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    I spent 8 days of my holiday in Korat, just before returning to BKK and I have to say that I had a great time there .

    It was the second time I went there, but I didn't remember too much from my previous stay. The first time was only a 2 or 3 days stay and a lot of brews have run down my throat since then .

    What I remebered was that I had stayed at the Chopaya Inn hotel. That's a nice place on Jomsurangyart Rd. with massage and karaoke etc., the problem was that their matraces are as hard as if they were made of concrete . I hadn't noticed it when I had checked in back then and was unpleasantly surprised when I went to sleep. So I knew that I wouldn't stay there and had a little odyssee until I finally found a place which was ok.

    I stayed the first night at the Chaiyaphruk Grand Hotel, don't let the name mislead you, it's a budget place. I had a room at the uppest level and it was ok until I returned in the evening, when an awful odor from the bathroom had creeped all over my room . The following night I stayed at a place called Honeymoon house or so, not far from the Chaiyaphruk Grand Hotel, just off Jomsurangyart Rd. Didn't like it either so moved again and then stayed at the Iyara Hotel Korat for the following 6 nights or so. It's a bit aged but rooms are large, sheets are spotless, no joiner fee, all usual amenities and all that for 500 B/n.

    Will post some infos on massage shops tomorrow.
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    Korat is quite a big province, did you spend all 8 days in the city,
    or did you move around aswell?
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    I spend time in the city of Korat only. I had planned to go to the Khao Yai national park, but then I liked the city very much and things went well there for me, so I changed my plans and stayed.
  5. ThaiMax

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    Soapie massages: there is number of soapies there, I can't list them all, but at least about 3 I can report ( however there are more than 3, Korat is a larger city ).

    The most popular or best known one is called Ginza Entertainment, additionally to the massage it has a Snooker hall. It's in Jomsurangyart Rd, just opposit of the Klang Plaza mall ( in that mall next to the foodland upstairs there is an AEON atm ). The parking was filled with upmarket cars, the Thais who can afford it like to go there and have a good time. I went in there and wasn't impresed with what was on offer, one of the waiters said that most of the girls were engaged with customers and for the ones who were left ( and weren't first or second choice ) they were still asking for 1900 B, so I left again.

    Another one didn't convince me either, the girls which I saw didn't attract me. Price is 1500 B. Follow Jomsurangyart Rd away from Ginza ( with Ginza to your left ) until you come to a junction with a Shell gas station, there turn right and follow the road until it ends in a T-junction. There on the left side is the place. I came by another evening and saw two very attractive girls going in there, so it might be worth to check out.

    The thrid one is called Paza massage, it's on Jomsurangyart Rd right next to the Chaiyaphruk Grand Hotel. On my first evening I had seen that massage and thought it must be worth to check out in the next couple of days, so during my stay I went there 3 times. They have a fish bowl, girls on the left are 1000 B and on the right side they're 1500, those in the middle cost some what in between. The rooms are ok with a large bed and a large bath tub, the program is like at Annies, she gives you a good wash in the tub, then bbbj and covered boom-boom on the bed.

    I had a stunning girl for 1500 who's service was very good, a nice girl for 1300 who serviced me fine and then I had a 1000 Baht girl. That time I went there early afternoon and there wasn't a lot of choice, she looked nice and I wondered why she would go for 1000 B, so I asked the waiter if she's a mom, but he said no. So I asked him about her service quality and he said she is very good, so off we went. Her body was nice, no baby marks, her service however was terribly mechanic and that turns me off. But sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.

    Jomsurangyart Rd has quite some other massage shops were you can get hj and more. They offer Thai massage and oil massage in VIP rooms.
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    Khao Yai is a very nice place, many excellent places to stay, at good prices.
    Lots of nice nature, small lakes, rivers etc in the area. Good place for hiking.

    Dunno about night life though.
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    Freelance street walkers: There must be several freelance areas (Korat is big), I know one only and that is near the Klang Plaza mall. If you pass the mall on Jomsurangyart Rd and the mall is on your left than turn left on the junction just after that mall. That road is called Thannon Ratchadamnoen. To your right you will pass the Thao Suranari Memorial and some Klong. You will come to a junction, stop there and go right into the Plaza. I was surprised that most of that 7 or 8 girls there were around 18-25 and were pretty. There is even some sort of mamasan around, ST is 500 B for a non Thai speaking farang. I didn't find the time to sample the quality there, I was busy with another girl....
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    ....Myself I was very lucky. On my second day there I went to a straight massage shop for a Thai massage. The woman who massaged me was about end thirties or fourty and she was quite mature, those kind of women usually give the best massage. The Thai massage was very good in deed. During that 2 hour course I saw several of the other women working there and they were all 40 and older and mature, except for two who are nice and in their mid-twenties. I kept turning my head to one of them , the woman who massaged me noticed that and started to make fun of me and of course she immediately informed her collegue that there was a farang interested in her . That nice girl was massaging another collegue, the other young lady in the shop, both were attractive and we started talking and at the end of the massage I was asked if wanted to come along with them for dinner that evening. And yes, I wanted .

    I came back a bit later to meet up with them and so it turned out that I would go out with 4 of them, the two young ones and two older mature women. I wasn't happy about it in the beginning, but then we were just going to one of those buffet bbq places ( I love them ) and I was looking forward to that, so I wasn't too disappointed. The dinner was wonderful, the pretty young one I had watched in the shop sat next to me and was taking good care of me, my plate was never empty and at the end I had eaten at least for two hungry farangs. I had expected that I would be paying for all of them ( of course ), but to my surprise they already had checked the bill when I returned from the toilette and all they wanted from me was my share of the bill, 150 Baht incl. Tip.

    All 5 of us had been drinking water with the dinner ( we don't drink alcohol along with lunch/dinner ) and now they said that they want to go out and drink some Whiskey. So I bought the Whiskey and with 3 of them ( the two young ones and one mature babe ) we went to a place they call Bangkok something, opposit is a discotheque again called Bangkok something. We had gone there by taxi because the girls warned me about the Korat police doing alcohol tests and to say it right away, when we returned later the whole highway was closed and everybody was checked on booze, so be careful with that if you ever go to Korat. The first place was a bit boring, some life music, some dancers and in between longer sequencies with Thai comedy ....(no comment ), but in general we got a bit closer, had some drinks etc....finally we went to the disco opposit, that was awful. Techno pop and other crap , very loud...I stuffed some paper tissue into my ears and got a good laugh from the girls for that. However eventually I got her phone number and a one-on-one rendevous for the next evening, wonder why she would let me wait for so long ...

    The next day we went out for dinner and then on a drink, finally to my hotel room and everything was fine . Now I liked Korat a lot. Until we were back to my room I hadn't noticed that she has a tongue piercing, I usually don't like that too much. Another girl once had sucked me off and played around with her piercing, when my cock came out of her mouth it was bleeding, that left poor memories for bj with pierced tongues. However I have to say that she knows very well how to please with it without injuring you , she's far away from being a shy virgin, she's quite experienced, even if she works in a straight shop. She never told me where she's been working before etc, I never asked her either. So the following days she would be working at daytimes and meet up with me in the evenings, except for one evening when she said that she had no time because a good customer had asked to see her for an oil massage in late evening. Well, I know what you think, I thought the same and I didn't care. I'm there for a week or 8 days and I won't be sending cheques when I'm back home, so she has to look for alternatives ...

    That evening I went to a place where I had been with her and the other young massagista on one of the previous evenings. The place is calld "Baan Korat" and it's one of those country live clubs, I had great fun whenever I went there. She was in there looking great and she was on the piss. As soon as she saw me she pulled me to her table. She was wearing a sexy looking very tight dress and she started to lap dance and rub her bum on my cock. Everybody on the tables around looked at us. Some girls got the rhythm and she's one of them. There was a drunk Thai on the next table and he was on fire for her. I was a bit concerned about him and her teasing me now and she complained about that Thai and that he was molesting her and I should protect her . Luckily one of the friends of that Thai noticed how things might go wrong and finally that whole group left the place, what a relief as she was still rubbing my lap with her bum and everybody looked at her, and then at me . I hurried to get some drinks down so I could match up with her state of mind, she was really on the piss . And it was only after some drinks that I noticed that again another girl from the massage shop was on the next table behind me. I imagined how she would be calling my honey that night and would tell her how I had made out with her collegue ...

    After the place had closed down we had a 20 minute discussion in front of the place 'cause I had told her that I would go back to the hotel on my own and she wouldn't accept that. "I need you tonight" she said and she kept singing that song to me "I want to fuck you, fuck you...". I felt like a bloody fool ( and I guess I was one )saying no to her, but I just didn't want to find out how the other girl would react if she was informed by the third girl, so I left on my own...

    The other nights I spend with my massage darling and three times I had some afternoon fun in Paza massage. Plenty of good restaurants, a fine food nightmarket just opposite from my hotel and plenty of drinking places, some farang bars as well. So it's a good place, I had a great time there.

    Motorbike rent is possible at a place called Diamond Yont. The owner is called Surachai and he speaks some English, phone 081 8787367 or [email protected]
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    Max, you just have way too much time on your hands and you are obviously thoroughly enjoying it!

    I suggest in order to make this a lot more fair to those on the forum who are unable to have this same lengthy experience is to divide up your holidays in shorter packets and provide them to the rest of us poor mongers who are indeed less fortunate...no, no, of course not, I don't mind taking the first set...
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    Can't wait to go back. The first two days at the office were terrible . I can't wait another 25 years to go there for good .

    I sometimes thought about splitting up my holidays, then I wouldn't have to wait that long in between to return...but then again I take it as it comes. Who knows how long I'll be able to take those trips, how long my health will be fine etc....

    Good for anyone who can have an escape every once in a while. If things work out good I'll be back in mid February .

    oh yes, about providing my split up holidays to the rest of you poor mongers, negative, but I'll drink a brew on all of you next time .
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