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Discussion in 'Phuket' started by sherryduets, May 9, 2013.

  1. sherryduets

    sherryduets New Member


    I'm curious abt it & I've seen people offering LDs to BGs & doing all nasty things.

    Does a LD entitle you to put ur hands on a BG?

    How is it looked at i nPattaya?
  3. No_Shame

    No_Shame New Member

    A ladydrink doesn't entitle you to anything except to sit and have a drink with the lady in question.

    Most BGs I have met don't mind if you put your hands on them, as long as you are gentle and don't go straight for the interesting bits. Buying a lady drink is always a good starter, but play it by ear. Move slowly and back off if you get any sort of negative reaction from the girl.
  4. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Buying a lady drink entitles you to continue buying lady drinks for her and her friends until you run out of money or finally bf her. It doesn't entitle you to anything else. What you do with a lady that you buy a drink for is entirely up to the lady. If she starts grabbing your crotch, it is usually a sign that she also wants to be played with. Go slowly and read her body language.

    Others who you buy a drink for may just say thank you and want to talk. They don't want your hands all over them.

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  5. hayashi

    hayashi New Member

    You are allowed to play fun games such as connect 4 buy the odd snack from a passing food vendor,and most important do not forget to buy your lady a lottery ticket.Other then that best let the ladies hands do the wandering.
  6. T_aus.

    T_aus. New Member

    damn!!...I always thought it meant she wanted another LD...
  7. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Only if she grabs your crotch with one hand and leaves the other free with her palm pointing upward. She may also be asking for more dosh.

  8. hayashi

    hayashi New Member

    I thought that was to distract you so she can cheat at connect 4 you know how much the hate to lose specially if there is money riding on the game.
  9. No_Shame

    No_Shame New Member

    In some bars you get a handjob if you buy a few ladydrinks.

    Beware though - the ladies in those bars can really throw those lady drinks back It often works out cheaper to barfine and ST a lady than it is to keep up with the ladydrinks.
  10. hayashi

    hayashi New Member

    Hello handsome man. Come inside have a look please. Welcome. Sit here OK. What you drink? Carlsberg no have. No have long time. Heineken same OK? Moment please. Have a look, many pretty lady for you.

    You want? You want lady sit you tell me. What? OK, I sit with you. You handsome man. Pen knon arai? You speak Thai? Nit noi? I speak English little bit. Where you come from? America? Cannot. I think you look same same Hong Kong. No? Not same? Your face I think no look American. Live America, OK, I know, but your face look—OK, OK, American.

    My name Lek.

    You stay hotel? Work Thailand? Have condo? How long you stay Thailand? One year, why you no speak Thai? You need Thai teacher? I teach you Thai. You like Thailand? Sanook di mai? Khao jai mai? Oh, you can speak Thai. Geng maak. How old you? I think you look younger. You look – very good, very good. Me? Twenty-two. Work here two year. I no see you here before, you not come? I used to dancing dancing but now just welcome. Dancing too much talk talk okay better.

    Can you buy me drink?

    I come Buri Ram. You know? Isaan. North-east Thailand. Very beautiful. Many girl work here come Isaan, you know? You go Isaan? No? Very hot. Bangkok better, have friend here. Live with my sister. Father mother me have farm in Buri Ram, rambutan. You know rambutan? Only summer, aloi maak. Very good but money no good. You have brother sister? No? stay alone? Have wife? No? Girlfriend? I think you have many many. No?


    Have no boyfriend. Have boyfriend before but no boyfriend now. Have Thai boyfriend Buri Ram but no good. Thai man no good, drink too much no work. I have farang boyfriend in Bangkok but he go back Israel. I no see him long time but he call me. He want me to stop work bar but he no give me money. I work bar send money to father mother Buri Ram, have no boyfriend. Have to take care sister me.

    You buy drink for my friend? My sister, name Noi. Not same sister me live together, this my sister work bar. You have friend, can go with Noi. No? You like other lady, you tell me I bring. Me? You like me? You want I go with you. Can pay bar fine 500 baht OK? You like me I happy can go with you. OK mai?

    Where you go?

    You no like me? Where you go? I go with you. We go dancing OK? Have disco open late, I know can go. You pay bar I go with you. What? Meet you? I meet you? Cannot. Work here. You pay bar I go. You no pay bar I no go. Pay bar OK? Work late. After? After work go home? Can go dancing, but go now. You pay bar I go now. Why you no pay bar? Where you go?

    OK, check. You give tip for me? No? You no like me? Where you go? Go home now? OK, I go with you! Just joking. Next time. You come back I go with you.

    Thanks to Mrs H for helping with this post.
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  11. Artisan

    Artisan New Member

    The chat & phonetics are spot on there hayashi & Mrs H. Had me laughing & reminiscing the whole way through.
  12. siege

    siege New Member

    Spot on hayashi word for word. Put a smile on my face. Thanks
  13. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    LOL!! That was a perfect a "T". How many of us met that same "Lek" on many occassions.

  14. furrymat

    furrymat New Member

    n i thought Lek only talked to me like that
    but my Lek is from bangkok so maybe my fantasy is true
  15. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    That is exactly my response as well Guy. Buying a lady drink entitles you to buy more lady drinks.

    And that's all I have to say about that... Wow,,,,magic legs.

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