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    Names have been changed to protect the 'innocent'
    or is it the ................. 'guilty' ? ... : )

    "This Thai Chick walked into my room. She was sent by a Thai gal I had been talking to the night before at the Chiangrai Night Market. Didn't put the hard word on the 'Market' gal , whom I will call 'Ket' , bought her a few drinks and had a chat to her thats all. Admittedly I told her where I was staying , in the hopes she might call in one day , but alas she had sent a friend of hers and surprise , surprise , a much better looking gal than Ket herself.
    This gal in my room , was not a midget ..... good height , above average boobs , wonderful legs and of course that Thai smile that western women would give half an arm for. A smile that is both friendly , charming and seductive , all at the same time. Thais are the most seductive babes I have ever come across. And yet , for me personally , Filipinas (Philippines) are the sexiest.
    This Thai girls name was Tuk as in tuk tuk , the 3 wheeled taxi variety we catch some times. She sat down on the bed side and smiled , saying nothing.
    I said , hello , you friend of Ket. She nodded yes , still smiling. Sex vibes were oozing from her body (and her mind , or was it only my imagination ? : ). Was she sent here for me to bang ? . It all looks like a sex proposition to me. Hang on , is this a trannie/katoey (lady boy) , I am looking at ? . Post-op type with nice boobs and all that ?
    I check for the Adams Apple - nil. Then the feet and hands , nope 'she' is normal in that respect. Only way to find out is to take her gear off . But what if I have misinterpreted the situation ?
    So I ask : Do you live in Chiangrai ?
    She replies : "Yes , but I am a hilltribe girl , looking for work in Chiangrai. My parents could not afford to keep me any longer , so I decided to come to town and look for work". This is all in broken English of course , not as I have just written.
    Did you find a job ?
    "No have"
    Where you sleep ?
    "Kets house".
    Oh yes , Ket is a nice girl who has job in a Department Store.
    "She lucky , she job".
    PS : I dont mind if the girl cant speak English. Her English is about as good as my Thai. Its the body and the attitude that counts , not the 'verbals' : )
    So , I say to her :
    Where did you look job ?
    "Many , but man just want make love , don't want give job".
    Yes , well you are a good looking girl , I understand why everyone want to make love to you. She smiled and squirmed around on the bed , and in doing so , displayed her nice long legs and thighs under that soft black dress which was drawn up above her knees and half way along her thighs. Wish it was drawn up all the way. Patience Thomas , patience : )
    Well , it's not hard to understand why the interviewers wanted to poke her. Poking to get a job in a country the Philippines is not that uncommon , but maybe uncommon in Thailand ? Don't know as much about Thai culture/life styles as I do the Philippines : )
    Or is it that this Thai girl wants to poke for greenbacks/$ (falang) and not Thai peanuts ? Is that why she has been sent to me , so she can make money to help friend Ket pay the rent ?
    Maybe you get job as hostess , many falang like you , I said.
    "No , job hostess , prostitute. No like prostitute".
    Well , you have to exploit your good looks. You need to take lessons in English and then maybe you get job as tourist guide ?.
    "Yes , i like , but no money English". Well , I can teach you , and maybe I can pay for your English lessons.
    "You good man , big heart , jai dee".
    Have you eaten today ? "No , me hungry".
    OK let's go and eat.
    "Me like Thai Restaurant , not falang restaurant". OK
    by me , no problems , a little bit of cockroach protein will do me good : ).
    "We go , good Thai Restaurant".
    So , we leave the room , hail a tuk tuk and lob into her favourite restaurant , consume humungous amounts of scrumptious 'cockroach laden' food and then what ?
    I thought to myself , Hey , this is a gem , not yet in the whoring trade but verging on it. So I handed her Baht 100 and asked her if she'd like to go to a Disco that night. She said , "yes me like Disco". And so the date was set.
    You know , fella's sometimes it pays not to poke the gal straight away , like a cookie in the oven , let it 'mature'. When you delay the poke , the gal and yourself are more excited and the first round and relationship can be just that much better.
    So , I decided , if this girl is offering herself to me , I will delay and saviour it , cause she is special , great looks , untouched/unspoiled by the whoring trade and yet willing to whore herself ........... I hope , fingers crossed : )
    Ah , yes , do not rush this one , saviour it : )
    "So I gave beloved Tuk the customary Baht100. I do the same in the Philippines ..... Pesos100 , to all and sundry. I do it all the time. Greases/oils the system. She's got fares and an early snack before Disco time and she has got $$$$ bells ringing in her head , ha ha.
    No doubt , she's got designs on me and I've got designs on her too. So long as its mutually beneficial/friendly who is to worry ? Ha ha , d' life ........ wouldn't trade it for anything.
    To make sure I could go the distance with her that night I had a one hour siesta that afternoon , showered , polished my shoes and ate at my favourite Restaurant Bier Stube and drank my favourite Thai Beer , Klosters , although its availability in Thailand is getting harder and so sometimes I have to drink a substitute ......... Beer Chang , but for me Klosters is preferred. Soft , goes down easy and leaves a nice 'after taste'.
    Just like a good woman , soft (not masculine) , goes down easy (on the dick) , and leaves a nice taste/memories : )
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    Yes , well so I put on my best rags , comb my hair ever so carefully , and dream of the great night I am going to have with Ket and Tuk. It's gonna cost me some , viz lots of drinks etc but no more than a short time with a moll , ha ha.
    The problem for me is , going the distance at Disco's. I am an early bird by nature , ie , up early and to bed early. When I'm overseas prowling , I like to snare my babe by 10pm latest , then back to the room for some all night hokey pokey. But the disco scene doesnt get started till 12 m/n. Soos nalang ! The things we'll do for a shag : )
    Ket and Tuk agreed to meet me at Bier Stube Restaurant , not far from the Night Bazaar. I sat at the tables out at the front waiting for the bewitching hour , 10pm when they agreed to call. Of course 10pm came and went , nothing unusual about that in Thailand or the Philippines. Asian dames are not punctual. Even so , I decided to wait no more than 45 mins , stuff em , I do not like hanging around. I am punctual , and I expect others to be reasonably punctual , but know that is 'mission impossible' with Asian dames , so I wait and I wait , it's now 10.30pm and no sign of the 'bitches' , ha ha.
    10.45pm came and no sign of them , "bugger them" , thought I , I'm off to the Disco that Tuk mentioned as her favourite. Maybe this Tuk thing is all bullshit , you know , sweet smiles and nothing else. Maybe I have been imagining that she is interested in me ?. I've got enough Klosters in the tank now to dance like 'Michael Jackson' (the horror) , so lets go !
    Walked a few short metres down from Bier Stube to Chiangrai Night Market area and caught a Tuk Tuk (not Tuk : ) to 'Explode' Disco , which was all the rage at the time. It's changed its name since then : ) Cost me Baht160 entrance , gals free. At the door they took my camera off me , "no cam-a-laah" (camera) as they pronounce it : ) Oh well , most probably would not get an opportunity for some shots anyway.
    In I go , joint still not jumping , its only 11pm. Grab a good table near dance floor , where I can catch the eye of the falang hungry babes on the dance floor. When they stop dancing and leave the dance floor , they can pass by my table and thats the time for me to motion them to sit down at my table , and have a drink , getting the message across , "this Joe (falang) is willing to spend money". Yeh , it has worked before , so why not now ?
    But as I say , right now , its very quiet in this giant of a Disco. One thing about Thai Discos .... they are BIG , even in a little town like Chiangrai !
    Yep , the girls in here are showing interest in me , I'm the only falang so far. My , these gals are gorgeous , lovely dresses , such sexy romantic body language too. They are such a dainty lot these Thais. Feminine to their back teeth. It's a shame western women went down the feminist path , resulting in a more masculine variety. If and when I want masculinity , I'll talk to a guy : )
    That's what we miss among other things in our western women : femininity.
    Hope , in my life time at least , femininity and daintiness never goes out of fashion , both in Thailand and the Philippines.
    So dainty little Thai disco cuties keep flitting past me , on to the dance floor and off the dance floor , all the time. I judge that , the place is not yet crowded enough or the girls inebriated enough for them to stop and sit with me yet. I will wait until the joint gets jumpin' and then try and attract some cuties to my table. Sitting up like jackey on these bar stools with a small round table , isn't all that comfortable , but I've got to be near the action (dance floor). No good sitting at the back of the disco in a lounge chair , nothing is likely to happen there.
    So its a matter of 'Spider and Fly' , all over again , ha ha. I sit their patiently , eyes darting hither and thither waiting for a Fly to fall into my web of deception : )
    Fortunately early on in these Disco's , they have live shows with cutie singers etc . Helps to wile away the time. Gotta space out my drinks too , or I will fall off the bar stool , and risk making a fool of myself , when I eventually get an opportunity to talk to the gals : )
    Yeh , need more food in the tank , that will help me go the distance. Ordered some 'chicken and basil leaf' , my favourite. Gobbled it down , now feeling better , less 'wonky'.
    Then I look at my watch , aah its nearing 12 m/n the joint is warming up , about 50% full , it wont be long now.
    And then surprise , surprise , an ever so gentle tap tap on my shoulder , I look around and who should be there but ............ my dreamboats .....Tuk and Ket !!
    They'd tracked their favourite ATM down : )
    "You no Bier Stube" ?
    Oh yes , I wait until 11pm , you no come , so I go (smiling all the time).
    "We ploblem (problem) ... solly (sorry)"
    Which reminds me , have you ever heard a Thai say the word : 'Sprite' (the soft drink). ?
    It's amusing the way they say it : S' pite .
    No "r" , they have difficulties with 'r'.
    And we falangs have difficulty with just about EVERY Thai word. We think we are pronouncing Thai correctly but I have got it from the horses mouth , an elderly Thai English Teacher who has worked for extended periods with falangs , that 99% of falangs are pronouncing Thai very badly , "but we tell them , you very good" , ha ha !
    Anyway , back to the Disco , Tuk and Ket.
    So , my loveboat Tuk has arrived .......... good.
    They both look great , mine dressed in black again. Asian gals look great in black.
    Ket had Jeans and midriff showing , ok , but not as elegant as Tuk's long flowing black pleated dress.
    Where did Tuk get the money to buy that dress , methinks ?
    Hilltribe girl and a great dress , doesnt make sense : )
    Maybe its Ket's ?
    Asians can dress smart on a dime , no probs.
    So the girls sit down , Ket orders for all three of us and the party begins.
    The music is excessively loud and the bass is turned on full blast , so much so that I can feel my chest being depressed in and out , to the beat : )
    We boogie and dance the night away and then all of a sudden , its over.
    Everyone exits the Disco to the hundreds of parked motorbikes outside.
    The guys half/full drunk perform for the girls , taking off at great speed , some competing with each other. Innocent little gals poodle off on their Honda Dreams , grinning from ear to ear. Thais are natural smilers.
    So , the three of us catch a tuk tuk ...... Ket has ideas of continuing the party.
    "We go sing sing place" ?. OK , who am I to argue : )
    A little out of town , thatched roof and all that , chocka's full of Thai guys , few gals about , only Thai gals were those singing on stage. Its a garland place where you buy the singer (aka , whore : ) garlands.
    I did not feel comfortable in this place , Thai guys drunk , grinning and staring at us. I convey my feelings to Ket , who agrees to split after only one drink. Phew ! , relieved , cause I've got two hotties the Thai guys would love to scew , they are drunk , its after 2am and we are out of town. ....... Recipe for trouble methinks : )
    So we split from the Garland place , much to the passing comments of the boys. All spoken in Thai of course and maybe not so complimentary. Sometimes , ignorance is bliss : ) Luckily for us there is a standby Tuk Tuk parked outside , I dont care how much he charges us , as long as he gets us out of there fast. Ket gives instructions to the driver in Thai , I sit back and away we go.
    Tuk Tuk Taxi pulls up outside a house. "Thank You Mr Thomas , you kind man".
    I think ......... so thats it ?
    I smile , wave both of them goodbye and the Tuk Tuk takes off.
    Round.1. and my beloved Tuk has won : )
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    Next day I decide not to fuck around , go to Sinambin Road and/or Wat Whore House and get myself a bang.
    To hell with these 'nice girls' , they are not worth the hassle.
    I wake up next morning with a mild hangover , go through the usual ritual , smorgasbord breakfast/lunch , then that evening , tomato salad at Bier Stube some Klosters and then off on my rented Honda Dream motorbike to 'Wat Whore House' and Sinambin Road. The only places left standing after the 1980's 'Aids' purges.
    Firstly to Wat .............. yeh , not a bad collection. This place is best for a steady supply of good looking chicks. Of course some nights you call and the best ones are taken. Not this night , cause I am calling at 7pm. Good selection , but problem is price Baht2/3000. Which is crazy in this neck of the woods (Chiangrai). Entered , Wat , saw a nice curly haired fresh looking sideliner on the right hand side. Looks like she is scared of falangs cause when I looked at her she put her head down = 'not like' , or simply 'scared' (of falang).
    So , off to Sinambin 'Cheap Charlie' Road. The place where working class Thai guys go for a bang. In days of old around Baht 50 , Baht 1/150 for falang , short time on the premises. Little button faced girls , some most probably under age.
    Park my bike outside , lock it with key and then chain, walk in side , girls grin at the sight of a falang. "No peanuts" , they are thinking. "If I bang with this falang , real money" , ha ha. Anyway , not a lot to choose from . I go in and out of all of the houses , about five in total , and check em all out . Yep , there are some nice ones but nothing comparable to the curly haired one back at the Wat Whore House.
    Wat to do : ) , Baht 750 all night with Sinambin chick or Baht 3000 for curly haired special ?
    Well , the Sinambin ones will always be there , but not the curly haired one at Wat. Special girls sometimes disappear. Viz , next night she might already be consigned to Bangkok and Pegasus : )
    I'd just come from the Philippines and I'd been a couple of weeks in Thailand and I'd seen nothing to compare with 'curly hair' , in either country , so it was back to Wat , fingers crossed she is still there , to partake of the best looking chick I'd seen in 4 weeks of this S.E. Asian whore tour.
    I enter the gates of Wat Whore House on my Honda Dream , Papa-san smiles , he knows I did not come back just to look , he's got a 'sale'.
    In the door I go , look hard right , aah she is still there .... 'curly hair'. Pull out the money , girl next to 'curly' taps her and giggles , whispering to 'curly' , words to the effect : "ha ha , falang is going to fuck you tonight".
    As I begin to take off with 'curly' behind me , papa-san leans forward and says : "Take care , she good girl". A papa-san concerned about one of his girls ? Maybe she is special , after all : )
    Back to my Thai style 'ge how' (guest house) , thatched ceiling and all , and down to business.
    My , my what a beautiful body , lovely smooth skin , great face , legs , nice smallish boobs and lovely round body. I dont like screwing 'skeletons' and I dont like screwing tubby gals. This girls got the right amount of meat in the right places and most importantly a tiny waist. A tiny waist emphasises the nice round body. Just right. It's on.
    So , bump and grind all night , lots of photos (sorry fellas : ) and next morning a Baht500 tip , she gets all excited , and 'wais' me. You know , the Thai wai of respect/greeting , hands clasped together and held just above nose level = great respect (for my money , not my cock : ) . She would be lucky to get a Baht100 tip pumping with a young Thai guy , and she knows it : )
    Put her on the back of my bike 7am , before my falang female backpacker neighbours wake up , and back to Wat Whore House. Outside Wat , she alights , smiles , Wais me again and enters the gates.
    So, the night before this , I most probably spent 1/1500 all up and only got smiles. This night I spent 3000 and had a joyous evening. Which is better , I ask you ?
    Well , I'd got rid of some 'dirty water' and could relax a little. Twas wondering , what had happened to Ket and Tuk ?
    Thought , might as well return to the Night Market , it's a pleasant enough place to start the night : )
    The Night Bazaar/Market is an early starter and finisher like me , so I was down there about 8pm , sitting at the tables to your left as you go up the stairs. In view of the stage , where they have a trad Thai dancing/music show. From this same spot I also have a view of all who enter and leave (Spider and Fly : )
    The Thai show on the stage ahead of me , was a nice diversion whilst I stoked the fire with a few Chang Beers.
    Not long , and an ugly hooker approaches me , I reject her immediately , before she gets a chance to sit down , she gets aggressive , I point to the Tourist Police not far away , she pisses off. Ugly as sin , must have past her 'used by' date about 10yrs ago. Just because I am old , doesn't mean I want to screw 'old' , ha ha.
    No Klosters here , so I continue to drink Beer Chang. Its a very pleasant open air atmosphere , my kind of Spider and Fly venue.
    Sure enough , in walks Ket alone , spots me and heads for my table. Methinks , does Ket do the beat here every night , looking for falang ? If so , why didn't she proposition me first night I met her ?
    She sits down , all smiles. "You here last night" . No , me sick , says I.
    You work today ? "Yes , me work , 7 days , pay no good".
    Where is Tuk , I enquire.
    "She come"
    Oh , good , now I have Round.2. and nice looking girls for company. But I am not going to spend Bt1500 again , I will be more moderate in my expenditure otherwise these girls will just use me for good times , and take me for a sucker. Sure enough Tuk arrives in high heels , beautiful , purple/mauve flowing dress and beaming from ear to ear. Her ATM is here (me) , good , she thinks : )
    But spokesperson Ket says : "Why you come tonight" ?. (Night Bazaar)
    Me lonely , says I
    "You like Disco" ? Oh , no not tonight , me sick 'nit noy' (little).
    These girls can go to a Disco seven nights a week : )
    I buy them a drink or two , then decide to split. Fuck this , its too slow , surely they know I want to fuck one or both of them ? I handed Ket Baht200 (hundred) discretely and leave. (Bt100 for each of them)
    Went to the Yetyod watering holes and chatted with the smiling Beer Bar girls there.
    Twas tempted into bar fining one of them , but held out , as she was not equal to the gorgeous Tuk whom I had just left. Couldn't get Tuk out of my head. Pity I can't poke her , eh ? : )
    Got a bit sloshed in the Yetyod Beer Bar joints and so returned to my donga (room) , empty handed.
    Had a shower , laid down on the bed , went to sleep.
    An hour or so into my sleep , I woke up to gentle tapping on my door.
    Opened the door - Tuk ! , all smiles.
    She looks around the room for evidence of another gal , none.
    Wow , is this the night of nights ? , methinks.
    And yes , it was , the night of nights , off with the gear , great body , great sex
    ........... a gem indeed.

    My past 'prospecting' had paid off : )
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    Part .2
    I Found a Gem :

    Yeh , that Chiangrai Night Bazaar isnt normally a pick up place for me. There was a time before , when I hooked up with Miss Volvo , but Tuk of 'Gem' fame and Volvo are the only two times I have scored via Rai Night Bazaar , and yet I must have sat at the Bazaar in Spider/Fly mode umpteen times over a period of many years of going to and fro from Thailand.
    Even so , the Bazaar is a pleasant spot , and not a bad place to contemplate the evenings 'manouvres'.
    So Gem was in my pocket for the time being at least , but I know , once she has served her apprenticeship with me , she would find a bigger and fatter fish to dine on. Thai gals believe the "grass is greener" on the other side too , and move around just as much as we do : )
    The morning after my first sex session with Tuk , I gave her Baht1000. I like the gals to take the money , then I know who I am dealing with. If they refuse to take money I know they have a bigger agenda , viz wedding bells and raising kids ........ not my scene. If they ask for more money than what I offer , I know they are already 'commercial' , ie , dead set whores and thus not for me : )
    Tuk accepted the dough and curtsied , alternative to the 'wai'. She did not cross legs as in a real curtsy , just bent her knees a little and nodded her head in respect of my proud penis and money. More likely the latter (money). You will not get that kind of respect from girls in Bangkok or Pattaya : ) Don't forget I am dealing with a provincial girl , not a city slicker. Come back three years later and this same gal would most probably be bitching about 'not enough' ($) , ha ha. Gotta get that fresh green grass , while its there : ) Hardcore LON's do not appeal to me anymore , they have lost their 'humanity' to some extent , hence keen interest in someone 'human' like Tuk.
    Early on in this romance I thought it best not go out with her the very next night. If I did that she might think she has got me (by the balls) and lose her hunger for me. So , I told her I was off to Mae Sai on my Honda motorbike (true) and will be back within 24 hrs.
    Mae Sai , as you might know , is a little non descript border town further North from Rai. Nothing much in the way of sex there , but a nice ride into the country side nevertheless. Mae Sai has got a kind of 'outback' , wildwest look about it when you enter , more so in the days of old when their main street was just dirt and clay , no bitumen. Its come a long way since then , but not sex wise. Still the same 'dormant' sex town. If you find it any different , lets know. Sometimes it is possible to go in and out of a town without realising there is some humpin to be had. Happens to the best of us.
    I've been to other towns , told guys 'dead' , then they have gone to the same town and returned with reports of enjoyable times. That's why the info on this site and other sites can only be a guideline. We each have to find our own little patch of paradise/green grass. One mans meat , anothers poison.
    Chiangrai suits my psyche .......... slow pace , time warp , old world charm , yet adequate sex if your experienced and willing to 'scrounge' around a bit. Certainly no Bangkok/Pattaya ......... little ol' Chiangrai. I feel 'at home' in Chiangrai , not so Pattaya , Patong , Samui etc , and certainly not Bangkok. I am a stranger in all those places , but part of the furniture when in Chiangrai. Similar feel about Chiangmai , but Chiangrai is my favourite , providing I am pullin' pussy , otherwise it's only a nice three day town : )
    So whilst in Mae Sai this trip , I did not poke , cause I'd found a gem in Tuk and didnt want to spend money on 'seconds' , when I had 'firsts' (Tuk) waiting for me back in Chiangrai.
    Back to Chiangrai the next morning and to Wiang Inn Hotel for my breakfast/brunch smorgasbord feed. Went around to Ket's abode and sure enough Tuk was there , sleepy eyed. These Asians are natural sleepers , can sleep anywhere anytime , at the drop of a hat. Told sleepy Tuk to meet me at the Night Bazaar. She said "Disco" , I thought , holy shit , not again , but agreed , with a smile. Ones gotta go with the flow : )
    There's not a lot more to do in Rai , other than eat and fuck. Disco's being the main game for the locals , plus of course the garland sing-a-long places packed with Thai males. Not really my scene. Nothing worse than a smiling drunk Thai male , in your face , talking gibberish mostly in the Thai language. What can a person do but smile back. There is a limit to smiling , especially when you haven't a clue what the other guy is saying : )
    It was around this time that I started to think about 'kidnapping' Tuk and taking her with me to other parts of Thailand . It would be interesting for the both of us , something like a 'honeymoon' : ) Better than staying in the same 'one horse' town and having to amuse Tuks girlfriend Ket all the time. No doubt Ket will hit me for 'ploblems' which will cost me money. Her commission for arranging Tuk : )
    Yeh , Tuk will be more interesting away from Kets shadow , and there is always the possibility that I will be tempted to bang Ket. Banging two good friends , rarely if ever works , so methinks I will split with Tuk to Chiangmai , in the meantime its Disco Chiangrai , shaking that bootie and all that.
    8pm I was down at Night Bazaar , having eaten at my favourite restaurant beforehand. Hungry Tuk fronts on time , but with no Ket. This is going to be a bit more difficult , Tuks English and my Thai , aint the best. The only thing you can do in this kind of situation is to take the gal back to the room and shag her brains out.
    Fortunately Ket arrived before Tuk and I ran out of our respective vocabularies , my Thai her English. Easier making conversation with two Thai gals than one , especially when one has a reasonable grip on the English language. They eat ........... can Asian ladies eat , wow , do they ever stop eating ? : ) Admittedly they eat only small portions compared to us , but yes they do eat often.
    Then off to 'Explosion' Disco , this time I encouraged Ket and Tuk to dance together whilst I sat back and watched them. When I was younger , I thought dancing was great , but gradually as I grew older I started to think , dancing is ridiculous , its only a prelude to romance/sex , so why not cut dancing out of the equation and just romance/fuck ? Too pragmatic ? Anyway , when I go to Discos nowadays I try and avoid the actual dance part. This makes it harder to score of course , especially cause Thais/Filipinos love to dance. But even so , nowadays I just about refuse to dance to get a fuck.
    They can dance for me , I will not dance for them : )
    Reckon the girls enjoyed it more dancing with themselves anyway. Thais/Flips (Filipinos) have a different way of dancing , we are stiffer , more controlled. Filipinos have more natural rhythm and can out dance Thais anytime.
    So , the girls danced , then sat down chatted with me , then back on the dance floor danced again. Admittedly later on in the night when the alcohol had kicked in , I got off my seat sometimes and joined the girls on the floor . Other Thais in the vicinity seemed to be envious , or was it disapproval ? .................. "Whores , sluts" , they might have been thinking ? : )
    Asian babes think our money never runs out , little do they know that many of us live like house mice in our homeland. Save , go without , and then when they see us in their homeland eg Thailand/Philippines , they see us on a 'splurge'. Not our typical life style at all , but the perception is there , that life in the West is one long party and a never ending supply of cash too. Hence some of them , more so the Filipinas (Philippines) want to visit the western world and 'party on'. Little do they know that we have to work before we 'party' in their country !
    Well this particular night was relatively quiet at Explosion Disco , it takes a lot to fill a big Disco like that. Ket puts the hard word on me for a 'falang friend' . What was wrong with me , the first night ? Maybe too old ? Or , maybe she thought she'd send guinea pig Tuk to my room first to test the water and report back how falangs operate , how big their prick is , and how much money they are willing to pay ? Any which way , Ket is now curious re falangs and wants access to a falang (ATM) too : )
    I told her , I do not know any nice falangs in Rai but would try, suggesting she and Tuk come with me to Yetyod Road and the Beer Bar scene there. "Oh , no prostitute" , says Ket , "Yetyod prostitute".
    I said , yeh , but falang lonely , like talk lady , so he go to Yetyod. Anyway , I promised I would go to Yetyod the next day and try and recruit an 'ATM' for her.
    "Dont talk plostitute" (prostitute) says Ket.
    Oh no , I never talk to prostitute says me , half cracking up. Prostitute no good , bad girl , only 'money , money' all the time. Hope Tuk heard and understood that , ha ha. Might slow her down , especially if she had ideas of introducing 'family ploblems' , ie , big bucks. They come the big bucks/family ploblem , sooner or later , its just a matter of time. Hence my interest in fresh green grass , gals who are willing to sell themselves , but who have not yet learnt the tricks of the trade. Fresh green grass 'n hit run = recipe for success : )
    "Plostitute Aids" , says Ket.
    Yep , plostitute Aids and non prostitutes Aids thinks I , including innocent Tuk , a hilltribe girl where heroin is grown , consumed and sold. Tuk was no virgin , so who took her cherry , a dope addicted Uncle or who ? And I am banging her without condoms too , mind you. Feel safer than bangin a regular whore without condoms , but a 'nice' girl can get it , just like a whore , so yes I am taking a risk , but using a condom on a juicy one like Tuk is a crime that I could never be guilty of : )
  6. SwanDan

    SwanDan Administrator Staff Member

    Anyway , Ket was not willing to try Yetyod , so we dumped Ket , then Tuk and I returned to my abode for some serious fucking. Tuk was starting to get 'organ-ised' , that is , her organ/pussy was starting to get revved up. Good , the start of good sex methinks.
    On this night , I decided to place Tuk under 'house arrest' , no early escape the next day. Much fucking till around lunch time. She's gotta earn her money. No good spoiling her early on. To make sure she did not get ideas of leaving 8am again , I gave her an extra good one at 7am , after which she fell into a deep slumber. Good. She woke up later and I banged her again , including doggie style for the first time. She smiles and giggles , reckons its funny , a guy screwing from the rear. Finished up with poking it in her ass , maybe first time for her. So session number three was longer and harder than the previous two sessions/nights with Tuk and she's accepted anal , meaning , she has accepted the fact that I am d' boss , I am the one setting the agenda : )
    Certainly got my Bt1000 worth and Tuk is getting 'organ-ised'. Good , things are progressing in the right direction.
    Next meeting with the girls , Ket changes her mind and agrees to visit Yetyod. She wants to buy a Honda 100cc motorbike and no doubt realises its mission impossible on her meager shop assistants salary. She needs to get her gear off and pull in those Bt1000 all night fees , just like Tuk. So its Yetyod Road where the money resides.
    I take them to a rather innocent cafe on the left hand side of the road , not a Beer Bar with pay for play girls. Falangs there were surprised to have the company of my girls and didnt take their eyes off our table. To make it clear which was mine , I held Tuks hand. "She's mine boys" , ha ha.
    I asked Ket did she see anything interesting , and she replied : "too old". Fussy Ket , she looks like going without her Honda , cause Chiangrai doesnt have many younguns , Chiangmai is better for that.
    We left Cafe number one , and walked past some bars , falangs making comments as we passed by. The girls felt uncomfortable at these overtures. Stopped at Cafe number two , but still Ket was not impressed. Now I know why she didnt make a pass at me first night I met her at the Night Bazaar .......... "too old" : )
    OK , I tried , but Ket is too hard to please , so she goes without and sleeps alone , yet again.
    This night , I introduced the Blow Job to Tuk. She was hesitant at first but got the cock in eventually , and tried her best , withdrawing from time to time , making faces , trying to catch her breath etc. Ha ha , a novice at work , she'll learn. Yeh , she will learn that its that little cock who is giving her all the money , not me and she'd better treat him right. It's him who doth decide to fuck her and thus him who indebts me to her. No sucky cocky , no money. So next morning , I pull out Bt500 and tell her I do not have change , blah blah (bullshit). She gets the message ........... partial sex = partial money.
    Looks a bit sad as I drop her off , with arrangements for her to come around to my room 10pm. No Ket this time , getting sick of taking her along , especially when she is hard to please. This will be an acid test , I am taking a gamble as Tuk might not return cause of the 'pay cut'. But she was on a training programme , whether she knew it or not , and she had to pass the tests or I would stop teaching her. Fortunately for me she did front , and even smiling. This time she did a better job of sucking the cock. Throughout the night I introduced it to her on three occasions , last attempt she started to get into the swing of it. Especially cause I coached her about carressing the balls , licking em , slipping the tongue up and down the shaft etc. At least she was a trier.
    Well she earned her Bt1000 and I released her around lunch time. She had turned the corner and is becoming a regular fucking machine , good. However , she says she is off to her hilltribe family . Most probably to deliver some 'loot' , say Bt1/1500 at a guess , then return to her favourite ATM (me) for some more.
    Certainly not returning to feed her kid , her firm tits had never suckled a baby , of that I was sure.
    Farewelled her at the hilltribe village bus stop , outside the Rai vegetable market. They pack em in those small converted pick ups/utilities (Songthaews) ...... like sardines. Roof of Songthaew was also piled high , full of baskets , whatever. A grossly overloaded vehicle up Mountain tracks. The load so heavy the body of the vehicle is almost touching the tyres. Dont know how they get up those Mountain tracks. Possibly some folks get off before the climbing in earnest starts. Never been guilty of squeezing into one of those machines. Have been up the Mountains on a Honda Wing 1000cc motorbike and in a hired 4WD , but never in a rickety communal Songthaew. Think for a falang , the conversation along the way would be somewhat limited too. Nowhere to look. You either stare into the blank faces of the passengers opposite you or at the floor : ) Been in that situation in primitive Papua New Guinea before , but nowhere else. Long bench seats running the length of the vehicle , everyone staring at each other. Not my idea of pleasant travel : )
    So Tuk takes off in the Songthaew. Now that she does anal , sucks cock etc I am keen to see her again. She has acknowledged that I am the boss and is keen to please. I see anal as a measure of who is the boss , who is running the show. For me , agreeing to anal means the girl agrees I am d' boss. Thats the way I see it. Dont partake of anal often , usually only when I feel I need to 'assert' myself. If girl starts to get cranky , I turn her around and 'shaft' her (in the ass) , just to let her know that its me who is running the show , and not her : )
    That's the problem with the regular whores , too many of them think they are running the show. From my viewpoint the 'paymaster' is running the show , not the 'employee' : ) For me , this is less of a problem in the Philippines. Might have something to do with the better 'communication' we can have with Filipino girls.
    Tuk was absent three days and nights , so I went back to Wat Whore House , took 'curly' again and used condoms. Pity curly is entangled with a whore house , she'd make a nice concubine too , and there was no risk of her bumping into Tuk. They both live in different worlds. Tuks one is free , Curly's one is enslavement , no freedom until the 'contract' her parents signed with the whorehouse owner is paid in full. Sad but true. Not much good getting involved with a whore house girl , they don't have the freedom to spend much time with ya. So , its back to Tuk.
    Mumma must have been impressed with Tuk , bringing home 1/1500 (at a guess). No doubt Tuk told her she's got a job as a Waitress , whatever , so long as daughter brings home 'bread' , Mumma doesnt care. Tuk has now got the motivation to fuck more and fuck better. She doesnt want to lose her access to my particular ATM , especially in a small town like Chiangrai , where a good percentage of falangs already have a girl friend or are married to a local lady. She knew I was single and free , and willing to pay. Thats all she needed.
    Ket , in the meantime was starting to show signs of frustration. No ATM for her to tap into. Jealousy/envy began to surface. I made sure we did not spend too much time with her. It was wasted time anyway , as I can't fuck Tuk whilst in the company of Ket.
    My plan of escaping to Chiangmai was starting to look more attractive. I put the plan to Tuk , she was thrilled , cause she had never seen the bright lights of Chiangmai before. Hope jeloos (jealous) Ket doesnt put a jinx on it. No doubt Tuk gives Ket a percentage of her takings , in recognition of her 'recruitment' of me and her help in the past. If Tuk doesn't do that and keeps all the proceeds to herself , the relationship with Ket will sour. Asian dames are mercurial/materialistic. Anyone who has fraternised with them over a long period would testify to that.
    Cheap sex in the short term yes , but not cheap in the long term. Forever asking for this and that (material possessions) and spending money likes its water. Another problem they have .... gambling and casinos in particular. I know one guy personally , who was bankrupted by his Filipino wife. He had to insert the obligatory newspaper advertisement saying he was no longer responsible for his wifes debts. He made the big mistake of buying a house within a short distance of a casino.
  7. SwanDan

    SwanDan Administrator Staff Member

    I met his wife Evelyn before he did , during one of my six months stays in the Philippines. She had a crush on me , but I never impregnated her. She was too keen , too slavish. Anyway one day , two of my long time buddies arrived from overseas on vacation. One Fred , the other Eddie. I made sure my best friend , Eddie got Evelyn. Time came when Eddie left Manila. Unbeknowns to Eddie , his close friend Fred was in bed with Evelyn before Eddies plane had even left the Manila Airport ! In the time it took Eddies taxi to get from Ermita to the Airport , Fred was already shagging his best friends gal. Hows that for : "a friend in need , is a friend indeed" : )
    Eddie returned to his home country and same town as Freds , ignorant of Freds shagging of his woman back in the Philippines. Even though he was already married with kids , Eddie decided to import Evelyn. He headed for Immigration to arrange Evelyns visa but his wife got wind of it. So Eddie had to forget about importing a concubine , but he found it hard to forget Evelyn.
    Fred eventually left Manila and returned to the same town as Eddie and unbeknowns to all , continued to communicate with Evelyn. Eventually it is Fred who successfully imports Evelyn into that same town and not long after arriving , marries her. Eddie never forgave Fred ......... "loss of face" , ha ha. To help Eddie to get over it , I told him Fred was shagging her within minutes of him kissing her goodbye , before his plane had even taken off. That didn't help , he and Fred never spoke to each other again.
    Anyway , bad karma , and so Fred paid a high price for upsetting his buddy Eddie , cause Evelyn eventually bankrupted Fred.
    What's this got to do with Chiangrai and Tuk ? Nothing much , except to explain one of the many reasons I do not hang around too long with the same babe. Asian dames are cheap in the short term , but invariably expensive one way or the other in the long term. Best strategy : hit and run fella's , hit and run.
    So , after banging Tuk many more times and making her a right royal cock sucker , Tuk makes a second and final trip back home to Mumma with some more loot. After which she and I head for Chiangmai on the local bus. Much cheaper than by air , much cheaper. Before we left for Chiangmai I explained the 'terms of engagement' .........told Tuk that I would give her Bt5000 per week , rather than paying her every day. She knew that was less than what she was getting before (equiv of Bt7000 per week) , but also knew that it was a hell of a lot more than she would earn as a waitress/whatever : )
    Tuk and I took off for Chiangmai. Ket wasn't too pleased. Her chances of securing a falang had diminished somewhat , now that I was leaving Chiangrai. Perhaps she should have seduced me in the first place ?
    "An old monger in the hand is worth two fresh ones in the bush" ? : )
    Stayed at 'Home Place' Ge How (Guest House) Chiangmai , Soi 6 off Thapae Rd. Close to Thapae Road , not far from the Thapae Gate. Dont stay there anymore , found a better place since then ............. Roon Ruang (see our website notes). 'Home Place' was particularly clean , friendly , but there were problems in gaining access late at night. Had to wake the gal asleep behind the reception desk to let me in. Tap , tap on the glass doors until she woke up. Twelve midnight on , no quick access , hence not appropriate for 'night owls'. Usually I try and get home early , but sometimes this does not happen , especially if I am out and about hunting , which is often when overseas , except when I am in the Philippines where my contact 'home delivers' around 8pm.
    Gaining access to Home Place was not a problem , now that I was with Tuk.
    I did not have to stay out late , I already had my 'quarry'.
    After all , we were on our 'honeymoon' : )
  8. SwanDan

    SwanDan Administrator Staff Member

    Part .3.
    I Found a Gem ........ Concluded :

    So , Tuk and I settled into Chiangmai. I was a good boy and tour guide. Took Tuk ( might as well say "Tuk Tuk" : ) here there and everywhere. The out of town Umbrella factories and silverware workshops , Elephant Farm , Orchid and Snake Farms , Temples , you name it.
    She enjoyed the sight seeing and was impressed with Chiangmai , especially the numbers of falangs on tap. Lots of young falangs nearly half my age and Thai literate , that is , could speak fluent Thai. These kinds of guys get the girls cheap or free , and they can get good ones like Tuk too.
    Only exception , the ambitious Thai gal . An ambitious non whore will go with an oldie like me just to get a foot in the door (never ending ATM). The switched on ambitious gals know that these younguns who speak Thai , invariably do not have access to much cash. Quite a lot are volunteer Aid workers , earning a pittance and experienced Thai gals perceive them as not having a future , even back in their home land. Neverthless the younger inexperienced girls fall for these young impoverished falangs and usually offer their honey free of charge or at bargain basement rates.
    When Tuk and I sat at various watering holes , she would notice the young Falangs and realise they could speak Thai fluently. "Speak Thai" , she would say to me from time to time. In other words , Thomas you speak gibberish when you talk Thai , that guy really knows how to speak it.
    I was thinking , Tuk would be a real sucker for these guys , not realising they are 'impoverished' by comparison , and she'd be lucky to get a feed from them , let alone any cash.
    So , being the good sex instructor I am , I told her yes , young and handsome but 'ploblem'.
    "ploblem" ? , says Tuk.
    Yeh , falang no money. Then I explain as best I could the circumstances under which these young falangs work in Thailand. Dont think she understood too well or cared too much. Reckon she wanted to taste some falang 'fresh green grass' , and don't blame her. When I was in my twenties there was no way I would sleep with a woman over 30 , let alone over 40yrs , so I understood how she felt , but right now she was my 'bacon' and she knew it. She didn't give the glad eye to any of the younguns, but bided her time for when Thomas was no longer around. No doubt she took note of some of these spots for future reference : )
    Lucky sods , these young volunteer Aid workers , in the future they'd get a fresh cock sucking girl at next to no cost , compliments of Thomas. No doubt when I was younger I got fresh young Thai/Phil gals who'd been trained by someone else too.
    But for the time being I was the 'owner' of this piece of fresh grass ... Tuk , she respected that , but some of the young falangs did not. Had one young guy in particular hovering around near our table , trying to impress Tuk with his Thai and letting her know he was interested. No doubt he thought she was Chiangmai based and that he would get her one day when Grandpa (me) left town. I eyeballed him to let him know not to try too hard , I would not approve. Think he got the message and moved away to the Bar , but glanced back from time to time. Tuk was impeccably behaved and did not encourage him , but she knew if she was in Chiangmai on her own , she'd get him , but then again , she knows he has a ploblem : "no money" ('my mee satang')
    Yes , well after a week of being a Tour Guide and being on the receiving end of great sex , from one of the Whorist Academy's most recent graduates (Tuk) , it was time to return to Chiangrai , as Tuk was homesick for Mum , Chiangrai and her friend Ket. During the whole week she had to struggle to make herself understood to me , and me likewise , we needed a break from each other. She could talk Thai all day and night in Rai and I could fraternise with English speaking falangs in Yetyod Road.
    But to tell you the truth I'd had enough of sweet Tuk and Thailand in particular. The English fluent Philippines beckoned , and so I gave Tuk her earnings Bt5000 plus another Bt1000 (tip .... I can be generous at times : ) and bid her farewell.
    She got a bit of surprise with my decision to leave Thailand , and took it hard. Most probably interpreted it as 'rejection' , something that is hard for anyone to take , but she would have to get used to it , cause 'rejection' is the lot of a LON ('Lady of the Night') , and a LON she was by now. Earning a living sucking falangs cocks : )
    Within the same time frame , she had earnt much more than Ket , had a vacation in Chiangmai , brushed up on her English and found out where she can make money selling 'it'. It was up to her to decide whether to pursue honest employment , viz , Waitress in Chiangrai whatever , or take the 'easy' path and sell pussy to falangs in a place like Chiangmai.
    Actually being a LON is not that easy , and has no career path , other than the remote possibility of marrying a customer.
    I think by now Tuk is either married to a falang or coming to the end of her LON career , and thus facing the final 'rejection' , no one willing to bar fine/take her. Whoremongers invariably go for the gals in their twenties , but there are exceptions , oldies looking for a 'companion' , an gal over 30 and up to their 40's.
    Tuk might have decided to suck the cock of Kets boss and get a job in the Store alongside Ket ? Who knows , one thing for sure , there are a lot more Tuks in the pipeline by now. It's a never ending line , and when a monger gets older , he can still scoop the younguns.
    With one proviso.
    He must be in the possession of an ATM that is willing to unload !
    In reality we are only a Cash Cow.
    Exceptions will always prevail , of course .
    Fortunately , there is such a thing as 'love'
    For me , there could never be genuine love between myself and a person like Tuk. A gal who is willing to have sex with a complete stranger for money , has got the wrong mentality for me.
    If she did it for me , she's capable of doing for others , married or not married.
    If you want to get serious with a Thai gal , make sure she is not the Tuk variety.
    Go out into the villages , spot a beauty , then begin courting her.
    That way you will get an honest hard working gal , who will wash , cook and bang your brains out.
    Tuk's variety are only interested in the easy life and fast money.
    Wrong mentality for a long term relationship.
    With these 'for sale' Tuk type girls , short term romance/love is the only way to go.
    Don't get too involved.
    Butterfly is best : )
    Adios ...................... Thomas
  9. Brian Hope

    Brian Hope New Member

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