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  1. Nortyoldman

    Nortyoldman New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I'll be in kowloon for 8 days towards the end of january..

    apart from 161sex.com are there any other sites, preferably
    with girls that speak english and will visit hotels?

    I have a dodgy knee and going up 1 or more flights of stairs
    is a slow and painful process only exaserbated by the return journey down..

  3. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    Those walk ups are shite, dirty shitholes with ugly women. Try K Pressure for a massage with rim job, 37 Dundas street for good time with a rim job or mongkok 8 for a fresh girl with a rim job, fuck those Chinese Ho's cant leave a mans asshole alone,

    Better stil get on a ferry to Macau , A mongers paradise, Darlings 1 +2 for a fishbowl, East, Rio's, Noble, sauna etc etc, Man o Man, what a place Macau is , not for the cheap charlies though, but I swear real beauties, Chinese, Mongolians, Africans , East euros

    Fuck I cant wait to get back there.

    L8ters geezer

    PS sorry i forgot about your knees but you can call girls agents( try 141) and they will tell you which hotel and room number to go to ( use the lift)BTW if you block your cell number or they wont answer.
  4. Nortyoldman

    Nortyoldman New Member

    many thanks, Fat Jesus, will be there for cny staying near kowloon star ferry terminal over the road from the cultural center.
  5. m66hrod

    m66hrod New Member

    So what's the scoop on Hong Kong & Macau? You guys mentioned 141 and 161....i checked them out and there seems to be a few nice girls...pretty cheap. How does it work? Just show up during the hours posted? Do you need to call ahead?

    I like the ideas of the MPs you all mentioned, but I'm really curious about these 141 & 161 girls. There's even a cute Japanese one there I'd like to try. Thanks!
  6. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    I would skip Hong Kong and head over to Macau, you can buy a voucher at the ferry port from one of the vendors for the Massage places in Macau and you get the price of the ferry thrown in.

    Maybe USD300 but you can eat , drink, surf the net massage of all sorts and even sleep overnight as well as the girls all in.

    I will get around to posting a report sometime bit for now believe me , if you are not on a tight budget get to Macau it is amazing.

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