers. Very close to MBC (girls/sex) , G. Spot (eats) and other places. Nice , but empty bar down stairs , furnishings , and band (if you like noise whilst sitting at a bar ... band is short distance away : ) I did not hear band or any other outside noise from my room , when I stayed at this place. Last trip , no band at all , over 2 week period. I will return. Nothing brilliant , but so convenient to the number one hooker spot MBC , and no walk of shame. They will be disappointed if you do not walk through front door with a hooker : )

    I would value the P1600 better air con rooms at P1000 but pay the extra for location , location. I think forget their 11.30am P250 buffet , if its still on offer. Try nearby G. Spot (see Restaurants below) instead , for eats.
    Considered a freelance joint by some , but very few of them over a 2 week period , when I stayed there , on and off. And ones there , unfuckable : ) MBC 2/3 min walk up same road for girls. Walk out of MBC with selection for the night , 2/3 mins walk , and into your bed. So convenient. Back to MBC 2/3 mins , get another one. Repeat until satisfied : )

    2. Swagman Hotel for girl and sex :

    Disclaimer : A steady and significant number of folks deride this place. Yet it remains popular , mostly with older folks taking a trip down memory lane.
    Location : 411A Flores St , Ermita. It's a side street with a mini park in front of it. Safe side street , not far from United Nations Avenue. All taxi drivers should know it , been there for many years. Phone : 5238541 to 45 .... Fax : (632) 522 3663 Reservations online : [email protected] ........ website :
    Newbies ... check with their website , I think they pick you up , and drop you off , at International Airport for free , if your staying at their hotel. Nice , takes away potential hassles when arriving in Manila for the first time.
    I like this budget place cause of its interior , and ambience , reminds me of the old days. They have a breakfast buffet P259 or P110 if resident. But very limited choice after 10am and then not worth the P295. Order from menu if buffet choice too limited. Overall , food is fair to ok.

    Bit of a walk (5 mins ?) straight up M H Delpilar Street to top sex spot ... MBC (see nightlife notes). Say , take me about 8/10 mins , in an easterly (?) direction , walking away from United Nations direction. If exiting Swag front door , turn left , hit M H Delpilar , turn right to MBC. And so if you got a babe there , I would not like to walk all the way from MBC to Swagman which is a Monger hooker hotel , no doubt about that. And babe would not like walking that distance in front of everyone on high heels either. Footpaths are rough/broken up in parts. Not high heel footpaths thats for sure.
    Rooms ... I havent stayed at the place , but if anything like downstairs (restaurant , bar , travel agency etc) they should be 'budget satisfactory'. Think room rate is around P1300 (email em) , but I would prefer Amazonia. You could walk from Amazonia with a moderate amount of bags to Swagman in about 8 mins (with bags). Then hop on their bus to Angeles 'n vice versa. Transfer van to airport costs P300 , if not staying at Swagman. Possibly free if staying at hotel. Taxi would cost P150/200 for same trip. Amazonia is so much closer to MBC .. makes a difference. Update : Some say rooms unsatisfactory for the price , dont know , never stayed there.
    Bus Service Manila/Angeles ... they have a more extensive bus service than Southern Cross (see No.7. below). Check with Swagman website for latest schedule. Three times a day , to and from Angeles/Manila. Cheaper via local native air con bus , but more convenient drop off point/s with Swagman. From local native bus terminal you will have to pay taxi to get to the above listed places , anyway. Forget , take Swagman.
    For me , a budget banger par excellence , if I could not get a room at Amazonia , I would then try Duck Inn , see 5 below.

    3. Southern Cross (SC) Hotel

    Most consider this one slightly better than Swagman (above). Very close to Swagman , located at 1125 Del Pilar St Ermita. Easy for taxi drivers to find. Phone (02) 521 2013 ..... Fax (02) 525 3031. Website : ..... Reservations .... [email protected] ........ Standard rooms P1500 ........ Deluxe rooms P1800.
    Have heard some rooms can be noisy from heavy vehicular traffic down below in M.H.Del Pilar St. These rooms can be avoided , simply by asking for alternative ones.
    They have airport transfers too , enquire website. Bus to/from Angeles also. But limited schedule compared to Swagman (No.6. above). Confirm via :[email protected] , latest schedule. Their rooms cost a little less than Swagman , and most mongers prefer SC over Swagman.

    4. "Black Stump: Hotel (formerly Iseya/Billabong).

    Forget this one. Last time saw a "closed" sign on it. Never much anyway.

    5. Duck Inn ... also known as "Fuck Inn" (joking)

    Located in M H Del Pilar Street. For details :
    Three mins walk to MBC (La Cafe). 2 min walk to Swagman Hotel and Fly the Bus to Angeles City.
    Only consider Superior (P1400) and Deluxe (P1600) rooms , otherwise too small and stairway involved. Mongers like this place. From outside looks nothing , enter and check it out , won't cost you anything. Closer to Swagman for Fly the Bus , than Amazonia. But Amazonia is closer to MBC (La Cafe) .. girls. Maybe eat at Swagman before bus (eg , buffet breakfast) , sleep and shag at Duck Inn , find the girls at MBC ? Looks too small to me , would prefer homely looking (Restaurant aura) Swagman .... but never stayed there (Swagman) , lol.

    5b. Slouch Hat , M H DelPilar. Another budget place. Walking distance from Southern Cross/Swagman/Duck Inn. Third floor for better rooms. Very much budget , consider if desperate.

    6. City State Hotel ..
    Located in MH Del Pilar St Ermita , Monger friendly , P1300 and up. Did not come across it on my last trip (forgot to look out for it) , but you can google it , no probs. No further info as yet.
    In my opinon , the above places are more than enough options for budget bangers (like me). If you plan ahead you should be able to get a room at Amazonia or Swagman and thus ignore the other four listed.
  5. aprilman

    aprilman New Member

    MEDIUM PRICED Hotels (U$40/50 +) ....

    NOTE : Catch a taxi from Hotels 7 , 8 and 9 to Manila Bay Cafe , will cost you about P100 , but safer than walking Ermita streets at night.

    7. Executive Plaza Hotel :

    Executive Plaza Hotel : This one is popular so better you book in advance. Monger friendly. Apparently no in room safes (?). Must have front desk ones in that case. 1630 A.Mabini St Malate Phone (63-2) 523-1000. Short to medium walk to MBC freelancer hooker spot. Say 8/10 mins. Alternatively cheap taxi (P40/50 max). P2000/2500/2800 and up , rooms. Rooms acceptable standard. 7/8 mins to Robinsons Mall (and b. grade freelancers). WIFI not cheap , P400 per hour. Free wifi in Robinsons Mall nearby. Note : 1. Take note of what is in room fridge when you start occupancy 2. See Restaurants for where to eat. This hotel not noted for its food. Update : Believe they are asking for girls ID's nowadays. Good idea , protects you too.

    Eurotel Hotel : A friend says "Opposite Robinsons , U$35 a night and good". Might also act as a short time hotel too (?)

    8. Las Palmas Hotel :

    Location : It is walking distance from MBC (8/10 mins). 1616 A Mabini St Malate. Ph. 521 1000 Pesos1800 and up (Standard Room). Executive Plaza , Las Palmas , and Palm Plaza (see below) are all part of the same group of Hotels. All handy to MBC (2/3 blocks away) and other pick up joints. Hooker friendly hotel (Las Palmas) , like others listed here. Las Palmas is most probably slightly better than Palm Plaza. Subjective , check both before you decide : )

    9. Palm Plaza Hotel :
    Located at 524 Pedro Gil St c/r M . Adriatico St Malate (Ermita) . Ph. 02 522 1000. Email : [email protected] ..... to confirm room prices , usually around P2000/2500 per day. Do not take a room facing Pedro Gil street .. noisy. Overnight women/hooker friendly. Three star , convenient to Ermita and EDSA. Reasonably short walking distance to MBC pick up joint (see Nightlife Notes) Executive Plaza is most probably a little better , and roughly same price (see above). Avoid touts , if any , out front of Palm Plaza.

    10 . Diamond Hotel , down from Southern Cross Hotel (see listed above) ..... a bit upmarket and pricey. On Roxas Boulevard apparently. Fairly convenient to MBC/La Cafe and all things good (sex wise) , Ermita area. 3 mins walk said one guy. You can google it. Me google and place info here ? Give us a break , this info is free dong : ) NOTE : Walking along M H Del Pilar to MBC about 7/10 mins away might be a bit iffy at night.
    11. Best Western Hotel ... MH Del Pilar , Ermita. Very close to MBC (La Cafe) and other Ermita action. Also close to Swagman Hotel for the bus to Angeles City. U$53-73 type accommodation. Check website :

    There are similar 'upper budget' places close to EDSA GoGo Bar area (but not close to MBC etc) , which are girl/escort/hooker friendly .........

    EDSA area Sex Hotels (Manila) - best for Hookers :

    10.Heritage Hotel :

    Located opposite EDSA , 5 min walk overhead on the bridge walkway (see nightlife notes re EDSA) , and/or a short 10/15 min taxi ride to Ermita and La Cafe (see Nightlife Notes). Monger friendly and U$80/100 approx per night. Google for latest prices. I stood outside Heritage Hotel last trip , should have stepped inside and checked the place out , but was in panic to get to Ermita area. Taxis to Ermita hard to find (peak hour traffic) and so stayed focused on my mission. Heritage looked fancy , but cause its opposite EDSA , monger friendly. Looks fancy in Reception area , but some have commented negatively on rooms themselves and say its certainly not worth the price. Havent checked rooms myself. Note : I have heard recently that overhead bridge late at night can be a bit spooky/risky , and girls from EDSA do not want to walk the walk with high heels , and maybe 'spooky' aspect too , lol. Taxis hanging around outside EDSA do not want to use meter = they will charge rip off rates. Go to tail end of taxi queue and get a taxi just pulling in and ensure he uses meter. Offer him P50 tip cause , depending on traffic conditions , its a short distance from EDSA.

    11.Copacabana Apart Hotel :

    Location : 264 EDSA Extension , Pasay City. Nearby Heritage (above). All taxi drivers know it. Hooker friendly , but check beforehand if overnight guests (chicks) ok without additional charge. I am 99% sure it is girl friendly , no extra charge. Book for two/double. Email : [email protected] You can walk across overhead bridge to EDSA (see Nightlife Notes). Although bit of a security risk late at night methinks. Rooms at back are quieter and have view of pool. Room P2150 and up incl's Breakfast . Other room/price choices available. For me , in a 'difficult' location for places I want to be near , eg MBC/La Cafe ... the most popular place for freelance hookers ; G. Point (nice buffets) ; Swagman Hotel (bus to and from Angeles). Have to catch taxi. I prefer most places of interest to be walking distance.
    And there are more upper budget places in the Makati area , see below , (far from MBC and EDSA) where the P. Burgos GoGo , Cafe Havana and other more pricey (but not necessarily better looking) hooker possibilities can be found (see Nightlife Notes).

    Makati Sex Hotels (Manila) best for Hookers/Escorts :

    12. The Oxford Suites.

    Location : Durban St on c/r P.Burgos St , is well known and popular ... should be more than adequate for your nocturnal duties. Excellent location for bars. Phone 63.2.8970548 or 63.2.67003333. Email : [email protected] Website : U$30/50-70 .. prices can vary. Includes buffet breakfast , I believe. Location , location , its got location for the P. Burgos St sex scene , right slam bam in the middle of it. See Nightlife Notes , P. Burgos St GoGo Bars No problem and no extra charge for bringing sexy girls here. Check it out.
    13. Century Citadel Hotel
    It is walking distance from the Burgos St sex strip. If you don't mind spending around U$40 and up for accommodation, this Hotel is worth checking out. Has a Restaurant and Bar. Overnight hookers no problem. Via : OR [email protected] , who will pick you up at the International Airport on arrival. A nice way to start , if your a newbie and want to stay in this pricey commercial area (not advised). Comment by one monger : " I thought the Century Citadel on Burgos Street is too old and does not have central AC". Thommo says : No harm in having a look at the rooms. Some folks are real fussy. I am fussy with the girls , not so fussy with the rooms , so long as the price is right ... T
    14. Other sex hotels Makati.

    Which I do not have sufficient info on as yet , monger friendly. If interested , taxi driver should know whereabouts of the following , not in any order , except first one seems to be popular : (a) City Garden , one block away from the action and P1500/2000 for a room. Some say , breakfast good here (P300). (b) Sunette Tower (c) CEO Suites , Jupiter St reputedly P1600 for a room (d) Robelle Hotel , Valdez St , P1200 and up , supposedly 10 mins walk to sex action in P. Burgos St. (e) Makati Palace on P Burgos St itself. Think it was the one I walked past last trip (f) St Giles walking distance to P. Burgos sex scene , 3/4 star , U$60/70 , per night. (for detailed info)
  6. aprilman

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    QUALITY HOTELS (U$100/150)
    More expensive hooker friendly Hotels :
    Located in Makati area ....
    Shangri la , Dusit Thani , Intercontinental (Disco on premises , but not many Freelancers amongst them) , New World $100/150 (opposite Cafe Havana , hooker joint , see nightlife page). Taxi drivers know em. Google for details. Usually these hotels are more careful with overnight hooker guests , checking girls ID etc. Walk of shame always a greater possibility too , with the higher priced places. Some girls might feel they are out of depth/uncomfortable , and others would love it , and expect you to pay much more than the going sex rates : )
    Mongers use all of the aforementioned 'quality' hotels , no worries. Quality hotels , quality mongers , quality girls ? : )

    15. NO SEX HOTELS (Ermita/Manila) :

    DESPERATE for one night accommodation (ok lower budget , non girlie places) ? Ermita/Malate area :
    GIRL (Hooker) FRIENDLY ? doubtful , but if running out of options , following would be fine for a one night stay , and convenient to La Cafe , G. Spot etc.
    I have personally tried the first one listed (Mabini Pension) :
    Mabini Pension : 1337 A Mabini St . Ph 63.2.523 3930. Fax : 63.2.524 5404. Internet : Reservations : [email protected] Fan room P680. Air Con room P1200. I briefly stayed there on one trip before a vacancy in Amazonia (see No.1 above , Lower Budget places). It was 'ok' lower budget , and not girl friendly. Location very good 3/4 mins to a place like MBC. See Short Time Hotels info below for screwing girls elsewhere , if necessary. I abstained until I got Amazonia , on return from Angeles.
    Lotus Garden : c/r A Mabini & P. Faura Sts , Ermita. Formely known as Royal Palm. Ph 522 15715Short walk 7/10 mins to La Cafe (Freelancers , see Nightlife Notes). P1200/1800/2200. Check : Not 100% sure can take girls back to room here. Ask them before paying for first night 'Overnight guests ok , no additonal charge' ? Its a red light district , should be ok. Update : Some say , rooms not so great.
    City Garden , Mabini St , Ermita. P2000 and up. Free wi-fi. Think girls allowed here. Reasonably well regarded. Better than Lotus Garden. Internet : (?)
    Bianca's Garden Hotel : 2139 Adriatico Street, Malate P1250 and up Nice atmosphere . Ph. 526 0351. Not 100% sure can take girls back to room here.
    Ermita Tourist Inn : 1549 A Mabini St c/r Soldado St Ermita Ph 63.2. 5218770 Fax 5218773. No website to date. P650/850/950 . Latest reports say nowadays , its a bit run down. Dont know , never got around to checking it out.
    Malate Pension 1771 Adriatico St , Malate. Courtyard , ambience , so they say. Malate is a young 'good girl' nightlife area. Good budget priced place but no overnights (ladies). Ph (63-2) 523 8304 (05.06) P1100-1400 (pos incl. breakfast) . All kinds of price structures/status of room/s. From cheap to lower budget. Clean , apparently. Maybe some cheap communal fan rooms too P200/500. Pos cheaps room are shared shower/toilet. Well regarded cheap non girlie accommodation . . ..... [email protected] .....

    Short Time Sex Hotels - Ermita (Manila)

    Suitable for sex with girls , 2/3 hrs , Ermita area :
    For guys who like to bang their girls/escorts/whoever : ) away from their regular hotel :
    (a). Amazonia is very close to MBC and its Freelancers. P600 See Amazonia Hotel above. Very first hotel listed. Same place.
    (b) . Sogo Hotel P300 for 3 hours (apparently) . Superior rooms P800 for 5 hours (also 'apparently' : ) . Sogo have ST Hotels scattered all over Manila. There is one in Ermita (ask taxi driver) , supposedly only 3 blocks from MBC/La Cafe , which maybe is still offering a discount card for your 2nd/3rd use of the place. I will add more info as I collect it.
    (c) Sohotel .... apparently not far from Swagman.
    (d) EDSA , apparently there is a Sogo Hotel nearby.

    Best to ask the girl a nearby place she likes. They know all the appropriate joints , and it's better one she feels comfortable with. Check her prices first , though , she could be on a commission (inflated price , place).
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    Centara Hotel, in Malate, Manila
    Was there recently hotel is brand new and had a small pool on the top floor
    still under construction.

    can still recommend it since brand new and the room i got was large with two beds both kingsize worth the prize

    has problems tough wlan not coverage in the room had to go down to reception
    shower had poor pressure so it is not a given i guess but nice to be in new hotel

    yes it is girl firendly
    they called from the reception and checked it was ok for her to leave when she left in the morning and this is a girl i know well

    there were several girlie bars close by second one to the right had nice girls the mama san clearly spelled out - you drink as much as you like during two hours for 500 pesos
    girl sitting with you is 300 pesos per girl she gave good impression by spelling out the rules.
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    I recently booked a Holiday to the Philippines with Gentlemen's Tours and at first i was bit concern as you would with any tour company you use for the first time. But I have to say the level of service was at the highest I ever experience.

    Gentlemen's Tours was very helpful in any request that i needed. I suffer from asthma and was having shortness of breath (asthma attack) i could not find my asthma pump and they managed to go to the pharmacy in the middle of the night and get me the ventolin pump that i needed and manage to call a local doctor to check up on me. They made my stay in the Philippines safe and that made the difference.

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