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    After 2 nights and one day in BKK and a one day stopover in Surat Thani I had made my way to Khanom.

    I had first heard of it about 2 years ago. A French guy whom I had met somewhere in the Suk had told me about this beautiful beach place which was slowly developing, but still was a laid back resort.

    The lonely Planet book has only one page about it, saying it looked like a beach of Ko Samui had drifted to the main land...

    They expected a boom in the Khanom tourist business, but then the political riots 2 years ago stopped many projects there. Accommodation there is mostly upmarket, you do find budget places around 700B/night though, but you'll have to search a bit.

    After I had found a good place and had rented a motorbike I went driving around a bit, and it really has some beautiful beaches there.

    Without even asking for it a German long time tourist gave me very useful information towards the p4p scene.

    No matter how remote the area might be, even small places where you don't expect it, there are always some shag shops around. Wonderful Thailand!

    There was nothing really around my accommodation ( Ao Nai Phlao ), but then going to Khanom and continuing to the next town, about 4 km away, the situation changes. There are shag shops at the market and on the road which leads to the electric utility and around the electric utility. I estimate that there is a total of about 35 shops there, a lot more that I expected.

    Some of them disguise as massage shops, others as karaokes or as bars. Again in others they won't even ask if you want a drink, they will offer you boom-boom before you have gotten off you bike.

    There are nice girls in those shops, there are some real dragons and there are plenty of average girls. The price of a quick shag in a seedy back room is 300 Baht. A BJ is 500 Baht.

    Only few girls give a BJ, usually those are more towards 30 than 20. I had a fav. girl there, she knows her business well.

    To the 300 Baht shags, I'd like to say this:

    You get what you pay for. Don't expect any GF experience there. No deep wet kissing. You shower, she takes off her clothes, you should erect instantly, put on a condom, fuck her and finish within a few minutes.

    Sometimes I like that, but sometimes I'm looking for some more care and attention. I don't always function like a machine and I had a lousy experience there...the BJ girl had to make up for it since I could not function with that other bitch.

    In some other shop there was a very good looking girl of maybe 28 years, after a drink I asked her for her rates and she was asking for 3000 Baht . I left after my drink and went to the next shop, just next door. There I was offered a Thai massage for 300B( which in that shop translates to pure sex, no massage at all ). A big tittie girl took me upstairs and seemed to be very happy to provide.

    Some more directions:

    From Khanom go to Thong Nian and continue on that road. You will cross a bidge and right after that bridge on the left hand side there is a market. Behind that market there are 6 or 7 shops. Continue on the road which you had come on from Khanom another 250 meters and the road will make a turn to the right, you can also go straight ahead and turn on to another road and finally there is again another road turning to the right just before that main road itselfs turns to the right ( a bit confusing isn't it? follow the main road's turn to the right and you will pass by another 3 or 4 knock shops). Follow that smaller road to the right until you come to a petrol station, after that turn right. Shortly after that you will see the lights, there's about 10 shops there and there is a side soi which consists of nothing but shag karaokes. Careful there, some of the girls looked too young. Those places in that side soi are also of poor reputation amongst the expats there, too often trouble there...I was told that there even have been killings there...

    Eventually I agreed on paying a higher price and there was given a lot more time and a lot more attention. Maybe best to try out with whom you get along best and negotiate a fair price for both sides. The local expats fear that tourists who pay more will ruin the prices for them, but you get what you pay for and a quick 300 b shag is not always what we're looking for.
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    What I forgot to write in my OP is that there were plenty of girls who would not go with a farang.
    They said that a farang cock would be too big for them.
    I took the hand of one those girls and made her feel the size of my toy and although I am only an average sized guy she still wouldn't go with me, only go with Thai she said.
    Good they don't all have this attitude.
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    Well Thaimax, would you book yourself as a sex tourist? I'd like to see what you looked like, coz maybe it's yer face keeping the girls away, not the size of yer Jt!

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