Kl - 7-9 August 2010

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    Road trip to KL from Singers with 3 other buddies. Left Singers about 1530 hrs, reached Hotel in Tung Shin around 1930 hrs.

    KL buddy brought us for dinner at Petaling Street (Chinatown). 6 BBQ seafood dishes + non-alcoholic drinks. Bill came up to be less than RM110.

    Back to hotel.

    Rewind 2.5 months, hooked up with this thai MP girl who had superb bedskills and promised to meet again for some fun and games the next visit.

    Called her up. Said she was going to Hatyai the next morning and then back to CM cause she's homesick. Shit, no lady for the night It was already 2300 hrs. Decided to go the same MP (just opposite the hotel I was staying) where I found her. Had a 2 hour massage with this nice Thai lady who is from Issan. She's kinda fair and speaks decent English.

    Nearing the end of the massage, I asked her if she would like to spend the rest of the evening with me.

    She replied:"I have to work till 0300 hrs!"

    I said:"wtf? That is abuse. Can I pay for another 2 hours of massage and you leave with me? I am staying at the hotel opposite, room XXX."

    She replied:"OK."

    Got dressed and paid up and returned to my room. 10 mins later - "ding dong". She looked great in her non-working attire. She entered the room and straight away dropped in the bed. I asked:"do you wanna go out and have some drinks?". She said:"No, I just want to give you a good time first and then have a good sleep." I replied:"Ok. Shall we have a shower together since I am still oily from the massage?" She:"Of course!"

    Stripped and proceeded to the bathtub. She bathed me and occasionally washed and fondled mr. happy. Soap and elbow massaging my back is one of my favs. She did that. Then she got into the tub and started to make mr. happy enjoy hypertension! She had decent boobs, shaved pussy and a superb hands. Stayed in the tub for 30 mins and we dried up and got into bed.

    I laid on the bed and next thing I knew I was being blown and mr. happy was rock hard. Her oral skills were top notch, and she signed languaged to me that she wanted CIM. Since I had been busy the past 4 days with stressful work, I gave her 4 days worth of concentrated barley juice. Did she swallow? Yeah. Every single drop of it. I was spent, throughly enjoyed it. Switched on the TV, watched a little of it and she fell asleep, naked in my arms between the sheets.

    I dozed off too. 2 hours later I woke up. She was looking at me! Me:"What?" She said:"long time no make love. I want now." Me:"Ok. make me hard now!"

    Oral skills came to play. Mr. happy was rock hard again. On with the condom. She rodeo-ed me. A couple of positions and her numerous orgasmic reactions later, Mr. happy's hypertension was reduced to humility. The afterglow was sensational. Spent and satisified. She said:"You make love very good. One more time in the morning before I go to work, ok?". I pretended to doze off with a smile on my face.

    My morning wood arrived. She was still sleeping. I turned her over and started kissing her boobs. Nice 34C boobs. In no time, her nipples erected. She then woke up when my fingers tickled her clit. I signalled to her to just enjoy it. She had a couple of orgasms. I laid back and she started again. She asked me how I wanted it. I told her my liquid breakfast will make her boobs bigger and she playfully slapped Mr. happy who was gonna suffer from hypertension again.

    She actually knew when I was gonna cum and stopped and prolonged the erection. 40 mins later, I just had to release the load. Like the first time, every drop of it. I asked her how she was so skillful, she replied:"I used to work in Posiedon as a waitress! The girls there gave me advice!" LOL.
    I was trying to piece everything together - working in a MP in Malaysian capital at age 26, superb skills, ex-waitress in Posiedon, etc etc. What the heck, stop thinking Beefy.

    We showered together again and got hard again and I asked if I could rear entry her. Yeah, she said. "cuz long time no shit". With the aid of some soap, I managed to slip my condomed pecker into her dumphole and fucking hell, it was sensational. The cum was mindblowing and the insides kneading my pecker - I just cannot describe it. Fucking glorious. Cleaned up and dressed. I wanted to give her some money, she refused and said:"I enjoy too much with you. I want stay with you tonight again". "Err.... ok, you better get to work."

    To be continued....
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    Great story. Looking forward to Part 2....
  4. confidential

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    Most entertaining and graphic field report right up until the last bit where you scared the shit out of me when you squashed the shit into her!

    I'm now worried about Part 2...

  5. agentbond007

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    He was just being a gentleman by "pushing in her stool".
  6. Beefy

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    Part 2 .... Sunday 8 August 2010.

    She left and I met my mates for a light breakfast. Discussed the previous night's activities over coffee, noodles and local fare. I had promised my mates a Japanese Buffet lunch at Equatorial Hotel because of I had gotten lucky through the lottery . We made our way to the hotel and had a slightly above average japanese buffet spread. Nothing really to rave about. Highlight of the buffet was the beef and baked oysters. Had our fill and mates and I had seperate plans. They wanted to do some shopping (yukks!) and I wanted a massage.

    Back to the hotel. Decided to go the MP next to the one I picked up the previous night. Walked it, requested for an hour of foot massage and 2 hours of oil massage. In came a thai masseuse speaking english to me:"Hi sir, one hour foot massage then 2 hours oil massage?". "Yes". She was average looking, skinny and had big headlamps attached to her chest. She brought out a tub of herbal water for me to soak my feet. While soaking my feet, she came behind me and started kneading my back and neck. While doing that, she pressed her boobs and crotch area towards my back! WTF! She offered a cheeky smile and went off to discard the water. The foot massage started. Made small talk with her, told her I was staying at the hotel opposite. Age 28, from Yasothon, nice set of teeth and a killer smile! Working in KL to support her parents and her youngest sister who is studying in Chulalongkorn University. Blah blah blah whatever.

    Then the oil massage. "Face down", she said. "You are very tired" after kneading some of my back muscles. If you only knew what transpired 18 hours ago was the thought that came to my mind. I told her that my cock would hurt in I were in 'face down' position too long. She laughed. She straddled me and her croctch kept rubbing me whenever she had the opportunity. The oil massage was good, enjoyed it. "Turn over", she said. I did that. I opened my eyes and looked at her. That cheeky smile again. I asked:"What time do you finish work today?". She whispered:"Today my off day but boss tell me come back working. You are last customer." I typed into my mobile phone my room number and pointed to the hotel I was staying. She gave me a look and said in thai that she wanted to eat first. I said:"Ok, we go together. We meet outside the shop later". She agreed.

    The famed food street (Jalan Alor) was just adjacent to where we were. I was still quite full from lunch but she wanted to have some thai food. A plate of somtum would be nice for me. She was unlike the thai women I knew. She ordered what she wanted to it and that was it. Bill came up to RM40 and included a bottle of Carlsberg for us. I was admiring her boobs when she tucked into her food. During dinner, I invited her up to my room and she said ok but she had to leave around 10 pm. That was ideal for me! I could watch the Charity Shield football match at a nearby pub after some fun with her and later the previous night's MP lady will stay over. Best arrangement!

    715 pm. Back to the hotel room. Switched on the TV, asked her if she would like to shower together and she replied:"NO". Ok, let me have my shower first. Had a quick shower, swallowed a cialis tablet, dried up and went to my travel bag for some cotton buds when I realised she was already naked under the sheets. Another cheeky smile and I was ready for her. After a little foreplay, I was hard. WTF. Back came the memories of this morning's sexercises and the adventures of my pecker in the dumphole was still lingering. I asked if she had any oral skills. She replied:"I am shy". Me:"No need be shy, we are all adults. Do you want to try?" She:"No, but can put here (pointing to her boobs, referring to a breastfuck)." Why not? With a set of intimidating boobs that was engaging in silent erotic talk with me (Yeah, I am psycho, I think too mutt). I went to bathroom to get my shower gel for lube. She put some of it on her cleavage and some of it on my one-eyed snake and got down to boobfucking. Sensational.

    It turned out to be one of the best boob fucks I have ever experienced. There was no need for a condom and I was surprised with the volume of my cum, it seemed to be like forever! One of the best facials I have offered. She did swallow some of it. As Mr. Happy was wilting, she decided to take it in her mouth to suck the remainder of the offerings. Shy? Fuck off. She's a sexperienced semen vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaning somewhat got me 80% hard again. I told her: "Go for it and RM 250 for you if you can!" It seemed to take forever but she managed it. No 2 blowjobs are the same . The 2nd cumming was satisfying but different - can't describe it. I was real fucking tired after that. She cleaned and dressed up. Paid her and exchanged mobile numbers and then she said goodbye. Will I call her when I am in KL again? Maybe. The boobs were still talking to me.

    So, the arrangement with MP lady #1 was that she will call me when she finishes work. I hope that would be around 0200 hrs. It was time to watch Chelsea vs Manure in the Charity Shield where I had a wager on Manure to win back home. Met my mates at the pub and we ordered our beers and snacks. Things were looking good at half-time. Manure was up 1-0. Told myself, keep it up Manure, you're paying for my fucks! More beer ordered. One of my mates was all horny, a Thai chick approached our table and he welcomed her. He has decided on her for the night. Sweet young thing. 22 years old I was told. Sweet young thing brought another friend over and my other mate got interested too. Match ended, Manure 3-1 Chelsea. Lucky lucky me!

    The 2 sweet young things drank alot and my mates decided on supper and off we went. My mates went for the famed frog porridge. I ordered some BBQed chicken wings and the sweet young things ordered smelly food, yeah, you guessed right. Somtum plarlar and BBQed cuttlefish with prawn paste. Walked back to the hotel around 0115 hrs. Back to my room, decided to rot in bathtub for some time. Recieved MP lady #1's call about 0145 hrs and said she was coming over.

    Ding dong! I opened the door and there she was. I could see she had a heavy duty day. Gave her a big hug and she returned it wholeheartedly. I told her:"You sleep here. Don't think of make love too much, ok?" She nodded. We stripped and got into bed and started talking about Bangkok and my favourite places in Thailand. I was tired but she kept chattering away. Then she said:"I can't sleep, I want eat you now. Maybe after eat I can sleep." Me:"Please, my pleasure!"

    She enjoyed my seminal emission and we slept like logs after that.

    One more round in the late morning. Did it in the bathroom. It was good, the usual suck and fuck thingy. No need for rear entry this last round cuz she already did the dump the previous morning! Gave her RM500 as I was feeling generous. Would I meet her again? Absolutely. Superb oral skills.

    Checked out and made our way to Melaka where we absorbed the sights and little shopping. We then enjoyed some fine dining Peranakan (Nonya) food. Got fined by traffic cops on the way back. Offered bribe RM100 and we were speeding again. Exited Tuas checkpoint at 8 pm and Singapore was celebrating it's 45th birthday.

    Field report completed.

    Thanks for reading!
  7. agentbond007

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    Good report. Excellent attention to detail. You have made many of us members jealous. I am living vicariously through you at the present.

    Party on Beefy.....
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    Nice post Beefy...what hotel did you stay at in KL? I travel there occasionally for work and could use a few more MP opportunities..
  9. Beefy

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    long9john: I stayed at yy38 hotel. It's along Changkat Tung Shin. RM140 for saturday night and RM120 for sunday night. The MPs are along the same road. "The Tropical Spa" and "AKP Massage" are their names.

    You could try Radius International Hotel too. It's just another 30-40 paces away!
  10. long9john

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    Thanks Beefy, I will be in KL shortly and give them a shot....and some RM to boot I am sure.

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