Kuala Lumpur girls, girlfriendly hotels ?

Discussion in 'NightLife Asia' started by toliver, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. toliver

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    Going to KL for a conference. Any tips and tricks where to find girls there? According to my internet serarch the place to go seems to be Beach Club Cafe

    I have limited time, only three nights and maybe planning to meet some office girls I found from dating sites too.
    guestfriendly hotels Kuala Lumpur ?
  3. Samptt

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    there are lots of freelancers at beach club. but dont expect stunners nor local. heard will be up to RM300++ . massage parlours also hv these but very discreet.
  4. Samptt

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    Here is a Spa, where you can also pick from local and Chinese import to give you some extra treatment:


    The locals are soso...the Chinese used to be stunning...haven't been there for a year though....
  5. Bigbang

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    It's like a circuit...you enter the spa in the locker room...lock up your valuables and proceed to the shower...steam bath, sauna, etc. following the spa area is a lounge where you can get drinks, food, read the newspaper, surf the internet or watch the parade of the Chinese and local girls. If you fancy one, the papasan will take your "order". The gal will than take you to a cozy room where you do the deed. Back in the lounge you can also go for a normal massage (which actually is much better than the lousy Thai massages), have a haircut, manicure, shave or chill out in a cinema room. It's pretty relaxed....costs...well...not sure...my business partner usually picks up the bill. I'd guess the Spa basic package is 200 RM and another 150-200 for the gal.
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  7. popsico

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    Hi there we would really appreciate some help here ... going for 6 nights to KL and we wish to stay in a girl friendly hotel maybe 4 stars or 5 stars we don't mind paying more but we wish to guarantee having girls staying over maybe. Thanks in advance

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